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Convicted 'serial child molester' (sentenced only 15 months)[1] Dennis Hastert (above, right), Speaker of the House, who'd have been president if Bush and Cheney (to the left of him) were incapacitated, at the 2003 State of the Union address.
Billionaires, Jewish child-sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, left, reportedly dead at 66 in his jail cell, possibly suicided, with now current President Donald Trump in an older photo at Mar-a-Lago near Palm Beach, Florida.[2]
Political Pedophilia: An open source investigation by James Corbett (journalist) of The Corbett Report, 2015-04-15.

More information continues to surface on both sides of the Atlantic about pedophilia rings operating in the highest echelons of political, business and entertainment circles, so the establishment press is finally forced to cover the story. Yet this same establishment that covered up these horrors for decades is not going to break the dam on this sensitive and paradigm-changing information. Explore how the alternative media may help expose the practice of political pedophilia and the real perpetrators. Extensive show notes, links, sources, comments, and backup alternative formats and platforms at

A vast trove of supporting information in an article with countless comments provides endless sources of so much more Pedophiles in Politics: An Open Source Investigation, 2015-01-11

Pedophocracy[3][4][5], commonly known as political pedophilia or pedogate, is a term to describe accusations of secretive pedophilia, child sexual abuse, and occultic practices among "elites" (including regional authorities, religious leaders, high-ranking public officials and wealthy businesspeople - the ruling class)[6], which are usually dismissed as conspiracy theories by the mainstream.[citation needed] Pedophilia is not only used for profit, but to own, control, and destroy the powerful.[7] Awareness grows beyond conspirophile culture and truther movements despite endless thought-police efforts[citation needed] as critics allege the mainstream corporate-controlled media downplay, ignore, or censor discussion with dynamic silence tactics to keep attention off this topic and their sinister control matrix.[8]

" Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men... "
~ John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton
" Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases.
Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants;
electric light the most efficient policeman. "
~ Louis Brandeis, 1914

Editorial food for thought: The pedophocracy, or pedogate, is the Achilles heel of the psychopathic ruling class with separate rules and privileges to exploit us all in their self-serving matrix of rigged systems for full spectrum dominance. If all of these sources, articles, podcasts, and videos are wrong, slanderous, and libelous ripe for lawsuits - don't you think the ruling class would try to silence these outrageous claims and conspiracy theories? If these brave journalists were lying they'd be stomped out like ants. The truth of these indie-journalists protects and allows them to persist, dig, investigate, and bring more and more information to light and out to the public.


Term origin

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The word "pedophocracy", a term coined by renegade investigative journalist David McGowan (and title of his groundbreaking essay on the topic),[6][9] was formed by adding "-cracy" to a clipping of "pedophile" with the interfix "-o-". Some wordsmiths disapprove of the word formation and would have preferred the longer correctly-word-crafted "pedophilocracy".[10] A paedophile is a person who compulsively engages in some kind of sexual assault with boys or girls much younger than puberty. A pederast is an adult, more or less heterosexual man, who has very close sexual and emotional relationships with younger boys - mentoring them, not just sexually but in life.[11]

Hebephilia is the strong, persistent sexual interest by adults in pubescent (early adolescent) children (especially those showing Tanner stages 2 to 3 of development), which is typically ages 11–14. It differs from pedophilia (the primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children),[12][13][14] and from ephebophilia (the primary sexual interest in later adolescents, typically ages 15–19).[12][15] While individuals with a sexual preference for adults may have some sexual interest in pubescent-aged individuals,[12] researchers and clinical diagnoses have proposed that hebephilia is characterized by a sexual preference for pubescent rather than adult partners.[12][16]

Lewis Carroll's photograph of Alice Liddel as a beggar-maid. Some biographers suggest Oxford and Christ Church educated Carroll had interests in children beyond authoring Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.
See also:
The Pedophocracy [full text], by David McGowan (backup)

Which is worse - raping or bombing a kid? The Anglo-NeoCon-Wahhabist-Zionist Globalist Allies are far worse than their ugly hobby. The brainwashed masses now tolerate mass murder via countless endless wars (not all killed swiftly or painlessly as vastly more are mangled survivors that suffer the rest of their lives) - yet - if the public dares to think of innocents being abused, this "lesser" of evils and their psychotic immorality may be the Achilles heel of ruling class elites to be exploited to bring down their vile full spectrum corruption.[citation needed]

Motivations & practicality

The pedophocracy of these "elites" in question allegedly sexually abuse children, motivated by sexual attraction, domination fetishism, and/or spiritual reasons with the belief that by their social status they are above society and/or protected by and from the law.[citation needed]

Sabbatai Tzvi in 1665 (Joods Historisch Museum).

Sabbateans, Frankism, Illuminati, Freemasons, and the New World Order

Occult (hidden) blackmail crime rings date back to at least the 17th century.[17] In the 1600's Sabbatai Zevi was a Sephardic ordained rabbi, though of Romaniote origin[18][19] and a kabbalist, active throughout the Ottoman Empire, who claimed to be the long-awaited Jewish Messiah. He was the founder of the Sabbatean movement.

In February 1666, upon arriving in Constantinople, Sabbatai was imprisoned on the order of the grand vizier Ahmed Köprülü on accusations of fomenting sedition.[20][21] Sabbatai Zevi had declared himself the Messiah, proclaimed redemption was available through acts of sin, and he amassed a following of over one million passionate believers, about half the world's Jewish population during the 17th century, though many Rabbis at the time considered him a heretic. Sabbateans encouraged and practiced sexual promiscuity, adultery, incest, sexual ritual, and religious orgies.

In 1676 Sabbati Zevi died and his Kabbalist successor, Jacob Frank, evolved and grew their occult philosophy into [Frankism]], aka, Zoharism, the 18th and 19th century religious movement centered on his leadership and claim to be the reincarnation of the Messiah Sabbatai Zevi. Like Zevi, he performed "strange acts" that violating traditional religious taboos, such as eating fats forbidden by Jewish dietary laws, ritual sacrifice, and promoting orgies and sexual immorality.[22]

Eventually Jacob Frank allied with Adam Weishaupt and Meyer Amshel Rothschild as the Order of the Illuminati. The organization's objectives were to undermine power structures and world religions to usher in a utopian era of global communism covertly ruling by their hidden hand as the New World Order.[23]

Staying true to the script, the Illuminati's agenda has played itself out over the centuries, using secret societies, like the Freemasons. Many consider it nothing more than theory, however, growing numbers of people are wake up each day to realize this may not just be some theory, but a terrifying Satanic conspiracy and their ruling class handles opposition with a near total control of the world's media, academic opinion leaders, politicians and financiers - all for full spectrum dominance.[24]

See also:

A Santi di Tito portrait of Niccolò Machiavelli who wrote The Prince, a political treatise on manipulation, domination, and exploitation.

Machiavellian exploitation

Powers that be simply don't care about us. The Machiavellianist elites lie and play games with us as they exploit us all with rigged establishment systems and debt slavery while pretending they care and want to help us. They could create a Peace Department but their dark triad personalities only care for profit and power. George W. Bush started wars in two countries and Barrack Obama added six more. All Americans could easily have health care and free education instead of Donald Trump, as one of the first things he did in office, adding over $80 billion to the enormous military budget without political resistance quickly easily and quietly with little corporate media coverage.[25] The 2008 central bankster $900 billion bailout (and $20 trillion loan) orchestrated scheme[26] should have been distributed to the taxpaying people to put in their own economies or banks saving everyone instead of evicting millions of families from their homes so the banks could steal them. The overpopulation crisis is a myth, just as manufactured as our consumer culture. There is enough food to feed all of humanity. They prefer suffering, profits, and power. The Oligarchy just doesn't care about us, what we need, what we want, or what our opinions are - unless it affects power.

See also:

Socially engineering deviant tolerance and normalizing perversions

Work in progress. - new section...

Histories of Acknowledged & Alleged pedophile elites

Abundant mainstream media sources document court cases or allegations about individuals yet there had been no online aggregated compilations of elite pedophilia scandals until this article and the 2 lists here that include abuses across all regions, industries, and hierarchies of power, from Washington's Pizzagate to Hollywood's Pedowood, from the Vatican and across our planet. Since starting these lists, others have sprung up, many listed in this article with many under the Term origin above.

Main article: List of acknowledged pedophilia elites, documented historically and legally proven

Main article: List of alleged pedophilia elites, documented by corporate media yet legally unproven

Catholic Church systemic sexual abuse

  Incomplete notes and additions  
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, May 12, 2001, before becoming Pope Benedict XVI from April 19, 2005 to February 28, 2013, centralized the cover-up of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.
2011 graffiti in Portugal depicting a priest chasing two children.

