Pascua Florida

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Pascua Florida is a Spanish term that means flowery festival or feast of flowers. It usually refers to the Easter season (The Passion of the Christ). (Pascua can, depending on context, refer to Easter, Christmas, Epiphany, Pentecost, or the Jewish Passover.)

For the connection to the name of the state of Florida, see Spanish Florida and Juan Ponce de León.

Pascua Florida Day is usually celebrated on April 2, unless the 2nd falls on a weekend. When it falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the governor may declare either the preceding Friday or following Monday as the state day. According to the 2007 Florida Senate Statutes, the Governor of Florida may annually issue a proclamation designating April 2 as the state day and designating the week of March 27 to April 2 as "Pascua Florida Week" and calling upon public schools and citizens of Florida to observe the same as a patriotic occasion.[1]