Otto II, Margrave of Brandenburg

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Otto II
Margrave of Brandenburg
File:Otto II, Margrave of Brandenburg.jpg
Margrave of Brandenburg
Reign 1184–1205
Predecessor Otto I
Successor Albert II
Born after 1147
Died 4 July 1205(1205-07-04)
House House of Ascania
Father Otto I
Mother Judith of Poland

Otto II (after 1147 – July 4, 1205), called The Generous (German: der Freigiebige), was the third Margrave of Brandenburg from 1184 until his death.


Otto II was born into the House of Ascania as the eldest son of Otto I and Judith, a daughter of the Piast Duke of Poland Bolesław III Wrymouth.

Margrave of Brandenburg

After succeeding his father, he improved the defense and settlement of Brandenburg and waged campaigns against the Slavs and Canute VI of Denmark. In the winter of 1198–99 he devastated Danish-occupied Pomerania and consolidated his territorial gains in the subsequent year with a campaign that pressed to Rügen and threatened Hamburg. In 1200 and 1203, he supported the Hohenstaufen king Philip of Swabia against the Welfen Holy Roman Emperor, Otto IV.


After his death, his brother Albert II inherited the margraviate.


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Preceded by
Otto I
Margrave of Brandenburg
Succeeded by
Albert II