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The Austrian Bundesheer of the Second Republic has 21 military ranks. The descriptions military units/ collar patches are in line with the actual corps colours (de: Waffenfarbe), to be worn in the Bundesheer.

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Military ranks


Rank group Generals
Shoulder board Gen-aut-feldanzug.gif Genlt-aut-feldanzug.gif Genmjr-aut-feldanzug.gif Bgdr-aut-feldanzug.png
Suit 75/03 Gen Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Genlt Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Genmjr Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Bgdr Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg
Jacket gorget Gen OF9-Rockkragen AT.jpg Genlt OF8-Rockkragen AT.jpg Genmjr Rockkragen AT.jpg Bgdr Rockkragen AT.jpg
Flat cap GenLt OF8-Tellerkappe AT.jpg GenLt OF8-Tellerkappe AT.jpg Genmjr OF7-Tellerkappe AT.jpg Bgdr OF6-Tellerkappe AT.jpg
Rank General* (Gen) Generalleutnant (GenLt) Generalmajor (GenMjr) Brigadier (Bgdr)
NATO equivalent General Lieutenant general Major general Brigadier general
Flag of NATO.svg rank OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6
*The federal-eagle on the flat cap is underlaid in red colour .


Rank group Officers
Shoulder board Obst-aut-feldanzug.gif Obstlt-aut-feldanzug.gif Mjr-aut-feldanzug.gif Hptm-aut-feldanzug.gif Olt-aut-feldanzug.gif Lt-aut-feldanzug.gif Fhr-aut-feldanzug.gif
Suit 75/03 Obst Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Obstlt Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Mjr Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Hptm Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Olt Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Lt Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Fhr Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg
Jacket gorget Obst Rockkragen AT.jpg Obstlt Rockkragen AT.jpg Mjr Rockkragen AT.jpg Hptm Rockkragen AT.jpg Olt Rockkragen AT.jpg Lt Rockkragen AT.jpg Fhr Rockkragen AT.jpg
Corps colour Military medicine Support
Advanced Technical
Military police
Veterinarian service mil-spezialized service
Flat cap Obst OF5-Tellerkappe AT.jpg Obstlt OF4-Tellerkappe AT.jpg Mjr OF3-Tellerkappe AT.jpg Hptm OF2-Tellerkappe AT.jpg Olt OF1a-Tellerkappe AT.jpg Lt OF1b-Tellerkappe AT.jpg Fhr OF1c-Tellerkappe AT.jpg
Rank Oberst (Obst) Oberstleutnant (Obstlt) Major (Mjr) Hauptmann (Hptm) Oberleutnant (Olt) Leutnant (Lt) Fähnrich (Austria) (Fhr)
NATO equivalent Colonel Lieutenant colonel Major Captain 1st Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Ensign
Flag of NATO.svg rank OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 a b c

Non-commissioned officers

Rank group Staff NCOs (de: Stabsunteroffiziere) NCOs (de: Unteroffiziere)
Shoulder board Vzlt-aut-feldanzug.gif Ostv-aut-feldanzug.gif Ostwm-aut-feldanzug.gif Stwm-aut-feldanzug.gif Owm-aut-feldanzug.gif Wm-aut-feldanzug.gif
Suit 75/03 Vzlt Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Ostv Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Ostwm Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Stwm Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Owm Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Wm Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg
Jacket gorget Vzlt Rockkragen AT.jpg Ostv Rockkragen AT.jpg Ostwm Rockkragen AT.jpg Stwm Rockkragen AT.jpg Owm Rockkragen AT.jpg Wm Rockkragen AT.jpg
Corps colour Communications Artillery, Air defence Guard Reconnaissance Medical service Aviator
Flat cap Vzlt OR9a-Tellerkappe AT.jpg OStv OR9b-Tellerkappe AT.jpg OstWm OR8-Tellerkappe AT.jpg StWm OR7-Tellerkappe AT.jpg OWm OR6-Tellerkappe AT.jpg Wm OR5-Tellerkappe AT.jpg
Rank Vizeleutnant
NATO equivalent Warrant Officer Sergeant Major 1st Sergeant Sergeant 1st Class Staff Sergeant Sergeant
Flag of NATO.svg rank a b OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5

Recruits and ranks

Rank group Charges (de: Chargen) Recruits (de: Rekruten)
Shoulder board Zgf-aut-feldanzug.gif Kpl-aut-feldanzug.gif Gefr-aut-feldanzug.gif Rekr-aut-feldanzug.gif
Anzug 75/03 Zgf Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Kpl Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Gefr Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg Rekr Anzug 75 03 AT.jpg
Jacket gorget Zgf Rockkragen AT.jpg Kpl Rockkragen AT.jpg Gefr Rockkragen AT.jpg Rekr Rockkragen AT.jpg
Corps colour Engineers Special Forces, Army sports NBC-Defence Jäger, Military police
Peaked cap Zgf OR4-Tellerkappe AT.jpg Kpl OR3-Tellerkappe AT.jpg Gfr OR2-Tellerkappe AT.jpg Rekr OR1-Tellerkappe AT.jpg
Rank Zugsführer (Zgf) Korporal (Kpl) Gefreiter (Gfr) Rekrut (Rek)
NATO equivalent Corporal Private First Class Private Recruit
Flag of NATO.svg rank OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1

Special case military gymnasium

Pupils (de: Zöglinge) of the Military gymnasium wear black shoulder rank insignias on their dress uniform. On the duty suits black mounting loops have to be worn. However, the particular insignia has to be in line with actual school level. The appropriate school year is symbolised by a small golden strip.

