Prime Minister of Armenia

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Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia
Coat of arms of Armenia.svg
President of the National Assembly.jpg
Hovik Abrahamyan

since 13 April 2014
Residence Yerevan, Armenia
Appointer Serzh Sargsyan,
as President of Armenia
Inaugural holder Vazgen Manukyan
Formation 25 September 1991
Coat of arms of Armenia.svg
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The Prime Minister of Armenia is the most senior minister within the Armenian government, and is required by the constitution to "oversee the Government's regular activities and coordinate the work of the Ministers." The Prime Minister is appointed by the President of Armenia, but can be removed by a vote of no confidence in parliament. The office of President is generally considered to be more powerful than the office of Prime Minister.

The office of Prime Minister was first established in 1918 with the foundation of the First Republic of Armenia. It vanished when the First Republic of Armenia was incorporated into the Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic. When Armenia regained its independence, the office of Prime Minister was reintroduced.

List of Heads of Government of Armenia (1918–present)

First Republic of Armenia (1918–1920)

Prime Ministers

Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic (1922–1936) and Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic (1936–1991)

Chairmen of the Council of People's Commissars
Chairmen of the Council of Ministers

Republic of Armenia (1991–present)

Prime Ministers
Image Took Office Left Office Party
1 Vazgen Manukyan
Vazgen Manukyan.jpg 25 September 1991 22 November 1991 National Democratic Union
2 Gagik Harutyunyan
No image.png 22 November 1991 30 July 1992 (None)
3 Khosrov Harutyunyan
No image.png 30 July 1992 2 February 1993 (None)
4 Hrant Bagratyan
Hrant Bagratyan 1.jpg 2 February 1993 4 November 1996 Pan-Armenian National Movement
5 Armen Sargsyan
Armen Sargsyan, November 2008.jpg 4 November 1996 20 March 1997 (None)
6 Robert Kocharyan
Robert kocharyan.jpg 20 March 1997 10 April 1998 (None)
7 Armen Darbinyan
Dmitry Medvedev 20 August 2010.jpeg 10 April 1998 11 June 1999 (None)
8 Vazgen Sargsyan
Stamp of Armenia m175 - Copy.jpg 11 June 1999 27 October 1999[α] Republican Party
9 Aram Sargsyan
Aram Sargsyan 2010.jpg 3 November 1999 2 May 2000 Republican Party
10 Andranik Margaryan
70px 12 May 2000 25 March 2007[β] Republican Party
11 Serzh Sargsyan
Serzh Sargsyan cropped.jpg 26 March 2007 9 April 2008 Republican Party
12 Tigran Sargsyan
Tigran Sargsyan.jpg 9 April 2008 13 April 2014 Republican Party
12 Hovik Abrahamyan
Hovik Abrahamyan 2013.jpg 13 April 2014 Incumbent Republican Party


     α.   ^ Assassinated while in office in the 1999 Armenian parliament shooting.

     β.   ^ Died of heart attack while in office.

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