Richard Óg Burke

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Richard Og Burke (died 1387) was an Irish nobleman, the son of Sir Ulick Burke,[1] and the second Mac William Uachtar,[2] head of Clanricarde.

He married a daughter of O'Madden of Síol Anmchadha.

Richard died in 1387, and was succeeded by his son, Ulick an Fhiona Burke.

Annalistic references

  • M1366.10. A great war broke out between the English of Connaught. Mac Maurice was banished from his territory by Mac William; and Mac Maurice fled for protection to the Clann-Rickard. Mac William, Hugh O'Conor, King of Connaught, and William O'Kelly, Lord of Hy-Many, marched with an army to Upper Connaught against the Clann-Rickard, and remained there nearly three months engaged in mutual hostilities, until at last Mac William subdued the Clann-Rickard; whereupon the hostages of these latter were delivered up to him, and he returned to his country in triumph.


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Preceded by
Ulick Burke of Annaghkeen
Succeeded by
Ulick an Fhiona Burke