Parliament of Vanuatu

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Parliament of Vanuatu
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Seats 33 members
Meeting place
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Port Vila

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It was established by chapter 4 of the 1980 Constitution, upon Vanuatu's independence from France and the United Kingdom.[1]

The functioning of Parliament is derived from the British Westminster system, and includes the principle of parliamentary supremacy, within the limits of the Constitution. The President, as a figurehead, may not veto parliamentary legislation, unless he considers it may be contrary to the Constitution, in which case he may refer it to the Supreme Court, and veto it only if the Supreme Court declares it to be contrary to the Constitution. Parliament is composed of fifty-two members, directly elected by citizens from multi-member constituencies for a four-year term.[1][2]

Parliament elects the Prime Minister from among its members. Members of Parliament are also, along with the presidents of Regional Councils, members of the electoral college which elects the President, for a five-year term.[2]

In December 2015, the Parliament was dissolved by President Lonsdale.[3]


This is a list of members of the 10th Parliament of Vanuatu returned in the 2012 elections.[4]

Name Position/Portfolio Party Constituency
Hon. Moana Carcasses Kalosil Prime Minister GC Port Vila
Hon. Stanley Simelum Minister of Finance VP Ambrym
Hon. Ralph Regenvanu Minister of Lands GJP Port Vila
Hon. Daniel Toara Minister of Tourism, Commerce, Trades and ni-Vanuatu Business GC Shepherds
Hon. Tony Antoine Wright Minister of Youth and Sport UMP Port Vila
Hon. fr (Philip Boedoro) Speaker of Parliament VP Maewo
Hon. Esmon Saimon Minister of Infrastructure and Public Utilities MPP Malakula
Hon. Thomas Laken Minister of Planning and Climate Change Adaptation GC Tanna
Hon. Bob Loughman Minister of Education VP Tanna
Hon. Edward Natapei Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade VP Port Vila
Hon. James Jonas Minister of Justice and Social Welfare Natatok Paama
Hon. Serge Vohor Minister of Health UMP Santo Rural
Hon. Patrick Crowby Minister of Internal Affairs UMP Port Vila
Hon. David Tosul Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries GJP Pentecost
Hon. John Vacher Amos Third Deputy Speaker PPP Tongoa
Hon. Robert Sikol Member VPDP Epi
Hon. Charlot Salwai Member RMC Pentecost
Hon. Christopher Emelee Member VNP Banks/Torres
Hon. Issac Hamariliu Member PPP Epi
Hon. Morking Steven Iatika Member NUP Tanna
Hon. Marcellino Pipite Member VRP Santo
Hon. Bruno Leingkone Member NUP Ambrym
Hon. James Bule Member NUP Ambae
Hon. Jerome Lidvaune Member UMP Malakula
Hon. John Lum Member Nagriamel Santo
Hon. Ham Lini Leader of Opposition NUP Pentecost
Hon. Alfred Maoh Member GJP Santo
Hon. Havo Molisale Member Nagriamel Malo/Aore
Hon. Dunstan Hilton Member PPP Banks
Hon. Richard Mera Member VP Ambae
Hon. Daniel Nalet Member GJP Malakula
Hon. Pascal Yauko Member IG Tanna
Hon. Meltek Sato Kilman Livtuvanu Deputy Leader of Opposition PPP Malakula
Hon. Joe Natuman Member VP Tanna
Hon. Tesei John Nawai Member VP Tafea Outer Islands
Hon. Hosea Nevu Member IG Santo
Hon. Arnold Prasad Second Deputy Speaker GC Santo
Hon. Stephen Kalsakau Member RMC Efate Rural
Hon. Willie Jimmy Tapangararua Member VLDP Port Vila
Hon. Richard Ruan Namel Parliamentary Secretary Independent Tanna
Hon. Tony Ngari Member IG Pentecost
Hon. Simeon Kaltaliu Member VP Malakula
Hon. Samson Samsen Member Nagriamel Santo
Hon. Alfred Carlot Member Natatok Efate Rural
Hon. Nato Taiwia Member MPP Efate
Hon. Don Ken Member PDSP Malakula
Hon. Paul Telukluk Member RMC Malakula
Hon. Peter Vuta Member Independent Ambae
Hon. Silas Ratan Member GC Tanna
Hon. George Wells Member PPP Luganville
Hon. Gillion William Member GJP Efate
Hon. Kalfau Moli Member Independent Luganville

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