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Ravikiran (center) playing the navachitravina
Ravikiran (center) playing the navachitravina

Chitravina N. Ravikiran (born February 12, 1967) is an Indian Carnatic music musician and composer. He gives both vocal concerts and concerts in the instrument chitravina (gottuvadyam). He is the grandson of famous musician gottuvadyam Narayan Iyengar.

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India Music


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Hindustani classical music is the Hindustani or North Indian style of Indian classical music found throughout the northern Indian subcontinent. The style is sometimes called North Indian Classical Music or Shāstriya Sangeet. It is a tradition that originated in Vedic ritual chants and has been evolving since the 12th century CE, primarily in what is now North India and Pakistan, and to some extent in Bangladesh, Nepal and Afghanistan. Today, it is one of the two subgenres of Indian classical music, the other being Carnatic music, the classical tradition of South India.
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Professor Sanjoy Bandopadhyay is the Chair Professor at the Rabindra Bharati University, in Kolkata, India, and an eminent musician.

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