Petr Bezruč

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Petr Bezruč
File:Bezruc 2.jpg
Born Vladimír Vašek
(1867-09-15)September 15, 1867
Opava, Austrian Silesia
Died February 17, 1958(1958-02-17) (aged 90)
Olomouc, Czechoslovakia
Pen name Petr Bezruč
Occupation Writer
Ethnicity Czech
Citizenship Austrian, Czechoslovak
Notable works Slezské písně

Petr Bezruč (Czech pronunciation: [ˈpɛtr̩ ˈbɛzrutʃ]) was the pseudonym of Vladimír Vašek ([ˈvlaɟɪmiːr ˈvaʃɛk]; September 15, 1867 – February 17, 1958), a Czech poet and short story writer who was associated with the region of Austrian Silesia.

Bezruč was born in Opava and died in Olomouc.

His birthplace

During his lifetime his fame was such that his birthplace became a heritage site. Today this building is managed by the Silesian Museum in Opava. The museum actually contains the documents belong to 85 important people of lterature. This makes the building and its contants to be of national importance. Actually the building is not the birthplace as the actual building was destroyed during World War Two. This building was built on the site of his birth after a campaign starting in 1946 and finishing in 1956. In 1958 it was decided that this museum should be managed by Opava's Silesian museum. The museum also owns the copyright to his works in line with his instructions.[1]



  • Slezské písně (Silesian Songs) (1899–1900) - one of the fundamental books of Czech poetry[2]
  • Stužkonoska modrá (The Blue Underwing) (1930)
  • Přátelům a nepřátelům (To My Friends and Enemies) (1958)


  • Povídky ze života (Tales of Life) (1957) - short stories

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