Rostislaw Kaischew

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Rostislaw Kaischew
File:1964 Rostislav Kaishev professor.jpg
Rostislav Kaishev, 1964
Born (1908-02-29)February 29, 1908
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Died November 18, 2002(2002-11-18)
Sofia, Bulgaria

Rostislaw Kaischew (1908–2002) was a Bulgarian physicochemist and a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. His most significant contributions to science were within studies of crystal growth and nucleation.

Kaischew graduated from Sofia University in 1930 and earned his PhD in Germany in 1932. He became an assistant professor in 1933, and a professor in 1947. At the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Kaischew founded the Institute for Physical Chemistry, and held the position of director there from its creation in 1958 until his retirement in 1989. The Institute is named after him.


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