Catholic Church as target

The Catholic Church was once a very strong political force in the world - for better and for worse. Whether you buy into the myths and mysticism, or the greed, politics, mental abuse, hypocrisy, and countless sins, at least there was a strong moral code, preached if not practiced, for a strong social order.[citation needed]

The Catholic Church is irrefutably guilty as sin - yet why is there a scandal about pedophiles in the Catholic Church yet deafening silence about it in Hollywood or Washington?[citation needed] Anglo propaganda (dominated by Zionist/Jewish/Globalist interests including banks, producers, talent, media, advertising, corporations, etc) would have you believe the Catholic Spanish Inquisition was more violent and severe than the English Reformation.[citation needed] Hypocrisy abounds when Catholicism is singled out and blamed rather than the society and culture promoting the modern liberalism. When a Catholic priest is caught in a scandal the media calls it a Catholic scandal, but when a Hollywood mogul is caught in a scandal the media calls it a personal scandal, not a capitalist, Zionist, nor Jewish scandal.[27]

Cultural/social engineering is intentionally weakening society against the exploitation of elite ruling class. Strong ethnic communities (ie. German, Irish, Italian, Polish, etc) have been destroyed forcing people to the weaker non-ethnic "white" suburbs diluting their formerly unified heritage and resistance to power. Feminism was infiltrated and hijacked by CIA operatives like Gloria Steinem and now just to survive most women are compelled to work and leave their children under care of strangers or the state, vulnerable to conformist brainwashing. Immoral media and isolating personal electronic devices have weakened the collective power of all churches and family units, now reduced to individuals divided by personal preferences, weak and alone - and often without any source or sense of morality. This is the goal of the Globalist-Masonic-Zionist agenda - to weaken the populace into abject slavery. Diminishing the Catholic Church is just one of a thousand cuts.[citation needed]

The Catholic Church was infiltrated and subverted by Freemason-Zionist interests with the Second Vatican Council in 1962. For excellent independent perspectives on this, listen to Powers & Principalities with Tim Kelly (radio host) and Joseph Atwill, E. Michael Jones, and/or Myth of the 20th Century (podcast).[citation needed]

Catholic Church scandals in media

Mormon scandals in media

  • Prophet's Prey, a 2015 Amy Berg documentary about Warren Jeffs' life, worship, and rise to Prophet of the fundamentalist Church of Latter-day Saints, a religion with a history of polygamous and underage marriage, and Warren's expansion of these practices and maintaining his grip on power in unprecedented ways, bridging the gap between sister wives and ecclesiastically rape, and befuddling the moral compass of his entire congregation with a profoundly devout following numbering in the tens of thousands.

Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington, D.C.
Wikileaks shared an unclassified, law enforcement sensitive FBI document showing pedophile symbols.[28]
Alive or dead, if Seth Rich leaked the never-refuted WikiLeaks documents,[citation needed] then Russians did not hack the DNC server which was refused FBI inspection,[29][30][31] and all excuses for conflict becomes transparent rallying for war profiteering.[citation needed]


Main article: Pizzagate, not to be confused with corporate media assertions of a Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

Pizzagate began in October 2016, after Wikileaks released the 58,660 Podesta emails[32] (the validity of which was never contested[33], only that they were ill-gotten) from the Gmail account of John Podesta, chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, independent researchers and commentators crowdsource-investigated alleged connections between child sexual abuse and people closely associated with Hillary Clinton along with implications of an existing child trafficking ring involving the Washington, D.C. restaurant Comet Ping Pong, owned by James Alefantis.[34] Investigators exchanged information online via Twitter, Gab, 4chan, Reddit, and Voat.[35][36] A much larger portion of the public soon became aware of the occulted (hidden) issues of child sex abuse, child trafficking, pedophile symbols, and elite crime networks.[citation needed] Despite public outrage and outcry for a publicly published police investigation[citation needed], officials claim Pizzagate is a debunked conspiracy theory as the topic remains heavily suppressed in mainstream corporate media.[citation needed]

  Incomplete notes and additions  

Pizzagate as limited hangout

Work in progress. - new section...


"Pedogate" redirects to this article section.

Pedogate is often used synonymously with Pizzagate and/or the pedophocracy. More precisely, the Pedogate term evolved from the regional Pizzagate Washington-based scandal, expanded to mean the broader continued investigations into global child trafficking networks permitted and/or orchestrated by the pedophocracy.[citation needed] As public awareness realizes the size and scope of the worldwide pedophilia problems dating back decades, many Pizzagate crowdsourcing investigators have begun using this less specific, more general, slightly newer "Pedogate" label.[citation needed]

Late former FBI chief Ted Gunderson spent decades of the later half of his life investigating the New World Order and Satanism and found that in America more than 100,000 kids were going missing every year, and that the FBI, CPS and White House were fully complicit in the coverup. Senator John De Camp's book, “The Franklin Cover-Up, Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska” exposed a child sex ring in Boys Town, Nebraska with connections to George Bush, Sr. and former NSA chief[37][citation needed] Michael Aquino[38], founder of the Temple of Set and Setianism, mis-associated with Satanism and the Church of Satan. Testimony from Paul Bonacci, Brice Taylor, Cathy O’Brien, and others state George Bush, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and many others raped her and her young daughter Kelly.[39]

Pedogate in media

See also: Pedophocracy#Elite_pedophilia_in_media Elite pedophilia in media section below.

  Incomplete notes and additions  
U.S. cities ranked by the frequency of registered sex offenders. While this does not reflect pedophile numbers, it is interesting to note the exceptionally heavy numbers near Washington, D.C.[40]
The Franklin Scandal, United States

George Nader
George Nader (businessman) (b.1959), Donald Trump and Bill Clinton's pedophile friend should not to be confused with the American film and television actor, George Nader (1921-2002).

Larry Nassar

Pedogate and the pedophocracy in alt-media, by date


Clinton Foundation, corrupt "charity"

The Clinton Foundation is rotten to the core from its inception.[citation needed] [need to cite Charles Ortel, etc.]

  Incomplete notes and additions  
Clinton Foundation logo.
see also DuckDuckGo: Clinton Foundation child trafficking ring
see also DuckDuckGo: Monica Petersen
see also Clinton Foundation–State Department controversy

Ed Buck

NXIVM, "self-help" power cult

  • NXIVM (pronounced Nexium), is a multi-level marketing company, based in Albany, New York, that offers personal and professional development seminars through its "Executive Success Programs". NXIVM has been labeled as a pyramid scheme, an alleged sex-trafficking operation, and an alleged sex cult. A report for the Ross Institute described its seminars as "expensive brainwashing".
  • The mainstream corporate media refuses to even mention nor acknowledge the CHILD-sex-trafficking charges they are in court for.
  • NXIVM has also been accused of being a recruiting platform for a cult operating within it (variously called "DOS" or "The Vow") in which women were forced into sexual slavery and branded.
  • DuckDuckGo: NXIVM scandal
  • DuckDuckGo: Keith Raniere
  • DuckDuckGo: Allison Mack
  Incomplete notes and additions  
NXIVM under charges of child trafficking, covered up by corporate media only saying it's "sex trafficking.
Allison Mack was arrested in Brooklyn by the FBI on April 20, 2018, on charges of child sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, blackmail, and forced labor conspiracy - but is negotiating a plea deal.

Jeffrey Epstein, shadow government network

On July 6, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was arrested, again, and charged with sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York, and imprisoned in a federal jail in Manhattan pending prosecution.[43][44][45] He conveniently died in jail of an apparent suicide on August 10, 2019, thus halting investigation and further exposure of the web of ruling class pedophiles and the well known kakistocracy.

Epstein suicided, investigation ceased, network untouched

Work in progress. - new section...

  Incomplete notes and additions  
Convicted pedophile', Jewish billionaire, and very possibly Mossad intelligence agent, Jeffrey Epstein in a 2006 mugshot, arrested again in 2019, reportedly dead at 66 in his jail cell, possibly suicided, possibly smuggled out of prison.

Filthy Rich: The Shocking True Story of Jeffrey Epstein

Miami Herald

Mint Press News

The Finders

The Mind Unleashed

The Secret Life Of Epstein

Vicky Ward

The Hollywood Sign in 2015.


"Pedowood" redirects to this article section.

Pedowood is a portmanteau of "pedophile" and "Hollywood" and is a term similar to "Pizzagate" and "Pedogate", defined as an independent crowdsourcing investigation into the pedophocracy primarily focused on celebrity children, the casting couch, and sex scandals in mainstream corporate media run Hollywood and the feature film, television, and music industries.[citation needed] Unmistakably absent from this alternative movement seeking answers is the deafening dynamic silence of mainstream corporate media as well most charitable celebrity personalities who support various causes yet seem to be caught up in this conspiracy of silence.[47]

Movie poster for the 1972 film, Last Tango In Paris.

In Hollywood or anywhere, many with power take liberties. They don't ask, they just take. The famous rape scene in Last Tango In Paris was not consensual. Director Bernardo Bertolucci said he didn't regret filming the scene without Schneider's consent, but admitted to feeling guilty. Bertolucci was in his early thirties, Marlon Brando was 48 and Maria Schneider just 19 in the story of a widowed American man who begins a sexual relationship with a young French woman.[48][49] The public acclaim and critical reaction to the film's explicit sexual content sent her into a tailspin. “People thought I was like the girl in the movie, but that wasn’t me. I felt very sad because I was treated like a sex symbol — I wanted to be recognized as an actress and the whole scandal and aftermath of the film turned me a little crazy and I had a breakdown.” She then abused drugs and attempted suicide, yet eventually got clean in 1980 after meeting her long-term partner.[50] While she was not underage, it is indicative of the liberties many protected by fame or power take - taking advantage of those weaker and vulnerable.

