Romanization of Malayalam

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There are several romanization schemes for the Malayalam script, including ISO 15919 and Mozhi.

ASCII schemes

In the late 20th century, typesetting Malayalam on computers became an issue. Lacking diacritics in keyboards led to the innovation of ASCII only romanization schemes. ASCII only schemes remain popular in email correspondence and input methods because of their ease of entry. These schemes are also called Manglish. The disadvantage of ASCII schemes is that letter case is meaningful, so that transliterated names may not be capitalized.


Even though it has more elaborate scheme, basic Mozhi is as follows:[1].

a  aa  i ee u  oo R RR
e  E  ai o O  au Ll Lll am aH

k  kh  g gh ng
ch chh j jh nj
T  Th  D Dh N
th thh d dh n
p  ph  b bh m

y  r   l v
S  sh  s h
L  zh  rr t

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