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Ra Luhse (born August 30, 1964 in Pärnu) is an Estonian architect.

He studied in the State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR (today’s Estonian Academy of Arts) in the department of architecture. He graduated from the institute in 1987.

From 1987 to 1991 Ra Luhse worked in the Pärnu office of the design bureau EKE Projekt. From 1994 he works in the architectural bureau Luhse&Tuhal OÜ.

Notable works by Ra Luhse are the Concert Hall in Jõhvi, the Benedictine monastery in Pirita and apartment buildings in Pärnu and Rakvere. Ra Luhse is a member of the Union of Estonian Architects and a member of the board of the union.


  • Extension of the Kuressaare church, 1992
  • Pärnu College, 1997
  • 123 gas station, 2000
  • Benedictine monastery in Pirita, 2001
  • Beach café in Pärnu, 2002
  • Apartment building in Kuressaare, 2003
  • Jõhvi Concert Hall, 2005
  • Apartment building in Rakvere, 2005
  • Apartment buildings on Papli Street, 2005
  • Extension of the Russian Theatre, 2006
  • Gran Rose Spa, 2006
  • Apartment building on Tedre Street, 2007
  • Apartment building on Lehe Street, 2007
  • Kindergarten in Jüri, 2008



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