See also:
  • 2019-09-04 Jordan Maxwell Hollywood And The Law Of The Land ~ Jason Bermas (12:54) On the Druidic and Maritime Law systems of the magic holly wand, telling you what your masters did, are doing, and will do.

Sexualizing children, ongoing

Hollywood is all about propaganda, regardless to what extent, on what levels, or even how it works. Washington is political theater - and they write the laws to serve the ruling class, always. Many politicians and lawyers are trying to modify the laws to allow adults to legally access naive and vulnerable younger citizens who need protections, not "liberations". Some of these laws cannot be changed until society is changed to accept them. Absurdist Social Justice Warriors, or SJWs, think that embracing expressions of sexuality from children, including young boys in drag dancing in gay night clubs, and even providing hormones to them is somehow legitimately helping the children.[citation needed]

Owen Benjamin

American film producer Harvey Weinstein at the 2010 Time 100 before the torrent of sexual abuse allegations.

Me Too movement, ongoing

The Me Too movement may mostly raise legitimate grievances among some inevitable exploiters with exaggerated or mythological accounts striking devastating scars on many careers and legacies, largely in Hollywood. Horror stories about the casting couch or executive "privileges" are nothing new and should shock no one but those susceptible to the corporate media rage bait. Regardless who did what to whom, when, and how much, there are most certainly countless other nefarious stories that don't get public attention - so one may wonder, "Why now?" Notably only to those informed of "fringe" culture, this "Me Too" movement arose shortly after growing alternative media awareness and attention to a new phenomenon spawning independent investigation, research, and analysis into Pizzagate, Pedogate, Pedowood, and Pedovore - among rising consciousness to other trutherism topics.[citation needed]

So is Me Too as manufactured as all other media? Is it a limited hangout, fake news, legit news, or a combination? Is it another rabbit hole for conspiracy theorist to waste time on? Or is it another socially dividing distraction while the globalist Western Zionist Empire corporatocracy fortifies itself while economically and militarily destroying countless nations, populations, cultures, and ecosystems for psychopathic power, profit, and full spectrum dominance?[citation needed]

Work in progress. - unfinished final paragraph...
  Incomplete notes and additions  

Pedowood incomplete notes and additions

See also: List of acknowledged pedophilia elites for more Pedowood.
See also: List of alleged pedophilia elites for more Pedowood.
Note: Many below have yet to be sorted into these lists. Some need to be worked into a paragraph or few about the criminals, the silence, the outrage, the banishments, and the suicided.
  Pedowood Guilt: Acknowledged Pedophiles Of Mainstream Corporate Media  
Kevin Clash with Elmo at the Peabody awards in 2010.

Pedowood Guilt

Alphabetical until converted to timeline.

Chuck Berry

Kevin Clash / Elmo

Garry Glitter

Jared Fogle in June 2007, spokesperson for Subway (restaurant) who knew but covered it up.
Jared Fogle
  • Jared Fogle, also known as "the Subway Guy", is an American former spokesperson for Subway (restaurant)s and convicted child molester. After his significant weight loss attributed to eating Subway sandwiches, Fogle was made a spokesperson for the company's advertising campaigns from 2000 to 2015.
The mainstream corporate media refuses to even mention nor acknowledge Subway actively ignoring and covering up the abuses allowing them to persist.

Roman Polanski

Jerry Sandusky

Randy Turpin
  • Randy Turpin, boxer
  • Haunting mystery of brutal rape and murder of schoolgirl boxing fan which has been unsolved for seven decades

Almost 70 years ago Britain’s Randy Turpin became a national hero by beating Sugar Ray Robinson. Sadly his famous victory will forever be linked to an appalling crime - By Gary Lucken 2017-07-17

Ian Watkins performing with Lostprophets, was protected by British police.
Ian Watkins
  • Ian Watkins, musician
  • Ian Watkins (Lostprophets)is a Welsh former singer, songwriter, musician and convicted sex offender. He achieved prominence as a founding member, lead vocalist, and lyricist of the rock band Lostprophets. In 2013, Watkins was sentenced to 29 years imprisonment for sexual offences including assault of young children. Lostprophets disbanded in the same year.
The mainstream corporate media refuses to even mention nor acknowledge how the POLICE OBSTRUCTED AND COVERED UP HIGHER LEVEL PEDOPHILE RING ABUSES allowing them to persist, AND THEY TRIED TO SEND THE WHISTLEBLOWER TO JAIL!!!
Joanne Mjadzelics : Ian Watkins Convicted Child Rapist on The Ed Opperman Report, on YouTube (and Spreaker podcasts for the banned, fringe, and anti-establishment voices).
Repeat broadcast?
YouTube search: Joanne Mjadzelics, Ian's former "friend with benefits" and whistleblower.
Note the video description has a rich lengthy outline description with more details.
Portrait of a paedophile: UK's most prolific paedophile convicted Sky News
Lostprophets Singer Revealed to be Hardcore Pedophile and Twisted Sicko
Worldwide paedophile ring busted in sting operation, ABC News (Australia), Published on Aug 26, 2015
Pedophiles Rule the World, Paul Joseph Watson, Published on Apr 5, 2017

  Pedowood Allegations: Alleged Pedophiles Of Mainstream Corporate Media  
Alleged pedophile Michael Jackson and his son Blanket in Disneyland Paris, 2006.
Bryan Singer, movie director of such films as Superman Returns, dressed as a priest with two boys in Superman costumes.
Former president Bill Clinton and self-proclaimed homosexual Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey (now enduring the Weinstein effect) were both guests at Jeffrey Epstein’s “parties.”[51]

Pedowood Allegations

Alphabetical until converted to timeline.

Woody Allen

Tom Hanks

Michael Jackson

Brett Ratner

Bryan Singer

Kevin Spacey

  Pedowood Intrigue: Related To Pedophilia Within Mainstream Corporate Media  
Issac Kappy, , actor and Pedowood whistleblower, died under strange circumstances alleged to be a suicide.
Tracy Twyman, Isaac Kappy and the Creepy Campground (27:18) by Crypto Beast aka Steve Outtrim, 2019-07-10.

Show Notes:

Researcher Tracy Twyman sent me this video on May 24, 2019. She asked me not to share it publicly at the time because she was in fear for her life. She had been in communication with Isaac Kappy about threats she had received related to a campground near Williams, Arizona. Kappy died very close to the campground. Today I learned that Tracy passed away at the age of 41, after quitting social media and YouTube.
I do not know the circumstances of her death, but if someone says "I'm afraid for my life" and then suddenly dies, this warrants further investigation. The timing of this as Jeffrey Epstein is arrested is highly suspicious.
I note the mysterious disappearance of Robert the Deplorable, and also the sudden death of #Pizzagate researcher Jenny Moore in August 2018.
Rest In Peace Tracy.
  #PedoGate #IsaacKappy #TracyTwyman

CryptoBeast #21 Tracy Twyman, Kappy, Epstein and LARP Wars with Lift the Veil:

Related blog posts with more information and evidence:

A 2019-07-10 SaidIt discussion on this video: Pedogate researcher has 27 minute dead-man switch youtube video after being murdered, includes an especially notable summary by magnora7.

Pedowood Intrigue

Chronologically by death date.

Antony Kidman

Dr. Antony David Kidman, (December 10, 1938 – September 12, 2014), was an Australian psychologist, biochemist, academic, and father of actress Nicole Kidman. Kidman died amidst child abuse allegations and under official Australian investigation into a Sydney-based pedophile ring.

Issac Kappy

Issac Kappy, (February 17, 1977 - May 13, 2019), actor and Pedowood whistleblower, died under strange circumstances alleged to be a suicide, jumping onto Route 66 in Arizona. He'd accused several celebrities of being pedophiles, including Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Seth Green, Clare Grant, and Stephen Colbert.

Some say he went into witness protection.

Tracy Twyman

Tracy R. Twyman, (August 28, 1978 - July 2019), was an American author, editor/publisher, producer of podcasts, radio and television personality, and an independent investigator into occult and esoteric history. In 2018[citation needed] she began to research Isaac Kappy's claims about paedophilia in Hollywood and was undeterred by his sudden death in May 2019. Two months later, she herself suddenly died, apparently by hanging. Someone posted a dead man's switch video on YouTube in which she outlines some of what she uncovered, the FBI's pronounced lack on interest and the subsequent death threats made against her. ~ +

  Pedowood Exposure: Unveiling Pedophiles Of Mainstream Corporate Media  

Pedowood Exposure

Alphabetical until converted to timeline.

