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  • Add Paragraphs to summarize and explain footer links with citation references.
    • Paragraph to explain Canary.
  • Add new paragraph to explain and expand "Controversies" re: infiltration and/or "artificially amplified free speech" with citation references.
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  • "SaidIt is just MSM, only curated by yours trulies, not facebook comments by your drunk aunt, but self-acquired wisdom from your woke Internet-librarian. It's the same as a news agregaor, facebook 'news sites' only way, way better. But the concept is the same sort of..." [1]
  • Add chat room logging vs privacy [2].
  • Changing "home" to "subscribed" and "all" to ...? [3]


  • "Subs" is awkward. Call them subsaiddits instead of subreddits, or try groups, channels, communities, or feeds.
  • Check tone and name-calling in "controversies".


SaidIt icon
Type Private
Founded October 11, 2017; 2 years ago (2017-10-11),[2]
Headquarters United States
Area served Worldwide
Founder(s) magnora7
Key people magnora7 (founder, moderator, owner, funder)
d3rr (co-moderator, coder, co-funder)
Industry Internet
Revenue voluntary, donations welcomed
Employees 0 (2 volunteer admins as of January 2019)[3]
Slogan(s) Say your truth.
Written in Python
Alexa rank Increase 18,342 USA, (June 2019)[4]

Increase 29,482 USA, (May 2019)[5]
Increase 108,148 USA, (March 2019)[6]

Increase 245,893 USA, (December 2018)[7]
Type of site non-partisan, social news and -media aggregation, leaning against corruption and abuses of power
Advertising limited
Registration Optional (free registration to submit, comment, or vote)
Available in English
Current status Active

SaidIt is an American Reddit-style news-aggregating ranking-forum website[8] started in 2017 for user members to post news, articles, videos, images, and stories. Registered members may vote on these submissions. The most popular items are presented in a perpetually updated "hot" list on the main page. Members who create "subreddits" or "subs" may moderate their topical categories. Within the "subs" members may contribute titled "posts" with text or a link (to a webpage, image, video, etc (now supporting SVGs, BitChute, PeerTube, and DTube[9])). Every "post" has a "comment" section where members may post comments and discuss things at length.[citation needed]

SaidIt has a self-declared nonpartisan bias and lean for uncensored anti-corruption news and content. For this reason SaidIt has become one of the safe havens for truth seekers, alt-historians, and conspirophiles in an increasingly globally thoughtpoliced state. The SaidIt community depends upon the administrator's radical transparency, users and moderators' open social behavior and forthrightness of each other. Unlike what some have described as the extremist left and right leaning intolerances dominating Reddit and Voat[citation needed] forums with their issues of alleged censorship and shadowbanning, any such stain on SaidIt could be its death knell.[citation needed] To moderate this dilemma, SaidIt's core value, and basis for administration when necessary, is based on Paul Graham's Debate Pyramid, a disagreement hierarchy chart quantifying levels of discourse.[10][11][12][13][14] Free speech rights and all ideas, no matter how absurd or objectionable to the status quo, are maintained under this simple etiquette guide.

The SaidIt news aggregation platform aims to bring attention to under-reported or unreported news stories, whether intentionally suppressed or merely overlooked.[citation needed] In an interview with Ben Swann, Tin Foil Hat podcast host, Sam Tripoli, stated, "I've always been into conspiracy theories. I like to call them un-reported news."[15]

It's the censorship and intolerance of views that are really dangerous and disgusting, not so much the characteristics/values. The greatness of SaidIt thus far is that there is great value put on communicating clearly and respectfully, no matter what side of the fake fence we're sitting on. I think these are the main strengths of SaidIt: respect, clarity, and open-mindedness in an atmosphere of free speech.[16] ~ User:FormosaOolong


The seeds of discontent... "Reddit is fucked, I give up" (2017-08-29)[17]

Initially known as "Anti-Extremes" using the "" domain, SaidIt began as an open source fork on GitHub under Reddit-AE, since changed to SaidIt.[18]

The first SaidIt post, "These people with watermelons ar" was on Sunday, 2017-09-10 at 00:23:51 UTC[19], but it looks like a test post with randomly generated comment snippets that make no sense from a lot of users not seen before.

