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Republican Governors Association
Chairman Susana Martinez (New Mexico)
Vice Chairman Scott Walker (Wisconsin)
Executive Committee Doug Ducey, Mike Pence, Mary Fallin, Rick Scott, Nikki Haley, Bill Haslam, Charlie Baker, and Pete Ricketts
Founded 1963
Headquarters 1747 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 250 Washington, DC 20006
32 / 50
Politics of United States
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The Republican Governors Association (RGA) is a Washington, D.C.-based 527 organization founded in 1963,[1] consisting of U.S. state and territorial Republican governors.

In 2016 the RGA chairman is Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico, who assumed the office in November 2015, succeeding Governor Bill Haslam of Tennessee.[2]The 2015 RGA Vice Chair is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who followed current RGA chairman Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico as Vice Chair. The rest of the Executive Committee includes Governors Doug Ducey of Arizona, Mike Pence of Indiana, Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, Rick Scott of Florida, Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Bill Haslam of Tennessee, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, and Pete Ricketts of Nebraska.

Its Democratic Party counterpart is the Democratic Governors Association. The RGA is not directly affiliated with the non-partisan National Governors Association.

List of current Republican governors

Current Governor State Past Took office Current term
Robert J. Bentley Alabama List 2011 Second Term
Doug Ducey Arizona List 2015 First Term
Asa Hutchinson Arkansas List 2015 First Term
Rick Scott Florida List 2011 Second Term
Nathan Deal Georgia List 2011 Second Term
Butch Otter Idaho List 2007 Third term
Bruce Rauner Illinois List 2015 First Term
Mike Pence Indiana List 2013 First term
Terry Branstad Iowa List 2011 Second Term
Sam Brownback Kansas List 2011 Second term
Matt Bevin Kentucky List 2015 First term
Charlie Baker Massachusetts List 2015 First term
Paul LePage Maine List 2011 Second term
Larry Hogan Maryland List 2015 First Term
Rick Snyder Michigan List 2011 Second Term
Phil Bryant Mississippi List 2012 First term
Pete Ricketts Nebraska List 2015 First term
Brian Sandoval Nevada List 2011 Second term
Chris Christie New Jersey List 2010 Second term
Susana Martinez New Mexico List 2011 Second term
Jack Dalrymple North Dakota List 2010 Second term (elected to first full term in 2012)
Pat McCrory North Carolina List 2013 First term
John Kasich Ohio List 2011 Second term
Mary Fallin Oklahoma List 2011 Second term
Nikki Haley South Carolina List 2011 Second term
Dennis Daugaard South Dakota List 2011 Second term
Bill Haslam Tennessee List 2011 Second term
Greg Abbott Texas List 2015 First term
Gary Herbert Utah List 2009 Second term (elected to first full term in 2012)
Scott Walker Wisconsin List 2011 Second Term
Matt Mead Wyoming List 2011 First term

In addition to governors of U.S. states, the RGA also offers membership to Republican governors of U.S. territories.

Governor Territory Prev Took office Seat Up
Eddie Calvo Guam List 2011 2018
Ralph Torres Northern Mariana Islands List 2015 (succeeded) 2018


In the 18 months ending June 30, 2010, the RGA raised $58 million, while its counterpart DGA raised $40 million. "Unlike the national political parties and federal candidates, the governors' associations can take in unlimited amounts from corporations," according to Bloomberg Businessweek, which notes that the RGA recently received $1 million from Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, the parent corporation of Fox News, and $500,000 from WellPoint, a major US health insurance firm.[3]


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