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The Public Schools Club is a former London gentlemen's club.

There were technically two Public Schools Clubs. The first, founded in 1909 and based in Albemarle Street, disbanded during World War I in the light of the heavy casualties sustained among its membership.

After the war the club was re-founded in 1920 in Curzon Street, Mayfair. A 1937 road-widening scheme (linked to the 1935 road alterations which necessitated demolishing half of Lansdowne House and creating the Lansdowne Club) forced the club out of its premises, and it moved to 100 Piccadilly, where it remained for the rest of its existence.

Suffering from dwindling membership, the club closed in 1972, merging with the East India Club, and moving to the East India's premises in St James's Square. However, the merger has proved to be something of a takeover, as the East India naturally has no remaining members from the long-defunct East India Company, and the Public Schools Club has imported a steady stream of members.[1] Indeed, the East India currently claims some 40% of its members come under the 'J7' rule imported from the Public Schools Club, whereby students leaving their public school at 18 pay a £360 (as of 2014) fee in exchange for membership until the age of 25.[2]


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