Ron Reyes

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Ron Reyes
File:Ron Reyes (Black Flag) (Ruhrpott Rodeo 2013) IMGP5959 smial wp.jpg
Reyes performing with Black Flag in 2013
Background information
Also known as Chavo Pederast
Born (1960-07-24) July 24, 1960 (age 58)
Genres Punk rock, hardcore punk
Occupation(s) Musician, singer, drummer, guitarist
Instruments Vocals, drums, guitar
Years active 1980–present
Labels SST
Associated acts Black Flag, Crash Bang Crunch Pop, Red Kross, The Happy Tampons, the Tracks, The Bludgeoned Pigs, Hawian Spy, Hastily Beastly, The Braineaters, Kill City, Raw Power, Funhouse, The Zamboni Drivers, The Ron Reyes band, PIGGY

Ron Reyes (born July 24, 1960)[1] is a North American musician most noted as the second singer for the Los Angeles punk rock group Black Flag. Reyes joined Black Flag after original vocalist Keith Morris had quit to form the Circle Jerks. Black Flag needed a singer to go on a tour to Vancouver, Canada, and asked Reyes to fill in.[2]

Early life

Ron Reyes was from a middle-class family, His father owned a popular jazz shop in California and Ron grew up listening to his father's record collection. As a boy, Ron would hang out in the streets and listen to Black Sabbath and David Bowie while his friends sniffed glue and smoked cannabis[citation needed]. He remembers himself as an outcast in school, where the jocks would make fun of his KISS inspired glam rock fashion. But that didn't stop Ron from being an early adopter, first to do – invent. And he shared his first experiences at legendary Hollywood punk venues like RAJI'S to his high school friends in Hermosa Beach, spreading the news and unfurling the flag for new local bands to come.

Black Flag

At the time of joining Black Flag, he was a street kid who had been following them since the beginning, and already knew all the songs. He also played drums in an early incarnation of Redd Kross, along with Greg Hetson, who went on to form the Circle Jerks with Keith Morris, and subsequently joined Bad Religion. After touring with the band for less than a year, he left Black Flag in the middle of a show, due to his dissatisfaction with the rising violence in the punk scene.

Reyes was coaxed back into Black Flag long enough to record the Jealous Again EP. He also appeared on some selections included on the 1983 compilation album Everything Went Black. He can be seen in Penelope Spheeris' 1980 documentary The Decline of Western Civilization, in which he dedicates the song "Revenge" to the LAPD, and jokingly shows off his apartment, which is a closet. After the recording sessions, Reyes went back to Vancouver and was replaced by singer Dez Cadena.[3]

The Jealous Again EP was released after Reyes had left the band for a final time. On the sleeve, he was credited as "Chavo Pederast", nonstandard Spanish for pedophile.

Recent activity

Reyes rejoined Black Flag as vocalist for a 2013 tour and will appear on their upcoming album What The.... Reyes performed live in Vancouver in celebration of his 50th birthday in July 2010. Joining him on the bill were The Jolts, The Modernettes, Little Guitar Army, and The Braineaters featuring renowned artist Jim Cummins on lead vocals. Reyes' band consisted of guitarists Kevin Rose from Crash Bang Crunch Pop, and Jon Doe from the Scramblers along with a rhythm section consisting of Real McKenzies founding member Anthony Walker on bass and Scott Beadle on drums. Greg Ginn performed three songs with the Ron Reyes Band at this event: "Jealous Again", "Revenge", and a new, original composition entitled "Broken".

Reyes appeared in the Vancouver based documentary Bloodied but Unbowed about Vancouver's punk community in the late 1970s and The Other F Word about being a parent involved in the punk community. The film also says Reyes has worked at a Vancouver print shop for more than 20 years and has three teenagers. He is shown browsing records at a used record store in Vancouver with one of his daughters, and purchasing a copy of Jealous Again.

Reyes currently is performing as the guitarist for PIGGY. Other members of this new project include Izzy Gibson (ex Living Deadbeats) on lead vocals Lisafurr Lloyd (ex Slickjacks; currently in the East Vamps) and on bass guitar; Craig McKimm (Little Guitar Army; The Fiends) on drums.


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