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Rogers Peet was a men's clothing company founded on November 6, 1874. Rogers Peet introduced several innovations into the men's wear business: they attached tags to garments giving fabric composition, they marked garments with price tags (the established practice was to haggle), they offered customers their money back if not satisfied, and they used illustrations of specific merchandise in their advertising. By 1877, it was headed by William R. H. Martin.[1]

The company's reputation was strong enough that the song "Marry the Man Today" from Guys and Dolls mentioned Rogers Peet as one of the finer things in life:

(Adelaide): Slowly introduce him to the better things; respectable, conservative, and clean
(Sarah): Readers Digest!
(Adelaide):Guy Lombardo!
(Sarah): Rogers Peet!
(Adelaide): Golf!
(Sarah): Galoshes!
(Adelaide): Ovaltine!

In 1919, Cole Porter wrote about them in the song "I Introduced" from "Hitchy-Koo Of 1919": Refrain:

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[...] I presented Mister Peet to Mister Rogers [...]

Other couples the character claims to have introduced are Morgan/Hajes, Lord & Taylor and Moet & Chandon. [2]

The last Rogers Peet store closed in the mid-1980s. One of their green delivery vehicles can be seen in a street scene in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany's.


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