Possible appointments in correlation to rank or grade

Rank group Military rank Possible appointments/ assignments
Military staff (without any rank or grade) Rekrut
(Wehrmann until 1998)[1]
Generic infantrist
Charges Gefreiter Generic infantrist
Korporal Squad leader dep.
Unteroffiziere Wachtmeister Squad leader
Stabsunteroffiziere Stabswachtmeister
  • Leader of a squad (on technical corps)
  • Platoon leader
  • Clerk in a staff
  • Platoon leader
  • Clerk in a staff
Officers Fähnrich Military university graduate and Officer Aspirant (OA)
Leutnant Platoon leader
Oberleutnant Company commander (CO CDR) dep.
Hauptmann CO CDR
  • Battalion commander (BN CDR)
  • CDR of a (headquarters-)company
  • BN CDR
  • CDR of a (headquarters-)company on technical corps or a school
  • Appointment to a staff or to the (federal) Ministry Of Defence (MOD) and Sports Austria
  • CDR of a brigade (BDE)
  • CDR of a regiment (REGT)
  • Appointment to a staff and to MOD and Sports Austria
  • Defence attaché
General officers Brigadier
  • Head of a grout on central point in MOD and Sports Austria
  • CDR of the Command Support Center
  • Head of the Office for Armament and Procurement
  • Head of the Office for Armament and Military Technology
  • Head of the Military Real Estate Management Center
  • CDR of the Heeres–Unterofficers–Academy
  • Division Chief on central point of MOD and Sports Austria
  • Chairman of the Disciplinary Commission to Soldiers
  • CDR of the Military Medical Center
  • CDR of the Heeres-Hospital
  • CDR of the Air Surveillance Command
  • Military CDR
  • CDR of a Heeres-Branch-School
  • CDR of an Air Force School and Air Defence School
  • CDR of an ABC-Defence School
  • CDR of a Heeres-Logistics School
  • CDR of a (military) Medical School
  • Head of the (military) Counter-espionage Office
  • Deputy (DEP) Director Security Policy on central point of MOD and Sports Austria
  • DEP CDR of the (Austrian) Defence College
  • DEP CDR of the Theresianic Defence College
  • DEP CDR of the Command and Control Support Center
  • DEP CDR of the Comabt Service Support Command
  • DEP Chief of the Office of Armament and Military Technology
  • DEP Chief of the Military Real Estate Management Center
  • DEP Chief of the Heeres-Intelligence-Office
  • DEP Chief of the (military) Counter-espionage Office
  • Division Chief "weapon systems and ammunition", "vehicles, device, and personal equipment", and "aircraft".
  • Division Chief "purchase"and "IT- and communications technology systems" of the institute of military geography, as well as branch Chief management "IT- and communications technology systems" of the Command Support Center.
  • Chief of the Air Force Material Staff
  • Chief of the institute to the (Austrian) Defence Academy
  • Defence attaché
(formerly Divisionär)
  • Adjutant of the Federal Presidente
  • Chief of Staff (COS) MOD and Sports Austria
  • Chief of the Planning Staff on central point of MOD and Sports Austria
  • Chief Armed Forces Staff on central point of MOD and Sports Austria
  • Chief of Armament Staff on central point of MOD and Sports Austria
  • Commanding general Air Force
  • Commanding general International Commitments
  • CDR of the Theresianic Defence College
  • CDR of the Combat Service Support Command
  • DEP CDR of the Task Force Command
  • COS Armed Forces Control Command
  • Chief of the Heeres-Intelligence Office
  • DEP Chief of a Division on central point of MOD and Sports Austria
(formerly Korpskommandant)
  • DEP Chief of the General Staff on central point of MOD and Sports Austria
  • Chiefs of Division on central point of MOD and Sports Austria
  • Commanding general of the Armed Forces
  • CDR of the (Austrian) Defence College
  • Chief of the General Staff of the Austrian Bundesheer on central point of MOD and Sports Austria


To the rank or grade might be (among others) added addendums as follows.

Abbreviation Long version
A Arzt (en: physician)
aD außer Dienst (off duty)
dG des Generalstabsdienstes (of the general staff service)
dhmfD des höheren militärfachlichen Dienstes (of the higher military specialised service)
dhmtD des höheren militärtechnischen Dienstes (of the higher military technical service)
dIntD des Intendanzdienstes (of the commissariat service)
dM der Miliz (of the militia)
dRes der Reserve (of the reserve)
iR in Ruhe (retired)

e.g.: MjrA (major physician), Lt aD (lieutenant off duty), ObstdG (colonel of the general staff service), HptmdhmtD (captain of the higher military technical service), ObstltdIntD (lieutenant colonel of the commissariat service), Olt dRes (first lieutenant of the reserve), Bgdr iR (general brigadier retired).


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