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Sexual ethics explores the moral obligations, and permissibility, or impermissibility of sexual activities. Also deals with issues arising from all aspects of sexuality and human sexual behaviour relating to the community and personal standards regarding the conduct of interpersonal relationships, including issues of consent, sexual relations before marriage and/or while married, including the issues of marital fidelity and premarital and non-marital sex, sexual orientation, and more.

What type of thing is sexual ethics?

Sexual ethics can be described as all of the following:

  • A branch of philosophy
    • A branch of ethics
    • A branch of philosophy of sex – part of applied philosophy studying sex and love. It includes both ethics of phenomena such as prostitution, rape, sexual harassment, sexual identity, the age of consent, and homosexuality, and conceptual analysis of concepts such as "what is sex"?

History of sexual ethics

Ethical issues involving sex

Issues pertaining to age groups

Issues pertaining to love and sex

Issues pertaining to religion and sex

Sexual ethics concepts

Dating and marriage



Sex acts

Sexual ethics organizations

Sexual ethics publications

Books on sexual ethics

  • Primoratz, Igor. Ethics and Sex. New York: Routledge, 1999.

Persons influential in sexual ethics

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