Quintus Aemilius Papus

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Quintus Aemilius Papus (fl. 282 BC - 275 BC), a member of the gens Aemilia - an ancient ruling class - of the Papus family, was a Roman general and statesman.


Quintus Aemilius Papus was elected consul for 282 BC and 278 BC, both times with Gaius Fabricius Luscinus as his colleague. During his first consulship, Papus successfully warred against the Boii in Northern Italy. In 280 BC he and Fabricius, were amongst the three ambassadors who were sent to Pyrrhus of Epirus. Papus was elected censor in 275 BC, again with Luscinus as his colleague.[1]


According to William Smith, Quintus Aemilius Papus was the grandfather of Lucius Aemilius Papus.[1] This, however, contradicts information derived from the younger man's full name which was Lucius Aemilius Q.f. Cn.n. Papus, or Lucius Aemilius, son of Quintus, grandson of Gnaeus (or Cnaieus). Quintus was thus either father of Lucius Aemilius Papus, or a patrilineal relative.[citation needed]

Anecdote about Papus

Valerius Maximus, writing much later, said that

there was silver in the homes of Gaius Fabricius [Luscinus] and Quintus Aemilius Papus, the leading men of their era. Each of them had a dish for the gods and a salt cellar, but Fabricius was more elegant because he chose to put a little pedestal of horn under his dish. Papus behaved rather assertively when he inherited those items, because he decided on account of their religious significance that he would not get rid of them."[2]


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Preceded by
Publius Cornelius Dolabella and Gnaeus Domitius Calvinus Maximus
Consul of the Roman Republic
with Gaius Fabricius Luscinus
282 BC
Succeeded by
Lucius Aemilius Barbula and Quintus Marcius Philippus
Preceded by
Publius Sulpicius Saverrio and Publius Decius Mus
Consul of the Roman Republic
with Gaius Fabricius Luscinus
278 BC
Succeeded by
Publius Cornelius Rufinus and Gaius Iunius Bubulcus Brutus