Overland (magazine)

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Spring 2008 cover
Editor Jacinda Woodhead
Former editors Jeff Sparrow
Categories Literature, culture
Frequency Quarterly
Total circulation
First issue 1954
Country Australia
Based in Melbourne
Language English
Website overland.org.au
ISSN 0030-7416

Overland is an Australian literary and cultural magazine. It was established in 1954,[2] under the auspices of the Realist Writers Group in Melbourne, Australia, with Stephen Murray-Smith as the first editor-in-chief.[3]

It has been edited by:

Barrett Reid, 1988-1993 [4]

John McLaren, Spring 1993–Autumn 1997 [5]

Ian Syson, Winter 1997–Summer 2002 [6]

• Nathan Hollier and Katherine Wilson, Autumn 2002–Spring 2004 [7]

• Nathan Hollier, 2005–2006

Jeff Sparrow, 2007–2014

The current editor is Jacinda Woodhead. The magazine has a left-wing orientation.

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