Russel Brand

Sacha Baron Cohen

Anderson Cooper
  • Anderson Cooper, reporter
  • Anderson Cooper on CNN years ago, going on about the massive pedophile ring involving 5,000 US Gov't officials and military personnel, some being high ranking. on
  • Child Porn Uninvestigated · Senator Grassley & Anderson Cooper CNN (2011-01-06) ~ LadywithRed 2012-11-21

" The Pentagon porn story began in 2006. An Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] child pornography sting operation called Project Flicker produced payment records of about 5,200 people, many of whom provided Army or fleet zip codes or military e-mail addresses. Subsequently, the Pentagon's investigative branch, DCIS, began going through the ICE list to identify who actually was a DOD employee. The investigation, however, only ran for eight months, and only cross-checked some 3,500 names for Pentagon ties. According to DCIS documents revealed in a Freedom of Information Act request, out of that 3,500, investigators uncovered 264 employees or contractors, including staffers for the secretary of defense. Nine people had top security clearances. But only about 20 percent of those 264 people were completely investigated. Fewer still were prosecuted. After about eight months, the entire probe was halted. It left about 1,700 names totally unchecked, 1,700 alleged kiddie porn customers, an unknown number of whom may still work in some capacity for the Defense Department. Late last summer, after investigations by "The Boston Globe" and Yahoo! Newsrevealed the figures, a Pentagon spokesman promised to reopen the investigation, conceding that DCIS had stopped due to lack of resources. DCIS says it is now revisiting all 5,200 names. They have now identified 302 employees or staffers. [Yet] of the 302 people confirmed as DOD personnel or contractors, only 70 of them were actually investigated. " ~

Louis Theroux

Louis visits his former childhood hero — 73-year-old Jimmy Savile, the miner who became a TV and radio star. Louis also talks briefly about the allegations of paedophilia against Savile before the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal broke after his death.

Bohemian Grove at Owls Nest Camp, summer 1967. Around table, left to right: Preston Hotchkis, Ronald Reagan, Harvey Hancock (standing), Richard Nixon, Glenn T. Seaborg, Jack Sparks, Kevin Zinter, unidentified individual, Edwin W. Pauley.
In 1984, Peter Chernoff claims to have kidnapped "young virgin boy" Kevin Collins off of the street in San Francisco to deliver and witness the Bohemian Grove sacrificial murder of the boy by Satanist US Military Officer Michael Aquino in company with Pope Ratzinger, George H. W. Bush, Sr, and Warren Buffett.[52]

Effects on victims

Child victims of sexual abuse may develop lifelong problems and mental coping mechanisms, suffer personality disorders, join the cycles of abuse, or become subservient, controlled, and manipulated for large parts of their life.[citation needed] With victims disabled in diminished states these problems have potential for manipulation and exploitation, mind control and enslavement, and perpetuating the cycles of violence and abuse across generations.

See also:

Secret societies & motives

Abundant accusatory and speculative theories circulate about pedophile links to elite occult (secret) societies[53][54][55][56][57][58], witchcraft, Satanism, Luciferianism, etc.[citation needed] Whether special other-world magic powers exist or not, the psychological effects may have real purpose and deeper meaning towards controlling or being controlled in elite tribalism, as well as the "cremation of care" shedding of conscience and empathy in order to use and abuse power unhindered.[citation needed] Some occultists believe sacrificing tears, blood, or lives of children, even their own, manifests status or power in their secret lives and esoteric communities, and elites are no exception.[59] Humans and egos may fall prey to depression or delusions of grandeur, may attribute success or failure to benevolent beings or malevolent spirits. It doesn't matter if you believe it, they do and that's what matters.[60]

Ronald Bernard, a high-level Dutch banker turned whistle-blower admits he was forced to sacrifice children at elite parties.[53][54][55][56][57][58]
See also:

Ritual sex abuse

Work in progress. - new section...
What is Ritual Abuse? Ritual abuse is an extreme, sadistic form of abuse of children and non-consenting adults. It is methodical, systematic sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse, which often includes mind control, torture, and highly illegal and immoral activities such as murder, child pornography and prostitution.
~ Ritual Abuse - RA Info

Thelema is a social or spiritual philosophy derived from Western esotericism. The fundamental axiom, tenet, or boilerplate underlying Thelema—known as the "Law of Thelema"—is "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law". Thelema was developed in the early 1900s by Aleister Crowley, an English writer, mystic, and ceremonial magician.[61]

See also:

United Kingdom

  • DuckDuckGo: Hampstead children Satanic ritual sex abuse scandal
    • Hampstead is also the location of a fictional tomb in Bram Stoker's Dracula novel.


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See also:
"The Source Family is not a film about a cult — it is a fascinating attempt at humanizing those who have been a part of them." "A fantastic insider's look into a common American phenomenon: the free love alternative utopian society."

Many so-called cults are only labelled so by the corporate media with political agendas to spin the group in a negative light with misinformation, falsities, and negative propaganda. The Branch Davidians were called a cult to justify their murder by the government in the 1993 Waco siege. Burning Man is often called a cult when really it's just an unusual art festival celebrating radical self-expression and self-reliance, participatory non-commercial community, alternative solutions, and free thinking.

1888 American cartoon of John Bull (a national personification of the United Kingdom in general and England in particular) as an Imperial Octopus with full spectrum dominance arms and hands on all regions. This visual metaphor also applies to all aspects of controllable life.

Sinister control matrix

Pedophilia is not only used for profit, but to own, control, and destroy the powerful.[62]

"Elite" societies engaging in or encouraging these abusive practices are alleged to be able to operate in secrecy through use of blackmail, violence, murder, or other means to ensure that their members do not expose their perpetrating behavior.[63][64] With everyone having "dirt" on everyone else their sinister control matrix is solidly encased in unwritten rules made well understood. Fraternity hazing and Freemasonry initiations are not the only rituals to feature strange esoteric language, symbols, and practices with or without practical or psychological purposes. Often to join a gang or be "jumped in", as part of the initiation one must commit a crime the others may hold over you. Politicians without vices or dark pasts were not as controllable and corruptible nor promoted as often as deceptive Machiavellian politicians through their kakistocracy (the worst-of-the-worst people ruling in power[3][65]). Homosexuality was not always commonly accepted nor publicly tolerated and was also a vice similarly leveraged over people. This management control may be part of the many reasons for so many drug and sexual scandals, historical homosexual politicians, and homosexual secret agents.[citation needed]

Logo of Silk Road, an authentic peaceful safer free-market system outside of the corporatocracy.

Dark web

An example of "elite hypocrisy" cited is the shutdown of the online black market website the Silk Road, a worldwide authentic free-market system (primarily for safer drug sales) only forbidding sales of weapons and child pornography.[66] The so-called powers that be can hunt down, and bring Ross Ulbricht, alleged to be The Dread Pirate Roberts, to their farce of a rigged trial[citation needed], meanwhile other websites on the dark web in the deep web continue to sell weapons and child pornography, not yet shut down by authorities.[67]

See also:

Sexual predators in Gov, way beyond Pizzagate by Ryan Dawson of The ANC Report / Anti-NeoCon Report, 2016-12-15. Ryan Dawson is heavily censored for speaking truth about power, so the YouTube video may not be available, yet is reposted 2019-08-15 on
EmbedVideo does not recognize the video service "bitchute".

Authority's ineptitude, complicity, corruption, and rigged "justice" systems

The Westminster paedophile dossier allegedly associated with the British government, was conveniently shuffled and "lost".

Corporate media's self-censorship

Censorship of the corporatocracy, protecting you from reality and the truth.

The corporate mainstream media is allegedly unwilling or unable to imagine that trusted public figures would engage in antisocial behaviors of this nature.[citation needed] Corporate media, especially junk food news, thrives on exposés, sexual titillation, outrage, and a culture of fear, usually chasing after salacious scandals while too often descending into a deviancy amplification spiral, sensationalism, and mass hysteria - yet their mass media remains suspiciously quiet on this issue.[citation needed] The media's silence leaves one wondering if this elite pedophile problem is uncommon and an irrational fear and availability heuristic or just the tip of the iceberg.[citation needed] Unmistakably absent from this alternative movement seeking answers is the deafening dynamic silence of mainstream corporate media as well most charitable celebrity personalities who support various causes yet seem to be caught up in this conspiracy of silence.[68] Mainstream media may be unwilling to investigate for fear of various forms of litigation from the rich and wealthy with armies of lawyers, because their owners and boardmembers may be entangled in the sinister control matrix themselves, or simply because they don't wish to speak truth to power or rock the boat to preserve or promote their career and economic status, just like any overly comfortable sellout yellow journalist trumpeting for war and murderous slaughter of innocent thousands of families - simply for profit.[citation needed]

The corporate mainstream media's self-censorship is not unique or exclusive to the subject of the pedophocracy of elite pedophiles. The MSM was formerly owned by over 50 corporations but has now merged into only 6 monster corporations controlling all "mainstream" media (with a single MindGeek monopoly over all pornography) with a unified message front and despite abundant contrary additional evidence on a multiplicity of topics, issues, and events, the MSM will push or omit the narratives the see fit to print. This has been a slow motion infiltration, infestation, and corruption, monopolization and domination, fictionalization and perpetuation of the media and its message.[citation needed]

Sometimes the corporate mainstream media will actively suppress content. A prime example of a corporate production that was not widely released is An Open Secret, a 2014 Amy Berg documentary investigating accusations of teenagers being sexually abused within the film industry.

