Order of May

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Order of May
Order of May.
Awarded by Argentina
Type Order
Eligibility Foreigners[1]
Status Currently awarded
Established 17 December 1957[1]
Next (higher) Order of the Liberator General San Martín
Next (lower) Cross of Heroic Valour in Combat

The Order of May is one of the highest decorations in Argentina. The order is named after the May Revolution which led to the birth of the Republic of Argentina. Originally founded as the Order of Merit, it was revised to its current form on 17 December 1957.[1]


The Order of May was created as an Order of Merit by Decree No. 8506/46, 1946. In 1957, the rules of the order were modified and the Order of Merit was renamed the Order of May by Decree No. 16,629. The order was further divided into the categories Merit, Military Merit, Naval Merit and Aeronautical Merit.

In 1958 the regulation was further amended and the Necklace of Merit grade class was abolished.


The Grades are:

Ribbon bars of the Order of May
ARG Order of May - Knight BAR.png
ARG Order of May - Commander BAR.png
Grand Officer
ARG Order of May - Grand Cross BAR.png
Grand Cross

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