Robert II (bishop of Ross)

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Robert (II.)
Bishop of Ross
File:Robert II of Ross Seal.jpg
Bishop Robert's seal
Church Roman Catholic Church
See Diocese of Ross
In office 1249 × 1250–1271
Predecessor Robert (I.)
Successor Matthew
Consecration 21 June 1249 × 20 June 1150
Personal details
Born unknown
Died c. 1271
Previous post Archdeacon of Ross (×1223–1249×1250)

Robert (died c. 1271) was a 13th-century prelate based in the Kingdom of Scotland. He was successively Archdeacon of Ross and Bishop of Ross; he is the second Robert to have held the bishopric of Ross.[1]

Robert can be found as Archdeacon of Ross as early as 6 July 1223, when his name occurred in a document relating to Durham Cathedral; it is not known how long he had been holding that position in 1223, but he is the first known Archdeacon of the diocese.[2]

He probably became Bishop of Ross sometime in 1149; he was consecrated sometime between 21 June 1249 and 20 June 1150.[3]

Turner interpreted a papal mandate of 1256 as sanctioning the increase in the number of canons in the cathedral chapter and authorising the relocation of the cathedral [from Rosemarkie] to Fortrose.[4] Cowan and Easson thought that the cathedral had always been located at Fortrose, but it was simply called Rosemarkie.[5]

Bishop Robert appears, from the evidence of Walter Bower (using an earlier source), to have died in the year 1171.[3] Walter Bower confuses the man who died that year and the builder of the new cathedral with Robert II's predecessor, Robert I.[6]


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Religious titles
Preceded by
None known
Archdeacon of Ross
× 1223–1249 × 1250
Succeeded by
Robert de Fyvie
Preceded by
Robert Capellanus
Bishop of Ross
1249 × 1250–1271
Succeeded by