Ramree dialect

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Pronunciation [jáɴbjɛ́ bàðà zəɡá]
Native to Arakan State
Region Ramree Island, South Arakan Coast, Irrawaddy Division, Bangladesh
Native speakers
unknown (810,000 cited 1983)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog (insufficiently attested or not a distinct language)

Ramree, or Yangbye (Burmese: ရမ်းဗြဲဘာသာစကား, Burmese pronunciation: [jáɴbjɛ́ bàðà zəɡá]), is the main dialect spoken in Southern Arakan, especially in Ramree Island region, Arakan State in Burma (Myanmar), and the Awagyun Island and southern coastal regions in Bangladesh. Rangre language is also widely spoken along the South Arakan coast, including the western areas of the Irrawaddy Division, Burma.[3]


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