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Pauline Stafford is Professor Emerita of Early Medieval History at Liverpool University in England. Her work focuses on the history of women and gender in England from the eighth to the early twelfth centuries, and on the same topics in Frankish history during the eighth and ninth centuries. Dr Stafford is a former Vice-President of the Royal Historical Society.[1]

Stafford's published works include:

  • 2008. "'The Annals of Æthelflæd'. Annals, History and Politics in Early Tenth-Century England." In Myth, rulership, church and charters. Essays in honour of Nicholas Brooks, ed. Julia Barrow and Andrew Wareham. Aldershot: Ashgate. 101-16.
  • 2007. "The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, identity and the making of England." Haskins Society Journal 19: 28-50.
  • 2006. Gender, Family and the Legitimation of Power: England from the Ninth to Early Twelfth Century. Variorum Collected Studies Series. Ashgate, Aldershot.
  • 2001. "Political ideas in late tenth-century England. Charters as evidence." In Law, laity and solidarities. Essays in honour of Susan Reynolds, ed. P. Stafford, J. Nelson and J. Martindale. Manchester: Manchester University Press. 68-82
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  • 1997. Queen Emma and Queen Edith: queenship and women's power in eleventh-century England. Oxford and Cambridge (MA): Blackwell Publishers.
  • 1994. "Women and the Norman Conquest". Transactions of the Royal Historical Society 6th series, Vol 4:221-249.
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  • 1989. Unification and conquest. A political and social history of England in the tenth and eleventh centuries.
  • 1985. The East Midlands in the early Middle Ages. Leicester.
  • 1983. Queens, Concubines and Dowagers. The Kings's Wife in the Early Middle Ages.
  • 1981. "The king's wife in Wessex 800-1066." Past and Present 91: 3-27.


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