Republican Conference Vice-Chair of the United States Senate

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The United States Senate Republican Conference Vice-Chair, also known previously as the Conference Secretary, is the fifth-ranking leadership position (behind the Policy Committee chair) within the Republican Party conference in the United States Senate. The vice-chair/secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes of the Senate Republican Conferences, and serves alongside the Senate Republican Conference Chairperson.

List of Vice-Chairs/Secretaries

Vice-Chair/Secretary State Term
Charles Curtis Kansas 1911-1913
William Squire Kenyon Iowa 1913-1915
James W. Wadsworth, Jr. New York 1915-1927
Frederick Hale Maine 1927-1940
Wallace H. White, Jr. Maine 1940-1944
Harold H. Burton Ohio 1944-1945
J. Chandler Gurney South Dakota 1945-1946
Milton R. Young North Dakota 1946-1971
Norris Cotton New Hampshire 1971-1972
Wallace F. Bennett Utah 1973-1974
Robert T. Stafford Vermont 1975-1977
Clifford P. Hansen Wyoming 1977-1978
E.J. "Jake" Garn Utah 1979-1985
William Thad Cochran Mississippi 1985-1991
Robert W. Kasten, Jr. Wisconsin 1991-1993
Trent Lott Mississippi 1993-1995
Connie Mack Florida 1995-1997
Paul Coverdell Georgia 1997-2000
Kay Bailey Hutchison Texas 2001-2007
John Cornyn Texas 2007-2009
John Thune South Dakota 2009
Lisa Murkowski Alaska 2009-2010
John Barrasso Wyoming 2010-2012
Roy Blunt Missouri 2012-present