Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies

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The Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies (OCBS) was founded in 2004 by Prof Richard Gombrich, Emeritus Boden Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Oxford. The Centre is a Recognised Independent Centre of the University of Oxford.[1]

The OCBS is interdisciplinary in its approach to the broad field of Buddhist Studies and is most closely associated with the Buddhist Studies Unit of the Faculty of Oriental Studies [2] in its interaction with the University. Through this unit the OCBS also maintains close links with the Faculties of Theology and Anthropology.[3]

The Centre arranges a broad range of seminars and lectures each year.[4] It was responsible for the establishment of the first endowed Chair of Buddhist Studies in Oxford.[5] The Numata Professor of Buddhist Studies is a Fellow of Balliol College, and a member of the Faculty of Oriental Studies.

The OCBS, in partnership with Equinox, publishes the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies Monographs, Edited by Richard Gombrich.[6]


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