Premium Brands Holdings Corporation

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Premium Brands Holdings Corporation
Traded as TSXPBH
Industry Food Manufacturing and Distribution,[1] Food service[1]
Founded Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Headquarters Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Key people
George Paleologou, President and Chief Executive Officer
Will Kalutycz, Chief Financial Officer
Products Foods,[1] Convenience foods and products,[1] Retail products,[1] Meats,[1] Halal foods,[1] Seafood,[1] Delicatessen products[1]
Revenue Green Arrow Up.svg$1.24 billion CAN (2014)
Number of employees

Premium Brands Holdings Corporation is a publicly traded corporation on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


Premium Brands owns a broad range of leading specialty food manufacturing and differentiated food distribution businesses with operations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and in the US, Washington State, Ohio and Nevada. The Company services over 25,000 customers and its family of brands and businesses include Audrey's, B&C Foods, Bread Garden GO, Centennial Foodservice, Creekside Bakehouse, Deli Chef, Duso's, Freybe, Gloria’s Best of Fresh, Expresco, Grimm’s, Harlan’s, Harvest, Hempler’s, Hub City Fisheries, Hygaard, Isernio's, McSweeney’s, Ocean Miracle, Maximum Seafood, OvenPride, Piller's, Quality Fast Foods, Shahir and SK Food Group.

Business overview

Premium Brands is a food holding company investing in:

Food manufacturers with specialty food products, strong brands and leading niche market positions. The Company defines specialty food products as those where the consumer’s purchasing decision is based primarily on factors other than price, such as quality, convenience, product consistency, health and/or lifestyle. Examples of its specialty food products include meat snacks such as pepperoni, beef jerky and kippered beef; snack foods such as fresh and individually wrapped pastries and cookies; concession products such as popcorn, hot and frozen beverage supplies and ice cream accessories; fresh and prepackaged sandwiches; delicatessen items such as European-style deli meats; cheeses, fresh salads, wraps and specialty crackers; and premium smoked sausages. The Company’s focus on this segment of the food industry is based on the ability of these companies, in general terms, to earn higher and more consistent selling margins and to avoid competing with major food manufacturers that produce and distribute mainstream food products on a larger scale;


Differentiated food distribution businesses. The Company’s focus on this segment of the food industry is based on the ability of these companies, in general terms, to generate higher margins by offering customers unique service and product solutions that differentiate them from distributors who are primarily focused on logistics. Furthermore, they enable the Company to generate and sustain additional margin by providing its specialty food manufacturing businesses with proprietary access to a diversified customer base. The Company’s current distribution businesses service approximately 25,000 customers, including convenience stores, gas bars, restaurants, delicatessens, small specialty grocery chains, hotels and institutions, across primarily western Canada.

Corporate governance

Current members of the Board of Directors for Premium Brands Holdings Corp are: Johnny Ciampi, Bruce Hodge, Kathleen Keller-Hobson, Hugh McKinnon, George Paleologou, and John Zaplatynsky.

Companies and brands

Corporate Offices

100 10991 Shellbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X 3C6 Canada 604.656.3100

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