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Paula Reimers is an American rabbi. As of 2008 she was the rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel (Lebanon, Pennsylvania).[1] Reimers is one of the first women to be ordained by the Conservative movement’s Jewish Theological Seminary of America.[2]

Reimers was educated at Barnard College, (A.B., 1969) M.A., Columbia University, (M.A., 1971) and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (M.A., ordination, 1990.) [3] Reimers converted from Christianity to Judaism in 1981.[4][5][6]

Reimers has been politically active in defense of Palestinian rights.[7] In 2001, shortly after the 9/11 attacks, Reimers invited several Muslims to join members of Burbank Temple Emanu-El in Burbank, California in their sukkah. In order not to offend the Muslim guests, Israeli flags were removed from among the sukkah decorations, offending some of her congregants. The congregation voted not to renew her contract.[8][9]

Reimers, a feminist, opposes using both male and female pronouns in worship.[10][11]

Reimers spoke out[2] against the Christian missionizing of Ralph Drollinger the former NBA player who now heads Capitol Ministries [12][13] whose goal is: "Making disciples for Jesus Christ in state legislatures."[2][14] Reimers further elaborated that:

In my opinion, the 2007 Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast clearly showed state endorsement of one particular religion (Christianity) and one particular sect within that religion (evangelical Protestantism), and even one particular Christian evangelical organization, Capitol Ministries. Many specific indications would lead to this conclusion.[15][16]


"Feminism, Judaism, and God the Mother" (Conservative Judaism, Fall 1993)


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