Rakka Eyalet

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Eyalet-i Rakka
Eyalet of the Ottoman Empire

Location of Rakka Eyalet
Rakka Eyalet in 1609
Capital Urfa[1]
 •  Established 1586
 •  Disestablished 1864
Today part of  Syria

The eyalet of Rakka or Urfa[2] (Ottoman Turkish: ایالت رقه; Eyālet-i Raqqa‎)[3] was an eyalet of the Ottoman Empire. Its reported area in the 19th century was 24,062 square miles (62,320 km2).[2]

The eyalet was created in 1586 on territory previously under the jurisdiction of Diyarbekir.[4] In the 16th century, the town of ar-Raqqah again entered the historical record as an Ottoman customs post on the Euphrates. However, the capital of this eyalet and seat of the vali was not ar-Raqqah but ar-Ruha about 200 kilometres (120 mi) north of ar-Raqqah.[5]

Administrative divisions

Sanjaks of Rakka Eyalet in the 17th century:[6]

  1. Sanjak of Jemasa
  2. Sanjak of Kharpud
  3. Sanjak of Deir Rahba
  4. Sanjak of Beni Rebia (Rabi`ah?)
  5. Sanjak of Saruj
  6. Sanjak of Harran
  7. Sanjak of Rika (Rakka)
  8. Sanjak of Roha or Urfa, the seat of the Pasha

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