Rowing at the 1984 Summer Olympics

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at the Games of the XXIII Olympiad
Venue Lake Casitas
Date 30 July-5 August
Competitors 447 (286 men, 161 women) from 38 nations
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Rowing at the 1984 Summer Olympics featured 14 events in total, for both men and women. Events were held at Lake Casitas..

Due to the Eastern Bloc boycott of these Olympics, some of the strongest rowing nations like East Germany, the USSR or Bulgaria were not present. However, this boycott gave an opportunity to Romania, which was one of the few eastern European countries to come to the Games, going on to dominate in women's sports, winning 5 gold medals in 6 events. Both Canada (gold) and USA (silver) had beaten the reigning (boycotting) two-time Olympic champions from East Germany in the men's 8 twice at the Lucerne pre-olympic regatta.

Sir Steven Redgrave won his first of five consecutive gold medals. Elisabeta Oleniuc, later known as Elisabeta Lipă, also won her first gold medal. Twenty years later she won her fifth gold medal in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

Medal summary

Men's Events

Event Gold: Silver: Bronze:
Single sculls
 Pertti Karppinen (FIN)  Peter-Michael Kolbe (FRG)  Robert Mills (CAN)
Double sculls
 Brad Alan Lewis
and Paul Enquist (USA)
 Pierre-Marie Deloof
and Dirk Crois (BEL)
 Zoran Pančić
and Milorad Stanulov (YUG)
Quadruple sculls
 West Germany (FRG)
Albert Hedderich
Raimund Hörmann
Dieter Wiedenmann
Michael Dürsch
 Australia (AUS)
Paul Reedy
Gary Gullock
Timothy Mclaren
Anthony Lovrich
 Canada (CAN)
Doug Hamilton
Mike Hughes
Phil Monckton
Bruce Ford
Coxed pairs
 Italy (ITA)
Carmine Abbagnale
Giuseppe Abbagnale
Giuseppe Di Capua (cox)
 Romania (ROM)
Dimitrie Popescu
Vasile Tomoiagă
Dumitru Răducanu (cox)
 United States (USA)
Kevin Still
Robert Espeseth
Doug Herland (cox)
Coxless pairs
 Petru Iosub
and Valer Toma (ROM)
 Fernando Climent
and Luis María Lasúrtegui (ESP)
 Hans Magnus Grepperud
and Sverre Løken (NOR)
Coxed four
 Great Britain (GBR)
Richard Budgett
Martin Cross
Adrian Ellison (cox)
Andy Holmes
Steve Redgrave
 United States (USA)
Edward Ives
Thomas Kiefer
Michael Bach
Gregory Springer
John Stillings (cox)
 New Zealand (NZL)
Brett Hollister (cox)
Kevin Lawton
Barrie Mabbott
Don Symon
Ross Tong
Coxless four
 New Zealand (NZL)
Les O’Connell
Shane O'Brien
Conrad Robertson
Keith Trask
 United States (USA)
David Clark
Jonathan Smith
Phillip Stekl
Alan Forney
 Denmark (DEN)
Michael Jessen
Lars Nielsen
Per Rasmussen
Erik Christiansen
 Canada (CAN)
Blair Horn
Dean Crawford
Michael Evans
Paul Steele
Grant Main
Mark Evans
Kevin Neufeld
Pat Turner
Brian McMahon (cox)
 United States (USA)
Chip Lubsen
Andrew Sudduth
John Terwilliger
Christopher Penny
Tom Darling
Fred Borchelt
Charles Clapp III
Bruce Ibbetson
Bob Jaugstetter (cox)
 Australia (AUS)
Craig Muller
Clyde Hefer
Samuel Patten
Tim Willoughby
Ian Edmunds
James Battersby
Ion Popa
Stephen Evans
Gavin Thredgold (cox)

Women's Events

Event Gold: Silver: Bronze:
Single sculls
 Valeria Răcilă (ROM)  Charlotte Geer (USA)  Ann Haesebrouck (BEL)
Double sculls
 Mariora Popescu
and Elisabeta Oleniuc (ROM)
 Greet Hellemans
and Nicolette Hellemans (NED)
 Daniele Laumann
and Silken Laumann (CAN)
Quadruple sculls
 Romania (ROM)
Titie Taran
Anisoara Sorohan
Ioana Badea
Sofia Corban
Ecaterina Oancia
 United States (USA)
Anne Marden
Lisa Rohde
Joan Lind
Ginny Gilder
Kelly Rickon
 Denmark (DEN)
Hanne Eriksen
Birgitte Hanel
Charlotte Koefoed
Bodil Rasmussen
Jette Sørensen
Coxless pairs
 Rodica Arba
and Elena Horvat (ROM)
 Elizabeth Craig
and Tricia Smith (CAN)
 Ellen Becker
and Iris Völkner (FRG)
Coxed four
 Romania (ROM)
Florica Lavric
Maria Fricioiu
Chira Apostol
Olga Bularda
Viorica Ioja
 Canada (CAN)
Marilyn Brain
Angela Schneider
Barbara Armbrust
Jane Tregunno
Lesley Thompson
 Australia (AUS)
Robyn Grey-Gardner
Karen Brancourt
Susan Chapman
Margot Foster
Susan Lee
 United States (USA)
Kristen Thorsness
Kristine Norelius
Shyril O'Steen
Carie Graves
Kathy Keeler
Harriet Metcalf
Betsy Beard
Carol Bower
Jeanne Flanagan
 Romania (ROU)
Marioara Trasca
Lucia Sauca
Doina Liliana Snep-Balan
Aneta Mihaly
Aurora Plesca
Camelia Diaconescu
Viorica Ioja
Mihaela Armasescu
Adriana Bazon-Chelariu
 Netherlands (NED)
Wiljon Vaandrager
Marieke van Drogenbroek
Harriet van Ettekoven
Catharina Neelissen
Anne Quist
Nicolette Hellemans
Martha Laurijsen
Greet Hellemans
Lynda Cornet

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