Sílvio Lagreca

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Silvio Lagreca (14 June 1895 – 29 April 1966) was a Brazilian football manager. He was the first manager of Brazilian Football Confederation in 1914 alongside Rubens Sales and after in 1940.

Lagreca was born in Piracicaba, Brazil. Prior to becoming a manager, he was a player and referee in soccer.[1] In the first edition of Copa América (Copa Sul-Americana, until 1967) he played and coached CBF, in clubs he played for São Bento-SP only. He was in many championships, like Campeonato Paulista, Torneio Rio-São Paulo, Roca Cup and Campeonato Sul Americano.


  1. Placar Magazine No. 676 - 6 May 1983 - Page 68 "Postado na intermediária adversária, El Tigre observou o meia Sílvio Lagreca carregando a bola. "

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