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Ozzie Zehner is a visiting scholar at Northwestern University. He authored the book Green Illusions: The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy and the Future of Environmentalism. He received degrees from Kettering University and the University of Amsterdam. [1]

In the Bangor Daily News, Mark W. Anderson writes, in an article about stereotypes about environmentalists, that Ozzie Zehner has exposed the adverse effects of supposedly "clean energy". He writes that "Zehner makes clear that ... [a] healthy future will require much more from us than shifting from fossil fuels to the chimera of clean energy." He quotes Zehner as saying that "[t]he 'energy crisis' is more cultural than technological in nature". [2]

In IEEE Spectrum, Ozzie Zehner writes, in response to critics of a previous article by him in the same publication, that there are limits to measuring carbon dioxide. He writes: "Perhaps we should expand our horizons to measure the virtues of electric cars against those of walkable neighborhoods, and the costs of generating more energy against the savings from using less." [3]


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