Peter Grant (writer)

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Peter Grant
Born Cape Town, South Africa
Occupation Author
Language English
Genre Science fiction and Western fiction

Peter Grant is an author, writing in western and science fiction genres. He is a former prison chaplain and a former soldier.

He is married to Dorothy Grant, also a science fiction writer.

Published works

Stand-alone novels

  • King's Champion (2017)


The Stones of Silence
  • Cochrane's Company (2018)
  • An Airless Storm (2018)
  • The Pride of the Damned (2018)
The Ames Archives
  • Brings the Lightning (2016)
  • Rocky Mountain Retribution (2017)
The Laredo War
  • War to the Knife (2014)
  • Forge a New Blade (2015)
  • Knife to the Hilt (2017)[1][2]
The Maxwell Saga
  • Take the Star Road (2013)
  • Ride the Rising Tide (2013)
  • Adapt and Overcome (2014)
  • Stand Against the Storm (2015)
  • Stoke the Flames Higher (2016)[1]

Short story


  • Walls, Wire, Bars and Souls (2013)


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