"They know about it but they don't do anything because they're no longer performing their duty under the first amendment of the constitution. That's why the free press is there. They are supposed to be investigating what our government is doing and telling the people, the country, what the government is really doing and they're not fulfilling that responsibility." ~ ex-NSA whistleblower, William Binney[69]

You are allowed to believe anything you want, but you are not permitted to know anything for certain.[citation needed]

Most of the "Fair and balanced" corporate media will not inform you nor allow discussion with dynamic silence tactics on many "taboo" topics.

See also:
Alleged pedophiles Sir Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles in July 2006.

Jimmy Savile

Work in progress. - new section...

A prominent example of the corporate "mainstream" media's complicit silence about the pedophocracy is the open secret surrounding Prince Charles' close friend, Jimmy Savile.

Sir Jimmy Savile (b.1926–d.2011), was an English entertainment media personality, charity fundraiser, and good friend of the British Royal Family and Tony Blair.[70][71] Hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse over many decades were made against him but were not exposed until after his death.

YouTube intentionally keeps its terms vague and arbitrary to retain more authoritarian power while permitting terrible content to persist to keep us confused and powerless.

YouTube's inept censorship

Work in progress. - new section...

One must wonder whether corporate media and corporate social media intentionally allow abuses to get so bad so they must censor everything much more, including anti-war, anti-corruption, truther, and anti-authority content - using the excuse of blocking pedos and alt-right Nazis.

Over the past 48 hours I have discovered a wormhole into a soft-core pedophilia ring on Youtube. Youtube’s recommended algorithm is facilitating pedophiles’ ability to connect with each-other, trade contact info, and link to actual CP in the comments. I can consistently get access to it from vanilla, never-before-used Youtube accounts via innocuous videos in less than ten minutes, in sometimes less than five clicks.. Additionally, I have video evidence that these videos are being monetized.

This loophole is wrong, something needs to be done. Its's being monetized. CP is being traded as well as social media and WhatsApp addresses. Youtube is facilitating this problem. It doesn't matter that they flag videos and turn off the comments, these videos are still being monetized, and more importantly they are still available for users to watch.

Nations based on their laws involving possession of child pornography. Green: all porn legal. Orange: child porn illegal. Red: all porn illegal. Grey: data unavailable.
Comparing federal prosecutions for child pornography, sex abuse and sex transportation, from Federal Prosecution of Child Sex Exploitation Offenders, 2006.

Police ineptitude, misconduct, and malarkey

Work in progress. - new section...[citation needed]
  • No crime is complete without a clean getaway, or at least a sloppy cover-up by those with power.
  • No ongoing crime can exist without the complicity of those in "authority".
  • From the false flags that foster war (mass murder) to the importing and profiting from illegal drugs (mass narcosis) to the lies and propaganda of corporate media (mass hypnosis), child sex trafficking rings are no different and require conspiracy and complicity.
  • -

Botched investigations

Work in progress. - new section...[citation needed]

Child "Protection" Services

Work in progress. - new section...[citation needed]
  Incomplete notes and additions  

Medical kidnapping

Work in progress. - new section...[citation needed]

Brownstone blackmail operations

"Operation Brownstar" and "Operation Brownstone" redirect to this article section.

Brownstoning, is political blackmail through pedophilia employed by the deep state, largely run by Zionists.[72][73] "Operation Brownstone" and "Brownstone operations" are not yet officially recognized as operating procedures of the U.S. government, considered to be speculation largely based on circumstantial evidence, a theory that intelligence agencies, such as the CIA and FBI, utilize underage individuals for prostitution with high profile targets to be later blackmail leveraged with surreptitiously video recordings.[74] They puppeteer politicians, business executives, activist leaders, celebrities and other public figures including news anchors. Resistance is met with the destruction of their reputations. Now these individuals are not innocent, but the intelligence incentive to do this blurs the line between criminality and entrapment.[75]

The origins of this term date back to the 1980s.

" U.S. Vice President George H. W. Bush [wa]s a known evil pedophile, who ran a Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring during the 1980s known as “Operation Brownstone and Operation Brownstar”, and later to become known as “The Finders or The Franklin Coverup”. George HW Bush would sneak children over to Senator Barney Frank’s condo, known as a “Brownstone” to their famous cocktail parties, where U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senators — some willing and some unwilling participants — got a taste of the “Voodoo Drug” in their drink. "[76]

In the early 1990s, Ted Gunderson got rid of the Boys Town orphanage witnesses who'd been transported to Washington DC and raped by the Bush-Gunderson-Pender Child Sex Ring known as “Operation Brownstar”. Gunderson operated under the cover of being the so-called investigator in the Franklin Savings and Loan case against Larry King, the Black Republican who introduced George H.W. Bush at the 1988 Republican Convention as America’s next President.[76]

The Finders, CIA child trafficking cult

Work in progress. - new section...

Mindhunter is a crime thriller TV series, based on the true crime book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit. The 2019 2nd season, set between 1980–81, about the Atlanta murders of 1979–81,[77] concludes with 27 child murder cases remaining unsolved and unprosecuted.[78] The TV biodrama clearly conveys the corrupt Atlanta Police Department knew of child sex ring activity. This propaganda features truth seeking, yet it's very possible the FBI actually led the cover-up as clearly done in countless other cases.


Work in progress. - new section...

United States

Work in progress. - new section...

A 2013 International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels verdict found Queen Elizabeth II (2015 photo) guilty in the 1964 disappearance of 10 children from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Queen Elizabeth II and Canada

Work in progress. - new section...

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, her husband, after almost a year of litigation, were found guilty in the disappearance of ten First Nations children from the Catholic-run Kamloops residential school in British Columbia, who's parents last saw their children on October 10, 1964, leaving for a picnic with the Royal couple. The February 2013 guilty verdict by six international judge court on 40 global elites appeared to influence the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI that same week. The first prosecution in the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels concerned 50,000 missing First Nations Canadian children and included Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping case.[83][84][85][citation needed]

  • American Indian and First Nations children on suffered abuses from clergy and teachers across North America, widespread until only decades ago.[citation needed]

United Nations

  • 2019-07-09 Former high profile UN aid official Peter John Dalglish jailed for child abuse in Nepal
    KATHMANDU (AFP) - A former UN official has been jailed for sexually abusing children in Nepal, following a trial underscoring the country's growing appeal for foreign paedophiles. Peter John Dalglish, 62, from Canada, a former high-profile humanitarian worker, was sentenced on Monday to terms of nine and seven years in two cases after being convicted last month. The aid worker, who in 2016 was awarded the Order of Canada - the country's second-highest civilian honour - made his name as a humanitarian worker advocating for street children, child labourers and those affected by war. He co-founded Street Kids International in the 1980s which merged with Save the Children. In the last decade, Dalglish held key positions in UN agencies, including as chief for UN Habitat in Afghanistan in 2015. In Nepal, Dalglish was an adviser in a child programme for the International Labour Organisation in the early 2000s. Weak law enforcement has made Nepal notorious for sexual predators, with several arrests and convictions in recent years. In 2015, a Canadian orphanage volunteer, Ernest MacIntosh, 71, was sentenced to seven years in prison for sexually abusing a disabled 15-year-old boy, while in 2010, French charity worker Jean-Jacques Haye was convicted of raping 10 children at a Kathmandu orphanage.

War crimes

American Empire military rape and torture programs

Work in progress. - new section...

Celebrity and pedophile whistleblowers doorknob-hanging "suicides".
Top row: Chris Cornell, Aaron Swartz, Anthony Bourdain, Robin Williams.
Middle row: Avicii, Inés Zorreguieta, Michael Hutchence, David Carradine.
Bottom row: Chester Bennington, Kate Spade, L'Wren Scott, Alexander McQueen.

Secret elite taboo activities

"Suicided" resistance silenced on doorknobs

Work in progress. - new section...

Possibly suicided and silenced, these influencial people who expressed anti-child-abuse sentiments to outspoken critics of child trafficking to full on activists for this cause and other controversial abuses - and most were hung strangled from doorknobs:[86]

  • 2019-08-10 "suicide by hanging" in jail, Jeffrey Epstein, Jewish billionaire convicted child-sex trafficker
  • 2018-06-08 "suicide by hanging", Anthony Bourdain, an American celebrity chef, author, travel documentarian, and television personality, dating the Italian actress Asia Argento who had conflicts with Harvey Weinstein
  • 2018-06-06 "suicide", Inés Zorreguieta, the Dutch Queen’s sister
  • 2018-06-05 "suicide by hanging", Kate Spade, brother of David Spade, an American fashion designer and businesswoman, partnered with Clinton Foundation in Haiti
  • 2018-04-20 "suicide by broken wine bottle", Avicii, a Swedish musician, DJ, remixer and record producer, made a video about child trafficking, tried to retire before 30
  • 2017-07-20 "suicide by hanging", Chester Bennington, an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor, in Linkin Park, foundation and mission to expose elite child traffic rings
  • 2017-05-18 "suicide by hanging", Chris Cornell, an American musician, singer and songwriter in Soundgarden and Audioslave, foundation and mission to expose elite child traffic rings
  • 2014-08-11 "suicide by hanging", Robin Williams, an American actor and comedian
  • 2014-03-17 "suicide by hanging", L'Wren Scott, dated Nathaniel Philip Rothschild, Mick Jagger's girlfriend, an American stylist and fashion designer
  • 2013-01-13 "suicide by hanging", Aaron Swartz, an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, writer, political organizer, and Internet hacktivist
  • 2010-02-11 "suicide by hanging", Alexander McQueen, a British fashion designer and couturier
  • 2009-06-03 "suicide by hanging", David Carradine, an American actor, musician, painter and martial artist

See also:
  • 2019-09-02 #STWT Show 104 - Randy Rocket Cody Interview - #PizzaGate, Epstein Island, Hurricane Dorian ~ Titus Frost (4:46:02) Discusses the Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington cases.

