Romanization of Maldivian

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The representation of the Maldivian language in the Latin script varies from one scheme to another.

Major romanization methods

The following are the major romanization methods for Maldivian:


The Standard Alphabet of Dhivehi Transliteration (SADT) is the standard alphabet for the romanization of Maldivian.


The International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration (IAST) is the most popular academic standard for the romanization of Sanskrit. IAST is the de facto standard used in printed publications, like books and magazines, and with the wider availability of Unicode fonts, it is also increasingly used for electronic texts.

The National Library at Kolkata romanization, intended for the romanization of all Indic scripts, is an extension of IAST.

Malé Latin

Mālē Leṭin or Nasiri Latin was a popular romanization scheme for Maldivian used in 70s.


The following table includes examples of Maldivian words Romanized using the various systems mentioned above.

Example words
In orthography Meaning SADT Malé Latin Devanāgarī Wiki IPA
ޝަހަރު City śaharu Shaharu शहरु shaharu

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