Richard Fidler

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Richard Fidler
File:Richard Fidler.jpg
Richard Fidler, 2013
Born (1964-11-13) 13 November 1964 (age 54)
Medium television, radio, comedy, books
Nationality Australian
Years active 1985—present
Genres Radio Interviews, Musical comedy
Spouse Khym Lam
Notable works and roles Doug Anthony All Stars

Richard Fidler (born 13 November 1964) is a well-known Australian ABC radio presenter and comedian, specialising in musical comedy best known for his hour-long interview program, Conversations with Richard Fidler. The program is ABC Radio's most popular podcast, downloaded more than 1.5 million times per month. It features local and international guests from all walks of life, engaging in in-depth interviews.


He first came to prominence in the 1980s as a member of the Doug Anthony All Stars (DAAS), an Australian musical comedy group also comprising Tim Ferguson and Paul McDermott. The group disbanded in 1994.

File:Doug Anthony Allstars.jpg
Richard Fidler (right, holding guitar), performing with Tim Ferguson and Paul McDermott as the Doug Anthony All Stars.

Richard began his broadcast career on TV, and presented shows including: Race Around the World; Aftershock; Mouthing Off, and Vulture.

Richard was elected to the National Committee of the Australian Republican Movement in 2001 and was the chair of their Constitutional Issues Committee. He resigned from these positions in 2007.

In 2005, Richard moved to Brisbane, Queensland, to host the 7-10pm shift on ABC Local Radio station 612 ABC Brisbane.

In 2006, Fidler took on the newly configured 11am–3pm shift on 612 ABC. The first hour, a long-form interview program known as Conversations, was also heard on 702 ABC Sydney. Since 2012 Richard has focused solely on Conversations. The show is heard each weekday between 1105 and midday, on ABC Local Radio in all Australian states except Victoria. It is replayed on ABC RN [1] at midnight. Conversations is regularly the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s most downloaded podcast.

In 2011 Fidler was awarded a Churchill Fellowship[2] to investigate new forms of public radio in the United States and the United Kingdom.

He is the immediate past-President of Brisbane’s Institute of Modern Art (IMA) and a member of its board of directors.[3]

Personal life

Richard is married to Khym Lam and they have two children.

The guitar Richard mainly used during his time with the DAAS was a black Yamaha APX 9-12 tuned to D standard, however he did use a metallic green 6-string acoustic in standard tuning in a couple of songs on Live at the National Theatre (New York) and used a generic electric guitar in a cover of "Anarchy in the UK" on The Big Gig. That guitar was in standard tuning. On DAAS Icon, the bulk of the album was recorded with an electric guitar in standard tuning, however some songs featured the APX 9-12.


  • DAAS Book / by the Doug Anthony All Stars (released censored in the UK in 1989, uncensored in Australia in 1992) – co-authored with Tim Ferguson and Paul McDermott
  • DAAS Kapital / by the Doug Anthony All Stars (1993) – co-authored with Tim Ferguson and Paul McDermott
  • The Insider's guide to power in Australia / by Jack the Insider (2007) – co-authored with Peter Hoysted


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