Imperium (2018) Trailer by Imperium The Movie, 2018-09-13. A meta-documentary on child trafficking. Coming October 2018.
Imperium (2018) Volume I ~ Imperium The Movie (parts 1 to 5) by Imperium The Movie, 2018-09-16. A meta-documentary on child trafficking on YouTube with extensive links and sources in the show notes.
Imperium (2018) Volume II ~ Imperium The Movie (parts 6 to 10) by Imperium The Movie, 2018-09-16. A meta-documentary on child trafficking on YouTube with extensive links and sources in the show notes.

Child trafficking and child sex trafficking

Work in progress. - new section...

Illicit cargo

Drugs are easy to smuggle by comparison to fireworks that demand dry and spark-free transport. Small scale weapons deals may be risky as the weapons can be used if trust or greed is shaky, or so the movies would imply. Laws against large international weapons dealers like Prince Andrew are too few and too ineffective. Trafficking animals, humans, and even children is another process with more complexities.[citation needed]

Many believe military bases are a critical vector for smuggling all of these around the world.[citation needed] There's no shortage of military smuggling in media, fictional and biographic, though most refrain from human trafficking, let alone child trafficking.

Shady dealings exist throughout history but modern smuggling merged organized crime gangsters with the deep state through secret agencies like the CIA and Mossad. Investigating ties and backgrounds of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Leslie Wexner reveals an extended network involved such things as the Southern Air Transport scandal smuggling undisclosed cargo with the CIA between Hong Kong and Columbus, Ohio known as the "Meyer Lansky run", named after the notorious mobster. Conveniently for the network, with all the blame on the now dead Epstein all the charges can no longer be pressed against him and the investigations ceased and evidence sealed.[87]

  Incomplete notes and additions  


Dr. Antony David Kidman (10 December 1938 – 12 September 2014) was an Australian psychologist, biochemist, academic, and father of actress Nicole Kidman. Kidman died amidst child abuse allegations and under official Australian investigation into a Sydney-based pedophile ring.

Human harvesting

Child trafficking, for sexual and/or other purposes, may also serve other unpleasant parabiosis and disturbing organ harvesting purposes.[citation needed] Studies on rats prove that younger blood rejuvenates older bodies.[1][citation needed] Humans are now doing this in reality[88] as show in fiction (ie. Silicon Valley's May 21, 2017, S04E05, "The Blood Boy"[89]). Worse yet, it's suspected a rash of abductions and murders across the southern United Sates by a person or group to harvest unwilling boy testicles to make sickle cell anemia medicine.[citation needed]

See also:


"Pedovore" and "Pedovores" redirect to this article section.
Work in progress. - new section...
  Incomplete notes and additions  
See also:

Elite pedophilia in media

SPOILERS may follow in the descriptions below.
Note: Some listed below belong in the pedophile article specifically for not depicting authority figures, elites, or the ruling class.

In documentaries

See also: Spotlight (2015 biographical film)

In dramatic fiction

  • Doubt, the 2008 American period drama film, written and directed by John Patrick Shanley based on his award-winning stage play Doubt: A Parable, takes place in a Roman Catholic elementary school led by Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep) who's told by Sister James (Amy Adams) that Father Flynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman) might have too much "personal attention" with the school's only black student Donald Miller (Joseph Foster), thus leading to Aloysius starting a crusade against Flynn. Viola Davis plays Donald Miller's mother, Mrs. Miller. Aloysius is shocked by Donald's mother's seeming disinterest in Flynn's alleged abuse, admitting she would turn a blind eye to the abuse, if it existed, to keep Donald in a school that will better his socioeconomic situation while also protecting him from his physically abusive father. She knows Donald is gay and she fears his father would kill him if he knew what happened.
  • True Detective's season one is a 2014 television thriller mystery about two police detectives (Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson) as they pursue a cult believed to be responsible for the disappearance of dozens of women and children along the Louisiana coast.
  • Regression, the 2015 psychological thriller horror film set in 1990 features Ethan Hawke as a detective investigating David Dencik's character who has no recollection of, but admits to, sexually abusing his 17-year-old daughter, played by Emma Watson, who has nightmares of satanic rituals. The film ends with a statement that many cases like this were reported before the satanic abuse hysteria faded.
  • Wind River, the 2017 mystery film, tracks down the murder of a Young Native American woman. Before the end credits rolled the movie concludes with a statement, "While [FBI and law enforcement] missing person statistics are compiled for every other demographic, none exist for Native American women. - No one knows how many are missing." Between 2017-12-17 (the date of a screen grab I made of this statement) and 2018-02-17 (today), there was an item posted in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Wind River Trivia or Goofs pages that corrected this statement to the effect that missing Native American children numbers are also not counted. IMDB does not post sources or citations and for whatever reason this posted item is no longer on IMDb nor is it in the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.[93]
  • The Vanishing of Sidney Hall, a 2017 mystery drama film, SPOILER:, after an hour and forty minutes finally explains the high school jock character's buried tin box containing a video tape of his physically abusive father, Judge George Newport, described as having sex with an underage girl before sending her back to school. Likely the jock's sister, "He rapes Darcy...", or due to unspecific unclear filmmaking it may be another girl in the recording, but we never see the video, the girl and/or his sister, and more details were not necessary for this plot device.
  • Hellraiser: Judgment, the 2018 American horror film's opening dozen minutes punishes a pedophile in a creative gory fashion. Ironically, the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations complicated and delayed the movie release.
  • The Alienist, a 2018 American fictional period drama television series based on the novel, starring Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans, and Dakota Fanning amid mid-1890s New York City historical figures. Investigating serial murders of street-boy prostitutes dressed as women or girls but are thwarted by a corrupt police force protecting an untouchable elite wealthy upper crust family and their son, the syphilitic insane serial killer.
  • True Detective's season three is a 2018 television thriller mystery about two police detectives investigating a murdered brother and missing sister. This season even admits, "These groups, they take runaways. Kids in orphanages. Outright kidnapping. And wider investigations are consistently curtailed. [...] high-level politicians and businessmen were implicated. People with the power to make things go away."[94]
  • Mindhunter (TV series), the American crime thriller web television series created by Joe Penhall, based on the true crime book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit written by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker,[95] debuted worldwide on Netflix on October 13, 2017.[96][97] Released on August 16, 2019,[82] the second season is set between 1980–81 about the Atlanta murders of 1979–81,[77] which concludes with a single prosecution for 2 adult murders while the remaining 27 cases of child murders all remain unsolved and unprosecuted.[78] The television biographical drama clearly conveys corrupt elements within the Atlanta Police Department knew of the child sex ring activity, managed the crisis, and covered it up. This semi-historically-based drama features sympathetic FBI characters seeking the truth, yet in reality it's very possible the FBI actually led the cover-up as has been clearly done so often in other cases.

In comedy

In media incomplete notes and newer additions

  Incomplete notes and additions  
Poster for Dark, a 2017 sci-fi thriller Netflix series.
  • A Child's Voice (2018), a 1h22min Drama, Horror, Mystery, USA release June 6, 2018.
  • Dark (TV series), is a science fiction thriller web series co-created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. It is the first German-language Netflix original series and debuted on Netflix's streaming service on December 1, 2017. The first season received mostly positive reviews from critics. It has been compared and contrasted to the other Netflix series Stranger Things. A second season has been approved by Netflix with production to begin in 2018.
on IMDb
Official Netflix "Dark" website
DuckDuckGo: The Club 2015 movie 7.2 / 10 stars - A crisis counselor is sent by the Catholic Church to a small Chilean beach town where disgraced priests and nuns, suspected of crimes ranging from child abuse to baby-snatching from unwed mothers, live secluded, after an incident occurs.
THE CLUB Trailer | New Release 2016 ~ TIFF Trailers

Incomplete notes and additions

These recent additions are works in progress to be researched, expanded, cited, finessed, and incorporated into the article or lists above. Ideally this section may be empty after these new notes are all relocated to their appropriate destinations.

Note: Many, here and on the lists of the accused and confirmed, are dated in December, so maybe I was only collecting many these article over a week or two, or not. Coincidence? Maybe people are too busy during that season to pay attention to depressing news so they strategically release it then.

