Palladius (Caesar)

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Palladius (c. 420 – June 455) was Caesar of the Western Roman Empire for two months in 455, together with his father Petronius Maximus.


According to Hydatius,[1] he was a son of Petronius Maximus from a previous marriage. In the second half of the 430s, he could have been a praetor.

In March 455 his father become Emperor after the death of Valentinian III. Petronius appointed Palladius Caesar and had him marry Eudocia, the elder daughter of Valentinian.[2] However, Eudocia had been betrothed to Huneric, son of the King of the Vandals Genseric, who retaliated sacking Rome. Petronius died stoned by an angry mob (April 455), a fate probably shared by Palladius.


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