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Race censorship is a political term for the mainstream media's editorial policy not to report the racial background of the people mentioned or featured in news stories, including of criminal suspects or convicts. It is not formal censorship, but a form of self censorship.


In the mid-20th Century the race of a story subject could be freely mentioned in news stories, though this typically only happened if the subject was non-white.

After the 1960s such mentions stopped because of criticism from mostly left-wing activists. In later years the media came to internalize the concept that racial information was either "irrelevant" or inappropriate to mention.[1] The censorship may also have an idealistic purpose. The hope is that by not mentioning racial differences, they may cause them to become unimportant. Another motive is said to be white guilt.[2] This extends to self-imposed restrictions on reporting negative news regarding Third World belief systems like Islam, though in this case the racial component may decrease if more whites choose to convert.

In practice

Allegedly, race censorship is mainly used to cover up incidents of crime and violence committed by mostly Non-Asian ethnic minorities, often in low-income and disadvantaged areas. However, it is also said to cover up interracial crime against whites, like Black on White violence.[3][4]

In news stories of minor civil disturbances involving flash mobs or mob violence, including knockout game or "polar bear attacks", the term "youths" is often used.[5]

The mainstream media may also limit reporting on ongoing events with racial aspects, like the UK acid attacks of 2017. Over 400 such attacks were carried out in England and Wales in the six months up to April 2017, but media coverage was muted.[6]

Noted examples

  • In June 2017, Judge Thomas Borreson of Idaho's 5th Judicial District issued a gag order blocking discussion of the juvenile court sentence received by three Muslim refugee boys from Sudan and Iraq, who were convicted of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old Idaho girl. Twin Falls County prosecutor Grant Loebs then allegedly went on a "propaganda campaign" in favor of refugee resettlement. Earlier, U.S. Attorney for Idaho Wendy J. Olson had threatened to prosecute Idaho residents who released "inflammatory information" about the perpetrators. This was interpreted as statements that revealed the abusers' ethnicities or races. "Anti-Shariah activist" Pamela Geller condemned the restrictions as a "Travesty of Justice as Idaho Muslim Migrant Rapists Go Unpunished", allegedly to support the state's growing refugee community in a process of population replacement.[7]
  • To a limited extent, the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were reported and analyzed in mainstream media stories, though the worst details of the torture the victims endured before their deaths was generally left undescribed, and the fact that all the perpetrators were black and the victims white was not emphasized either. Comments sections were often disabled, which was described as another form of race censorship. Subsequently, popular websites like Snopes.com were accused of deliberately downplaying or denying the racial aspects of the killings, in an alleged case of liberal media bias. Race censorship in this case was also defended as necessary to prevent racial relations from worsening. Nevertheless it has been cited by far-right critics as evidence of implicit media bias in support of white genocide. These critics also claim the problem is more the absence of a white reaction to these attacks, rather than the black violence itself.
  • On January 10, 2018, 16-year-old white teenager Valaree Megan Schwab was killed with a steak knife by 16-year-old black teenager Z'Inah Brown outside a Dunkin Donuts shop in New Rochelle, New York. Z'Inah Brown was assisted during the attack by a group of male and female black teenagers, though none of them are thought to have inflicted serious injuries. Schwab had been bullied by Brown and other black teenagers in her high school, which was reportedly attended by many urban teens from outside the area. Mainstream media organs declined to mention the races of the attackers, in an alleged case of race censorship, though these details were discussed on alternative media. Most mainstream sites also moderated their comments sections, or suspended commenting for this story.[8][9]

Other uses

"Racial censorship" was also the title of a 2003 column by libertarian black professor Walter E. Williams condemning part of the criticism of Rush Limbaugh for his suggestion that black quarterback Donovan McNabb was mostly allowed to play for racial reasons.[10] As of 2017, William's Wikipedia article (and almost all similar articles) was itself an alleged example of racial censorship, not mentioning his race until far in the text.[11]


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