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Summer 2019 Additions

  Incomplete notes and additions  

The pedogate / pedophocracy phenomenon has finally blown up and gone semi-mainstream. This aggregation will be shared in a post.

Among the vast numbers of opinions on nebulous narratives and contradictory sources, some stand out. I wasn't really following The Finders or the NXIVM cases closely and I'd started this list after that had blown over, so the majority are on Epstein. Some of the more recent pieces will have a few clearer details but not nearly as much as one might hope and really we'll never be permitted to know much of anything with certainty, by design. Initially I only included noteworthy sources and tried, perhaps unsuccessfully, to avoid redundant pieces, but feel most of these are good if not great sources of information. Clearly I can't see all content everywhere so there will undoubtedly also be other sources as good and maybe better. Please share if you know of any. Sorry, I did not document what I found notable and noteworthy.

Perhaps, hopefully, someone might resource this list to develop a documentary.

YouTube channels seeking and sharing truth

Among countless other channels, these are stand out as among the best truth-seekers for coverage and insight on everything from Pedowood to Pedogate, from the NXIVM to Epstein cases, as well as so much more about corruption and abuse of power. If you have other sources you feel measure up, I'd be happy to add them.

Note: Many of these truth-seekers have been or will be censored on YouTube and have their own websites and backup channels on YouTube, BitChute, etc.

Pedogate and the pedophocracy on YouTube, mostly, by date

Please be sure to check out the show notes for more links to supporting and informative articles and resources. I started with one example of how valuable these can be.

Show note:
"A journalist who had participated in mobbing & harassment of Mike Cernovich was arrested with some pretty horrific charges against him. And this isn't the first time that's happened. In this video I look at "Dr.Pizza" and a 22 year old Nobel Peace prize nominee who got caught soliciting sex from minors."
Daily Dot Tech Reporter charged:
Cernovich stalker Bright article:
Cernovich 2nd stalker Joel Davis:
CBS Philly Cheese Pizza Officer:
Statement on Joel Davis from Stop Rape in Conflict:
Disobedient Media article on Davis:
DrPizza tweets re cheese p*zza: Twitter search: cheese pizza from DrPizza
Medium article:
Joel Davis Healing:
NPR interview with Joel Davis:
Ars Technica Message Board Thread 1:
ArsTechnica Message Thread 2:
ARs Tech Thread 3:
Ars Technica Poster lists all threads he has found:
Ars Technica hired Bright AFTER all his CP posts:
Ars Technica Party UK launch:

from the full show: 2019-08-16 CN LIVE! Episode 6 FULL SHOW ~ Consortium News with Joe Lauria & Elizabeth Vos (2:34:15)
Show notes: CN Live!'s live stream of Episode 6 was interrupted for unknown causes on Friday. We recorded the program at its source and provide here the full broadcast, which includes blistering remarks from Australian journalists Mary Kostakidis and Mark Davis about how the corporate media dealt with Julian Assange, as well as a powerful, hour-long, in-depth interview with journalist Whitney Webb on the life and death of Jeffery Epstein.
  • 2019-08-24 First Jewish High School In The US Is Yeshiva University And Another Case Of Abuse And Cover-Up! ~ Jason Bermas (11:38)
  • 2019-08-24 Jeffrey Epstein's Gang Of Groomers For Sex Trafficking — The Political Vigilante ~ Graham Elwood (11:19)
  • 2019-08-24 What's the Meaning of Ghislaine Maxwell's Mysterious Hamburger Transmedia Social Engineering Play? ~ Jason Goodman (42:28)


2020 Additions

Peter Bright, aka Pumpkin Fright, aka DrPizza, tech reporter was arrested for soliciting sex with children. He railed against 8chan and "Pizzagate conspiracies" yet tried to purchase a 7 and 9 year old for sex.
Peter Bright
  • Peter Bright, aka Pumpkin Fright, aka DrPizza, tech reporter was arrested for soliciting sex with children. He railed against 8chan and "Pizzagate conspiracies" yet tried to purchase a 7 and 9 year old for sex.

2022 Additions

A long list of American pedophilia elites

  Incomplete notes and additions  
Unverified copypasta from

A VERY long list of U.S. politicians, donors and political figures who have been arrested and charged with child rape, abuse, pornography or trafficking in the last few years. | posted by Rastafoo, Thu Feb 24, 2022

Republican activist Marty Glickman (a.k.a. “Republican Marty”), was taken into custody by Florida police on four counts of unlawful sexual activity with an underage girl and one count of delivering the drug LSD.

Republican legislative aide Howard L. Brooks was charged with molesting a 12-year old boy and possession of child pornography.

Republican Senate candidate John Hathaway was accused of having sex with his 12-year old baby sitter and withdrew his candidacy after the allegations were reported in the media.

Republican preacher Stephen White, who demanded a return to traditional values, was sentenced to jail after offering $20 to a 14-year-old boy for permission to perform oral sex on him.

Republican talk show host Jon Matthews pleaded guilty to exposing his genitals to an 11 year old girl.

Republican anti-gay activist Earl “Butch” Kimmerling was sentenced to 40 years in prison for molesting an 8-year old girl after he attempted to stop a gay couple from adopting her.

Republican Party leader Paul Ingram pleaded guilty to six counts of raping his daughters and served 14 years in federal prison.

Republican election board official Kevin Coan was sentenced to two years probation for soliciting sex over the internet from a 14-year old girl.

Republican politician Andrew Buhr was charged with two counts of first degree sodomy with a 13-year old boy.

Republican politician Keith Westmoreland was arrested on seven felony counts of lewd and lascivious exhibition to girls under the age of 16 (i.e. exposing himself to children).

Republican anti-abortion activist John Allen Burt was charged with sexual misconduct involving a 15-year old girl.

Republican County Councilman Keola Childs pleaded guilty to molesting a male child.

Republican activist John Butler was charged with criminal sexual assault on a teenage girl.

Republican candidate Richard Gardner admitted to molesting his two daughters.

Republican Councilman and former Marine Jack W. Gardner was convicted of molesting a 13-year old girl.

Republican County Commissioner Merrill Robert Barter pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual contact and assault on a teenage boy.

Republican City Councilman Fred C. Smeltzer, Jr pleaded no contest to raping a 15 year-old girl and served 6-months in prison.

Republican activist Parker J. Bena pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography on his home computer and was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison and fined $18,000.

Republican parole board officer and former Colorado state representative, Larry Jack Schwarz, was fired after child pornography was found in his possession.

Republican strategist and Citadel Military College graduate Robin Vanderwall was convicted in Virginia on five counts of soliciting sex from boys and girls over the internet.

Republican city councilman Mark Harris, who is described as a “good military man” and “church goer,” was convicted of repeatedly having sex with an 11-year-old girl and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Republican businessman Jon Grunseth withdrew his candidacy for Minnesota governor after allegations surfaced that he went swimming in the nude with four underage girls, including his daughter.

Republican director of the “Young Republican Federation” Nicholas Elizondo molested his 6-year old daughter and was sentenced to six years in prison.

Republican benefactor of conservative Christian groups, Richard A. Dasen Sr., was charged with rape for allegedly paying a 15-year old girl for sex. Dasen, 62, who is married with grown children and several grandchildren, has allegedly told police that over the past decade he paid more than $1 million to have sex with a large number of young women.

Democratic donor and billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, ran an underage child sex brothel and was convicted of soliciting underage girls for prostitution.

Democratic New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner, plead guilty to transferring obscene material to a minor as part of a plea agreement for sexted and sending Twitter DMs to underage girls as young as 15.

Democratic donor, activist, and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is being criminally prosecuted and civilly sued for years of sexual abuse (that was well known “secret” in Hollywood) including underage sexual activities with aspiring female actresses.

Democratic activist and #metoo proponent, Asia Argento, settled a lawsuit for sexual harassment stemming from sexual activities with an underage actor.

Democratic Mayor of Racine, Wisconsin, Gary Becker, was convicted of attempted child seduction, child pornography, and other child sex crimes.

Democratic Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigned after multiple accusations of child sexual abuse were levied against him including by family members.

Democratic activist and aid to NYC Mayor De Blasio, Jacob Schwartz was arrested on possession of 3,000+ child pornographic images.

Democratic activist and actor, Russell Simmons, was sued based on an allegation of sexual assault where he coerced an underage model for sex.

Democratic Governor of Oregon, Neil Goldschmidt, after being caught by a newspaper, publicly admitted to having a past sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl after the statute of limitations on the rape charges had expired.

Democratic Illinois Congressman, Mel Reynolds resigned from Congress after he was convicted of statutory rape of a 16-year-old campaign volunteer.

Democratic New York Congressman, Fred Richmond, was arrested in Washington D.C. for soliciting sex from a 16-year-old boy.

Democratic activist, donor, and director, Roman Polanski, fled the country after pleading guilty to statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl. Democrats and Hollywood actors still defend him to this day, including, Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Scorcese, Woody Allen, David Lynch, Wim Wenders, Pedro Almodovar, Tilda Swinton and Monica Bellucci.

