Royal Canadian Mounted Police Foundation

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police Foundation
File:RCMP Foundation logo.png
Motto Investing in Canada's youth at risk[1]
Type Non-profit organization based in Canada
Legal status Active
Purpose Investing in Canada’s youth at risk
Headquarters Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Region served
Official language
English, French

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Foundation provides funding to support the voluntary work of Royal Canadian Mounted Police members who support programs to enhance the lives of Canada’s at-risk youth . By midsummer 2011, the RCMP Foundation had provided over $3 million to 670 community groups.[2] The RCMP Foundation has a volunteer Board of Directors, a President and CEO and supporting staff in Ottawa.

Organizational overview

The RCMP Foundation (legal name: Mounted Police Foundation), is an independent, arm’s-length, self-funded, registered charitable organization[3] that supports community programs across Canada that benefit from voluntary RCMP involvement.[4] With a minimum of $250,000 donated annually, the Foundation does not fund RCMP detachments or members, nor do they fund core policing functions.[5] In addition, the Foundation supports the Musical Ride Centre in Ottawa by coordinating tours with tourism organizations and individuals.[unreliable source?] Groups may apply for funding under the program in either April or October of each year.


Revenue streams[6] include the RCMP image licensing program, revenues from the Foundation’s Mountie Shop retail locations and website sales, and from its Golden Spur Gala fund raising events. Corporate sponsorships[7][8] and personal donations also play a role in funding.

Licensing program

As master licensor for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Foundation manages the commercial use of the RCMP name,[9][10] image and trademarks. In exchange for royalty payments, the Foundation allows companies to produce and market "official" RCMP merchandise. The Canadian subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company helped the Foundation to establish its licensing program,[11] but Disney never controlled the RCMP’s trademarks.

Following expiration of the Disney contract in 2000, the Executive Director, reporting to its President and Board of Directors, assumed responsibility for licensing.[citation needed] In 2007, RCMP Commissioner Beverly Busson ordered that the operating name should be changed to the RCMP Foundation.[citation needed]

In June 1999, the Foundation partnered with Regional Maple Leaf Communications under the licensing program to lend their endorsement to The Elementary Safety Book For Children, Drug Facts For Young People and the Teenage Survival Handbook. The three RMC publications are available free of charge to communities across Canada. RMC's fourth publication Green Planet for Kids and all four accompanying websites (i.e.,,, and were included in the endorsement as of April 1, 2013.

Licensed products under the scheme include clothing, jewellery, books, toys and games. In 2009 the Sesame Street line, featuring the Muppet character Elmo dressed as a Mountie, was introduced. An RCMP Barbie doll was released in 2013 as part of the Dolls of the World series. Products are sold at many Canadian retail stores as well as at the RCMP’s online retail store. In 2007 the RCMP Foundation took over the on-site retail facilities of the RCMP canteens, rebranding five stores as The Mountie Shop; net profits from the shop's contribute to the foundation.[12]

Awards of distinction program

The RCMP Foundation took over the management of the RCMP Awards of Distinction Program in February 2011, a program to recognize the service achievements of RCMP employees.[13]

Child identification kits

The foundation partnered with Walmart Canada in 2005 to provide free child identification kits to Canadian families.[14] With over 750,000 kits distributed annually, by 2011 over 3 million kits had been distributed[15] through RCMP detachments, community locations and Walmart big-box stores.[16]

Events and galas

The foundation holds an annual fundraiser in Toronto called the Golden Spur Gala. Between 2006 and 2011 the event raised over $400,000 for foundation activities. The Golden Spur Award is presented to four RCMP members "who have shown exceptional dedication to their community".[17]

In 2011, the foundation launched a second Calgary gala titled The Swing into Spring Auction.[18] At this event, the Golden Spur Youth Leadership Award is presented to a youth "who has shown exceptional leadership in his/her community".[citation needed]

The foundation also holds other events in Ottawa[19] and elsewhere. The Sunset Ceremonies, held each June at the Musical Ride Centre in Ottawa, showcases a performance by 32 mounted police.

RCMP horse auction

In 1994, the Canadian Treasury Board authorized the sale of surplus RCMP horses through the RCMP Foundation. This auction gives buyers the opportunity to purchase trained horses, foals, brood mares and former Musical Ride horses. Since 1995 the bi-annual horse auctions have generated enough funds[20] to allow the foundation to provide over $1,000,000 to enhance the breeding program that supplies horses for the RCMP`s iconic Musical Ride.

The RCMP National Remembrance Fund

Introduced in 2010, the RCMP National Remembrance Fund was created to honour fallen RCMP members Canada-wide. Funds are collected from fallen RCMP members’ family, friends and community via donations and Memorial product purchases from The Mountie Shop. Net proceeds from the sale of Memorial products are used toward commemorative-type initiatives or to support community programs that honor fallen RCMP members. In 2010, funds gathered from the passing of Constable Michael B. Potvin were donated in his honour to the JV Clark School in Yukon.[21] In 2011, a portion of funds collected from the National Remembrance Fund were used to purchase a commemorative marble bench that rests in the National Cemetery of Canada, Beachwood Cemetery.[22]

Memorial Fund Products

In 2010, Constable Billy Gossen designed the RCMP Memorial Hockey Stick with the intention that it would be used to generate funds for the National Remembrance Fund.[23] October 2011 the RCMP Foundation’s retail store the Mountie Shop, launched the 2011 RCMP Memorial Hockey Stick with the addition of a Memorial Hockey Jersey, Memorial toque, Memorial cap and Memorial coin. During the 2011 Memorial product launch, NHL Montreal Canadien hockey player Guy Lafleur signed up to promote the Memorial Fund product line.[24]


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