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SJW convergence refers to the process whereby "social justice warrior" activists infiltrate a primarily American organization, with the end-result being a repurposed shell referred to as a skin suit. The purpose of the skin suit is then expanded to encompass the socialist agenda while simultaneously being stripped of its assets through inflated salaries to leftist employees and donations to "progressive" causes. Differing from a front group with goals set at creation, a successfully-"converged" skin suit previously had other objectives, such as producing a good or service, objectives it continues to accomplish (though invariably in a dwindling capacity as parasitism progresses[1]).


The term "SJW convergence" was introduced by blogger "Vox Day" in the 2015 book SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police.


Kathleen Kennedy (black shirt) patiently bode her time for thirty years before being made President of Lucasfilm; it would take her only a few more years to transform it into a "naked mole-rat colony" and destroy the legacy of Star Wars.

While top-down infiltration organizations has long been a hallmark of socialist encroachment going all the way back to the late 19th and early 20th Centuries (e.g., the domination of many labor unions by communists, and the descent of the New York Times under the stewardship of Adolph Ochs into Soviet promotion), SJW convergence is a much more recent phenomena of the early 21st Century, and represents more of a bottom-up, Red Guards-style politically correct assault upon institutions rendered helpless by enforced compliance to Title VII mandated racial and gender hiring quotas. A business under assault will typically have a human resources department staffed by a closet-socialist head administrator who is "unfireable" due to their being necessary to maintain quota; in charge of hiring, the socialists in position will hire only more socialists who have been "vetted" through examination of their social media activities. Once a critical mass are employed, they will agitate for speech codes, then begin driving out politically incorrect employees upon implementation.

The process is exponential: An initial infestation may take years or even decades to establish, but final capitulation will happen very rapidly once upper-management has been seized.

SJW converged organizations

Examples of organizations said to have been been "converged" include Tor Books, the Hugo Awards (the organization was accused of giving author N. K. Jemisin two consecutive best novel awards for racial reasons),[2] the Strange Loop programming conference,[3] the video hosting site, the sports network ESPN,[4] American video game developers such as Electronic Arts and Activision, the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, and also the major comics publishers DC Comics and Marvel Comics.[5]

Fending off infestation

In SJW Always Lie and its sequel SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating the Thought Police, Day advises thwarting SJW by strictly defining the group's purpose, using anti-infiltration tactics, and rhetoric. In practice, though, this is largely impossible once SJWs have seized executive positions within the organization, or if it becomes the subject of a lawsuit in a hostile political environment. Rapid downsizing of the personnel roster to get the organization under the Title VII "Affirmative Action" cut-off of 50 employees is advisable within the United States, or splintering it into a corporate group of small entities controlled by a holding company.

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