Democratic State Senator from Alaska, George Jacko, was found guilty of sexual harassment of an underage legislative page.

Democratic State Representative candidate for Colorado, Andrew Myers, was convicted for possession of child pornography and enticing children.

Democratic Illinois Congressman, Gus Savage was investigated by the Democrat-controlled House Committee on Ethics for attempting to rape an underage female Peace Corps volunteer in Zaire. The Committee concluded that while the events did occur his apology was sufficient and took no further action.

Democratic activist, donor, and spokesperson for Subway, Jared Fogle, was convicted of distribution and receipt of child pornography and traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor.

Democratic State Department official, Carl Carey, under Hillary Clinton’s state department, was arrested on ten counts of child porn possession.

Democratic Maine Assistant Attorney General, James Cameron, was sentenced to just over 15 years in federal prison for seven counts of child porn possession, receipt and transmission.

Democratic State Department official, Daniel Rosen, under Hillary Clinton’s state department, was arrested and charged with allegedly soliciting sex from a minor over the internet.

Democratic State Department official, James Cafferty, pleaded guilty to one count of transportation of child pornography.

Democratic radio host, Bernie Ward, plead guilty to one count of sending child pornography over the Internet.

Democratic deputy attorney general from California, Raymond Liddy, was arrested for possession of child pornography.

Democratic Illinois State Representative, Keith Farnham, has resigned and was charged with possession of child pornography and has been accused of bragging at an online site about sexually molesting a 6-year-old girl.

Democratic spokesperson for the Arkansas Democratic Party, Harold Moody, Jr., was charged with distribution and possession of child pornography.

Democratic Radnor Township Board of Commissioners member, Philip Ahr, resigned from his position after being charged with possession of child pornography and abusing children between 2 and 6 years-old.

Democratic activist and BLM organizer, Charles Wade, was arrested and charged with human trafficking and underage prostitution.

Democratic Texas attorney and activist, Mark Benavides, was charged with having sex with a minor, inducing a child under 18 to have sex and compelling prostitution of at least nine legal clients and possession of child pornography. He was found guilty on six counts of sex trafficking.

Democratic Virginia Delegate, Joe Morrissey, was indicted on charges connected to his relationship with a 17-year-old girl and was charged with supervisory indecent liberties with a minor, electronic solicitation of a minor, possession of child pornography and distribution of child pornography.

Democratic Massachusetts Congressman, Gerry Studds, was censured by the House of Representatives after he admitted to an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old page.

Democratic Former Mayor of Stillwater, New York, Rick Nelson was plead guilty to five counts of possession of child pornography of children less than 16 years of age.

Democratic Former Mayor of Clayton, New York, Dale Kenyon, was indicted for sexual acts against a teenager.

Democratic Former Mayor of Hubbard, Ohio, Richard Keenan, was given a life sentence in jail for raping a 4-year-old girl.

Democratic Former Mayor of Winston, Oregeon, Kenneth Barrett, was arrested for setting up a meeting to have sex with a 14-year-old girl who turned out to be a police officer.

Democratic Former Mayor of Randolph, Nebraska, Dwayne L. Schutt, was arrested and charged with four counts of felony third-degree sexual assault of a child and one count of intentional child abuse.

Democratic Former Mayor of Dawson, Georgia, Christopher Wright, was indicted on the charges of aggravated child molestation, aggravated sodomy, rape, child molestation and statutory rape of an 11-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl.

Democratic Former Mayor of Stockton, California, Anthony Silva, was charged with providing alcohol to young adults during a game of strip poker that included a 16-year-old boy at a camp for underprivileged children run by the mayor.

Democratic Former Mayor of Millbrook, New York, Donald Briggs, was arrested and charged with inappropriate sexual contact with a person younger than 17.

Democratic party leader for Victoria County, Texas, Stephen Jabbour, plead guilty to possession and receiving over half a million child pornographic images.

Democratic activist and fundraiser, Terrence Bean, was arrested on charges of sodomy and sex abuse in a case involving a 15-year-old boy and when the alleged victim declined to testify, and the judge dismissed the case.

Democratic Party Chairman for Davidson County, Tennessee, Rodney Mullin, resigned amid child pornography allegations.

Democratic activist, Andrew Douglas Reed, pleaded guilty to a multiple counts of 2nd-degree sexual exploitation of a minor for producing child pornography.

Democratic official from Terre Haute, Indiana, David Roberts was sentenced to federal prison for producing and possessing child pornography including placing hidden cameras in the bedrooms and bathrooms at a home he shared with two minor female victims.

Democratic California Congressman, Tony Cárdenas, is being sued in LA County for allegedly sexually abused a 16-year-old girl.

Democratic aide to Senator Barbara Boxer, Jeff Rosato, plead guilty to charges of trading in child pornography.

Democratic Alaskan State Representative, Dean Westlake, resigned from his seat after the media published a report alleging he fathered a child with a 16-year-old girl when he was 28.

Democratic New Jersey State Assemblyman, Neil Cohen, was convicted of possession and distribution of child pornography.

Republican Tim Nolan, chairman of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in Kentucky, pled guilty to child sex trafficking and on February 11, 2018 he was sentenced to serve 20 years in prison.

Republican state Senator Ralph Shortey was indicted on four counts of human trafficking and child pornography. In November 2017, he pleaded guilty to one count of child sex trafficking in exchange for the dropping of the other charges.

Republican anti-abortion activist Howard Scott Heldreth is a convicted child rapist in Florida.

Republican County Commissioner David Swartz pleaded guilty to molesting two girls under the age of 11 and was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

Republican judge Mark Pazuhanich pleaded no contest to fondling a 10-year old girl and was sentenced to 10 years probation.

Republican anti-abortion activist Nicholas Morency pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography on his computer and offering a bounty to anybody who murders an abortion doctor.

Republican legislator Edison Misla Aldarondo was sentenced to 10 years in prison for raping his daughter between the ages of 9 and 17.

Republican Mayor Philip Giordano is serving a 37-year sentence in federal prison for sexually abusing 8- and 10-year old girls.

Republican campaign consultant Tom Shortridge was sentenced to three years probation for taking nude photographs of a 15-year old girl.

Republican Senator Strom Thurmond, a notable racist, had sex with a 15-year old black girl which produced a child.

Republican pastor Mike Hintz, whom George W. Bush commended during the 2004 presidential campaign, surrendered to police after admitting to a sexual affair with a female juvenile.

Republican legislator Peter Dibble pleaded no contest to having an inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

Republican Congressman Donald “Buz” Lukens was found guilty of having sex with a female minor and sentenced to one month in jail.

Republican fundraiser Richard A. Delgaudio was found guilty of child porn charges and paying two teenage girls to pose for sexual photos.

Republican activist Mark A. Grethen convicted on six counts of sex crimes involving children.

Republican activist Randal David Ankeney pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault on a child.

Republican Congressman Dan Crane had sex with a female minor working as a congressional page.

Republican activist and Christian Coalition leader Beverly Russell admitted to an incestuous relationship with his step daughter.

Republican congressman and anti-gay activist Robert Bauman was charged with having sex with a 16-year-old boy he picked up at a gay bar.

Republican Committee Chairman [[Jeffrey Patti[[ was arrested for distributing a video clip of a 5-year-old girl being raped.

Justin Trudeau's debauchery

  Incomplete notes and additions  
Unverified copypasta from

It appears back in 2001 Justin Trudeau was caught in a underage girls home by the girls father and was fired from his teaching position at West Grey Academy. The family signed a $2.5 Million NDA agreement to settle the case. This is just the tip of the iceberg. | posted by Chipit, Thu Feb 24, 202

The original story: To date the Buffalo Chronicle has not been sued by Trudeau for slander or making false accusations.

Trudeau was questioned about why he left the West Grey School in the middle of a term abruptly: YouTube

Article: Canada PM Justin Trudeau, son of alleged Rapist and Pedophile Pierre Trudeau:

A story on Justin's good friend and college roommate being jailed for child porn charges:

Trudeau's Pedophile Connections:

Justin Trudeau #Pedogate mind-control puppet EXPOSED! STOP BILL 89 BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!:

A picture of Pedophile Peter John Dalglish, former United Nations chief and top UN founder of UNICEF with one of his victims. You can see the evil in his eyes.

Peter was arrested in Nepal for child abuse.

Founder Of One Of The Largest Children’s Charities In The World, Arrested For Pedophilia:

A story about Peter Dalglish and Justin Trudeau being good friends.

Article: Hillary and Huma’s Snuff Film, Real or Fake? It has the above picture of Peter Dalglish with the small child in a wooded background who is crying. It also has a picture of Justin Trudeau with a small child with the same wooded background. I'm guessing Nepal?

A story about the capture of Peter John Dalglish. It involves Mike Pompeo and has connections to Hillary and Huma's snuff film called Frazzeldrip.

A PDF from the Trudeau Foundation, within which the first symbol that comes up is the well-known triangle spiral that pedophiles display to identify one another [according to the FBI].

Justin likes spending time at gay pride parades and hanging out with drag queens and trannies.'s+drag+queens+and+trannies&iar=images

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