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Patrick "Paddy" J. Bermingham (15 March 1886-Jan 1959)[1] was an Irish police officer and sportsman, specialising in the discus.[2] He was from Moyasta[3] in County Clare and joined the Dublin Metropolitan Police, which in 1925 merged into the Garda Síochána.[2][4]

Bermingham won ten Irish national discus titles: IAAA titles in 1919 and 1920, and NACAI titles in 1923–4–5–6–7, 1930, 1932, and 1933.[4] He held the Irish record at 151 ft 6 12 in (46.19 m) until 1939.[2] He won five English AAA discus titles: 1924–5–6, 1932, and 1934.[5] He also won four Irish titles in each of the 56 lbs weight throw events: for height (1923, 1925–6, 1929) and for distance (1923, 1925–6–7).[2][4] He represented Ireland at the Olympics in 1924, but was eliminated in the qualifying round of the discus competition; his longest throw would have qualified for the final six but was discounted as a foul.[2] His best mark of 40.42 metres (132 ft 7 in) ranked him eleventh overall.[6] He is recorded as having competed in the 1934 British Empire Games, though sources vary as to whether he represented the Irish Free State or Northern Ireland.[7][8] He finished outside the top seven.[7][8]

Bermingham also played once for the Irish Free State national football team, in 1934.[9]

He is buried in Mount Jerome cemetery.[1]


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