Robert, Count of Clermont

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Robert of Clermont
Count of Clermont
File:Robert Beatrix.jpg
Robert and his wife Beatrice
Born 1256
Died 7 February 1317 (aged 60–61)
Spouse Beatrice of Burgundy
Issue Louis I, Duke of Bourbon
Blanche, Countess of Auvergne and Boulogne
John of Clermont, Baron of Charolais
Mary of Clermont, Prioress of Poissy
Peter of Clermont, Archdeacon of Paris
Margaret, Countess of Andria, Marchioness of Namur
House Bourbon
Father Louis IX of France
Mother Margaret of Provence
French Monarchy
Direct Capetians
Arms of the Kingdom of France (Ancien).svg
Louis IX
Isabella, Queen of Navarre
Louis of France
Philip III
John Tristan, Count of Valois
Peter, Count of Perche and Alençon
Blanche, Infanta of Castile
Marguerite, Duchess of Brabant
Robert, Count of Clermont
Agnes, Duchess of Burgundy

Robert of Clermont (1256 – 7 February 1317) was created Count of Clermont in 1268. He was the son of King Louis IX of France and Margaret of Provence.[1] In 1272, Robert married Beatrice of Burgundy, heiress of Bourbon[2] and had the following issue:

During his first joust, in 1279, Robert suffered head injuries which rendered him an invalid for the remainder of his life.[3]

Robert is considered the founder of the House of Bourbon, a family which, with the passing of centuries came to govern as Kings of Navarre (1572-1830), Kings of France (1589–1848), Kings of the Two Sicilies (1735–1860), Dukes of Parma (1748–1796 and 1847–1859), grand dukes of Luxembourg (1964–present) and Kings of Spain (1700–present).

Robert is mentioned in the prologue of the Coutumes de Beauvaisis by Philippe de Beaumanoir.[4]

He was buried in the now-demolished church of the Couvent des Jacobins in Paris.

Robert is a supporting character in Les Rois maudits (The Accursed Kings), a series of French historical novels by Maurice Druon. He was portrayed by Alexandre Rignault in the 1972 French miniseries adaptation of the series, and by Ioan Siminie in the 2005 adaptation.


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8. Philip II of France
17. Adèle of Champagne
4. Louis VIII of France
18. Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut
9. Isabelle of Hainaut
19. Margaret I, Countess of Flanders
2. Louis IX of France
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10. Alfonso VIII of Castile
21. Blanca Garcés of Navarre
5. Blanche of Castile
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1. Robert, Count of Clermont
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12. Alfonso II, Count of Provence
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6. Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence
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13. Garsenda of Forcalquier
27. Garsenda of Forcalquier
3. Marguerite of Provence
28. Humbert III, Count of Savoy
14. Thomas I, Count of Savoy
29. Beatrice of Viennois
7. Beatrice of Savoy
30. William I of Geneva
15. Marguerite of Geneva
31. Beatrix of Faucigny

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Robert, Count of Clermont
Born: 1256 Died: 7 February 1317
Preceded by
Count of Clermont-en-Beauvaisis
Succeeded by
Louis I