Robert II, Duke of Burgundy

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Robert II
Robert II of Burgundy.jpg
Robert II, Duke of Burgundy
Duke of Burgundy
Reign 1272 - 1306
Predecessor Hugh IV
Successor Hugh V
Born 1248
Died 21 March 1306 (aged 57–58)
Spouse Agnes of France
Issue Hugh V, Duke of Burgundy
Blanche, Countess of Savoy
Margaret, Queen of France
Joan, Queen of France
Odo IV, Duke of Burgundy
Louis, Prince of Achaea
House House of Burgundy
Father Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy
Mother Yolande of Dreux

Robert II of Burgundy (1248 – 21 March 1306) was Duke of Burgundy between 1272 and 1306 as well as titular King of Thessalonica. Robert was the third son of duke Hugh IV and Yolande of Dreux.[1]

He married Agnes, youngest daughter of Louis IX of France, in 1279[2] and had the following issue:

In 1284, Robert was invested with the duchy of Dauphiné by Rudolf of Habsburg.[6] This was followed by two years of warfare which was ended when King Philip IV of France paid Robert 20,000 livres tournois to renounce his claim to the Dauphiné.[6]

Robert ended the practice of giving away parts of the Burgundian estate to younger sons and as dowries to the daughters. From then on, the whole duchy, however already diminished by earlier dowries, passed unfragmented to the eldest son.


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Robert II, Duke of Burgundy
Born: 1248 Died: 21 March 1306
Preceded by
Hugh IV
Duke of Burgundy
Succeeded by
Hugh V