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Patricia Crowther (born 14 October 1927) who also goes under the craft name Thelema, occultist, is considered influential in the early promotion of the Wiccan religion.[1]

Early life

She was born in Sheffield as Patricia Dawson. She was initiated into Wicca by Gerald Gardner in 1960.[2]


Along with like Doreen Valiente, Lois Bourne, and Eleanor Bone Crowther is considered[3] one of the "early mothers" of this religion.

Patricia and her then husband, Arnold Crowther (1909-1974) became the High Priestess and High Priest of the Sheffield Coven which they founded in 1961.[4]

She has promoted Wicca through several media; besides several book publications she has contributed to occult magazines and journals and been interviewed by local and national newspapers. She has also appeared several times on television.

In 1971 Patricia and Arnold Crowther wrote and presented A Spell of Witchcraft,Doreen Valiente put it on 2012}which was produced and broadcast by BBC Radio Sheffield in six 20-minute programs. The radio program, the first of its kind in relation to the Wiccan religion, explored history and folklore regarding witchcraft and presented elements of a local coven's activities and practices to the local community.


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