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Type Porridge
Main ingredient(s) White maize (Mealie-meal)

Sadza in Shona (isitshwala in isiNdebele, pap, vuswa or bogobe in South Africa, or nsima in the Chichewa language of Malawi),also known as ubwali in the (Bemba language) of (Zambia), Ugali in East Africa, is a cooked cornmeal that is the staple food in Zimbabwe and other parts of southern and eastern Africa. This food is cooked widely in other countries of the region.

Typical Zimbabwean meal, with sadza, greens and goat offal. The goat intestines are wrapped around the stomach before cooking.

Sadza in appearance is a thickened porridge. A thinner form of sadza, "porridge", is cooked with peanut butter or margarine and eaten in the mornings occasionally. The most common form of sadza is made with white maize (Mealie-Meal). This maize meal is referred to as hupfu in Shona or impuphu in Ndebele. Despite the fact that maize is actually an imported food crop to Zimbabwe (c. 1890), it has become the chief source of carbohydrate and the most popular meal for indigenous people. Locals either purchase the meal in retail outlets or produce it in a grinding mill from their own maize.

Zimbabweans prefer white maize meal. During times of famine or hardship they resort to eating yellow maize meal, which is sometimes called "Kenya," because it was once imported from that nation.

Before the introduction of maize, sadza was made from 'zviyo' finger millet flour instead.

Traditionally, sadza was eaten from a communal bowl, but now it is more likely to be served for individual plates. It is generally eaten with the right hand without the aid of cutlery; often rolled into a ball before being dipped into a variety of condiments such as meat, sauce/gravy, lacto/sour milk or stewed vegetables.

Notable foods eaten with sadza

Meat is known as nyama in Shona.

  • Red meat (includes beef, mutton, goat, and game meat)
  • Cow hoof (amanqgina, mazondo)
  • Oxtail
  • Other food stuffs include intestine (Tripe) (offal- ezangaphakathi (includes amathumbu, amaphaphu, isibindi, utwane, ulusu, umbendeni) in Ndebele) known as matumbu, sun-dried vegetables known as uMfushwa/Mufushawa, and many more
  • White meat (includes huku or inkukhu - chicken meat, hove - Fish)
  • Fish (inhlanzi in Ndebele), including the small dried fish Kapenta
  • Soups and stews

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