Rollercoaster Tour

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Rollercoaster Tour
Tour by Blur, Dinosaur Jr., My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain
Official tour poster
Location United Kingdom
Associated album
Start date 24 March 1992 (1992-03-24)
End date 7 April 1992 (1992-04-07)
Legs 1
Number of shows 11

The Rollercoaster Tour was a 1992 co-headlining concert tour by the English Britpop band Blur, the American indie rock band Dinosaur Jr., the Irish alternative rock band My Bloody Valentine and the Scottish noise pop band the Jesus and Mary Chain.[1] A one-leg 11-date tour of the United Kingdom, the tour was in support of all four bands' current releases: Blur's debut album Leisure (1991), Dinosaur Jr.'s fourth album Green Mind (1991), My Bloody Valentine's second album Loveless (1991) and The Jesus and Mary Chain's fourth album Honey's Dead (1992).

The tour was curated by the Jesus and Mary Chain's vocalist Jim Reid, who "wanted to break the routine" of performing in small, frequently played venues—such as Nottingham's Rock City—and "cater to all strands of independent rock music".[2] Reid was inspired by, and considered the Rollercoaster Tour a British equivalent to, the North American festival Lollapalooza,[3][4] which the Jesus and Mary Chain performed at in 1991 and which he considered "fairly disastrous".[2] Each band performed a 45-minute set with no encore and the line-up changed each night of the tour, although the Jesus and Mary Chain performed as the final act on all 11 dates.[5]

My Bloody Valentine ceased live performances in the UK after the tour and did not play again until their 2008 reunion tour.[6] The band's set, which ended with a noise section of their song "You Made Me Realise" referred to as the "holocaust section",[7] reportedly caused attendees' pint glasses to fall out of their hands due to excessive sound pressure levels.[8] Reflecting on the tour, Jim Reid referred to it as "a lot [like a] competition—who could be the loudest? Whose was the best film show? And then there was, who could be most off their tits and still play a show?"[2] The Rollercoaster EP, containing material from Blur, My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr. and the Jesus and Mary Chain, was issued in Melody Maker in March 1992 to promote the tour.[9]

Tour dates

Date City Country Venue
United Kingdom[2]
24 March 1992 Manchester England Manchester Apollo
25 March 1992 Ayr Scotland Ayr Pavillion
27 March 1992 Whitley Bay England Whitley Bay Ice Rink
28 March 1992 Sheffield Sheffield Arena
30 March 1992 Plymouth Plymouth Pavilions
1 April 1992 Brighton Brighton Centre
3 April 1992 Cardiff Wales Wales National Ice Rink
4 April 1992 Birmingham England National Exhibition Centre
5 April 1992 London Brixton Academy
6 April 1992
7 April 1992

Rollercoaster EP

Rollercoaster EP
EP by Various artists
Released March 1992 (1992-03)
Genre Alternative rock
Length 16:04
Label Melody Maker

The Rollercoaster EP is an extended play which was distributed free in a March 1992 issue of Melody Maker in support of the Rollercoaster Tour.[9] It includes four songs, which are individual tracks from Blur's second album Modern Life is Rubbish (1993), My Bloody Valentine's second album Loveless (1991), the Jesus and Mary Chain's fourth album Honey's Dead (1992) and a live version of a song from Dinosaur Jr.'s third album Bug (1987).[10]

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s) Performer Length
1. "Resigned" (from Modern Life is Rubbish) Albarn, Coxon, James, Rowntree Blur 5:14
2. "The Post" (live, originally from Bug) Mascis Dinosaur Jr. 3:59
3. "Only Shallow" (edit, from Loveless) Butcher, Shields My Bloody Valentine 3:43
4. "Teenage Lust" (from Honey's Dead) Reid, Reid The Jesus and Mary Chain 3:06
Total length:


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