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File:Palm Tran logo.png
Founded 1971
Headquarters West Palm Beach, Florida
Service type Bus
Routes 35 [1]
Fleet 192
Daily ridership 37,811 daily[2]
Fuel type Diesel, diesel-electric hybrid
Operator Palm Beach County

Palm Tran is a bus system run by the Palm Beach County Government, serving Palm Beach County, Florida. Standard (Adult) one-way fare is $2 (people eligible for the reduced fare such as students, disabled and senior citizens pay $0.75). $5 buys an unlimited 24-hour pass ($2.25 for reduced fare). There are no free transfers except to Tri-Rail or Broward County Transit. Daily and 31-day unlimited ride passes are also available for purchase. There are 31-day unlimited passes that are available reduced or regular costing $40 and $55 respectively.[3] All Palm Tran buses have bicycle racks on the front, capable of holding two bikes. They are also equipped with GPS and video surveillance cameras which record activity on the bus and the outer side facing the bus stops.


In 1971, Florida Transit Management, Inc. began service with 20 buses on seven routes. In 1980, this service was expanded to over 60 buses in 22 routes, then renamed CoTran, short for "County Transportation". Finally, in 1996, CoTran was completely restructured to over 150 buses in over 30 routes, then renamed Palm Tran, its fleet repainted to the present white and teal design scheme, and has been that way since. At that time the basic design of the livery of the buses was changed from white and orange to white and teal, some of which are screen-wrapped to the logos and design of the company that sponsors those particular buses, but preserve their Palm Tran logos and bus numbers, the latter of which are assigned a four-digit number according to the year and order in which they were acquired. For example, the fourth bus that was acquired in 2009, will have the number assigned as 0904. Presently Palm Tran has about 37 routes with about 200 buses, including diesel, diesel-electric hybrids, and clean natural gas (CNG) with two articulating buses, all which are no longer than ten years in operation.

Originally, service did not operate past around 4 or 6 PM, depending on the route. But in recent years, later evening service has been introduced on some routes.

Palm Tran Connection

Palm Tran Connection is a shared ride, door to door, paratransit service that provides transportation for residents and visitors in Palm Beach County under six programs:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Program
  • Transportation Disadvantaged (TD) Program
  • Division of Senior Services (DOSS) Program
  • Board of County Commissioner (BCC) Program
  • County Senior Transportation (CSTS) Program
  • Medicaid

The Palm Tran Connection is operated by private transport companies and coordinated through Palm Tran. They travel to every destination in Palm Beach County - from Jupiter to Boca Raton and from Palm Beach to South Bay. Palm Tran Connection schedules all trips, prepares vehicle manifests, handles customer concerns & commendations, determines eligibility, and monitors the performance of the Transportation Providers.

Route list

  • 1 Palm Beach Gardens-Boca Raton via US 1
  • 2 VA Medical Center to Boca Raton via Congress Ave
  • 3 Palm Beach Gardens-Boca Raton via Military Trail
  • 4 West Palm Beach-Greenacres (weekdays/Saturday only)
  • 10 North County Crosstown via Military Trail (weekdays/Saturday only)
  • 20 Palm Beach Gardens Crosstown to St. Mary's Hospital (weekdays/Saturday only)
  • 21 Palm Beach Gardens Crosstown via US 1 (weekdays/Saturday only)
  • 30 Rivera Beach Crosstown
  • 31 Rivera Beach-West Palm Beach
  • 33 Lake Park-West Palm Beach
  • 40 (limited stop service) Belle Glade-West Palm Beach ( Weekdays Only )
  • 40 (Limited Stop Service) Belle Glade To Mall at Wellington Green (Weekend Only)
  • 41 West Palm Beach-Palm Beach Inlet (weekdays/Saturday only)
  • 42 West Palm Beach to Military Trail & Belvedere Rd via Belvedere Rd
  • 43 West Palm Beach-Wellington via Okeechobee Blvd
  • 44 West Palm Beach Crosstown
  • 45 West Palm Beach-Lake Clark Shores (weekdays/Saturday only)
  • 46 West Palm Beach-Wellington via Forest Hill Blvd
  • 47 Pahokee-Belle Glade
  • 48 South Bay-Canal Point
  • 49 West Palm Beach-Executive Center
  • 52 Royal Palm Beach Crosstown (weekdays/Saturday only)
  • 60 Greenacres-Palm Springs (weekdays/Saturday only)
  • 61 Greenacres-Lake Worth via Cresthaven Ave
  • 62 Lake Worth-Wellington via Lake Worth Rd
  • 63 Lantana Crosstown
  • 64 Greenacres-Lakeworth via Melaleuca Ave (weekdays/Saturday only)
  • 70 Lantana-Delray Beach
  • 71 Boynton Beach Crosstown via Lawrence Rd (weekdays/Saturday only)
  • 73 Boynton Beach Crosstown via Boynton Beach Blvd (weekdays/Saturday only)
  • 80 Delray Beach Crosstown via Linton Ave
  • 81 Delray Beach Crosstown via Atlantic Ave (weekdays/Saturday only)
  • 91 Boca Raton Crosstown via Glades Rd
  • 92 Boca Raton Crosstown via Palmetto Park Rd (weekdays/Saturday only)
  • 94 FAU-Boca Raton Tri Rail Shuttle (weekdays only)
  • Lake Region Commuter Route ( Belle Glade to Clewiston )
  • The Bolt 1 (LIMITED STOPS) West Palm Beach To Boca Raton via U.S.1

Bus Tracking

Buses are now equipped with GPS, so riders can see if their bus is on schedule.[4]

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