The first official SaidIt post, "Welcome to" was on Wednesday 2017-10-11, at 09:43:20 UTC.[20] As the title indicates, "" began under a different name, as "", because...



In the Reddit-style news aggregation format, the SaidIt forum has "subsaidit" categories in which "user" members may submit "posts" with a title (300 characters max) with a hyperlink or some extended text under which users may submit "comments".

Size and trends

SaidIt Stats On Alexa 2019-04-26.png
SaidIt statistics on Alexa snapshot from 2019-04-26.[21]
SaidIt Stats On Alexa 2019-06-04.png
SaidIt statistics on Alexa snapshot from 2019-06-04.[21]
SaidIt community progress reflected in statistical developments on Alexa.

By April 4, 2018, SaidIt had surpassed 500 usernames created.[22] On January 12, 2019, SaidIt surpassed 3000 registered users - so over it's 15 month existence SaidIt averages 200 new users per month.[23] Early on March 19, 2019, SaidIt's /s/frontpage subsaidit indicated 4,584 subscribers. (Part of the sudden uptick was in part to Reddit's rampage of senseless censorship, including the popular subreddits "/r/piracy" and "/r/WPD (Watch People Die), Gore, and ImGoingToHellForThis" were banned among others.[24][25]

Saidit just hit the 4000 mark! shows the most popular sub now has over 4000 users subscribed. ... That shows a pretty good rate of growth in the last couple months. At this rate the site will double in size about every 6 months![25] ~ magnora7, March 17, 2019

Four days later, "Saidit just hit 5000 user accounts!"[26] 7,500 was passed by April 25[27] and on May 3 it passed 8,000. On May 30, "We also just got our 10,000th user registration a few hours ago."[28] comes up at #1 when Google searching for "SaidIt" or "Said It" since the start of May, 2019 and likely much earlier.[29]


 main article: SaidIt Subs Ending 2018 

A SaidIt Subs Ending 2018 tabled list was compiled on January 2, 2019*. This rough tally* of all of the public Saidit subs has approximately 249 total subs, with 55 zero-post subs, 128 subs with between 1 and 19 posts, and 66 active subs with 20 or more posts. (* There were under two dozen new subs in December that were unfortunately overlooked.) This chart was created for posterity's sake, for statistical analysis and curiosity, as well as to develop a potential classification colour scheme for creating CSS coded "flair" elements on SaidIt.[30]

Content and presentation

SaidIt has a self-declared bias and lean for uncensored anti-corruption news and content aggregated socially. The SaidIt community depends upon the open transparency and forthrightness of the moderators and each other. Unlike what some have described as a snowflake SJW dominated Reddit[citation needed] and a racist Alt-Right leaning Voat[citation needed] and their issues of alleged censorship and shadowbanning, any such stain on SaidIt could be its death knell.[citation needed]

Freedom from censorship

"The internet considers censorship to be damage, and routes around it.", John Gilmore (activist), co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Cygnus Solutions - quoted by magnora7 2019-07-02 03:26:27am EST.[31][32]

Free speech

magnora7, founder and co-administrator, prefers that SaidIt's content bias be considered free speech news[citation needed] for anti-corruption[citation needed], anti-collusion[citation needed], and truth-seeking[33] rather than potentially pejorative labels or terms weaponized by the CIA and corporate media such as truthers, conspiracy theorists, and tinfoilhattery, whether remotely applicable or not. The full spectrum dominance of the globalist's corporatocracy is no small topic and exposing it is intentionally not easily definable to the "normie" public with one unbiased phrase. Some of SaidIt's alternative leaning free speech content may also be considered anti-establishment, counter-propaganda, and or alternative history / historical revisionism.[citation needed] Any topic is permitted no matter how taboo, and few things may get you censored or banned on SaidIt, such as debasing the discourse (name calling), selling drugs, weapons, or stolen goods, posting pornography (impossible to regulate), or artificially amplifying your voice with votes (with multiple fake accounts).

Taboo topics

The Debate Pyramid v3 Simple TT Norms Medium Text Outline Grey BG SVG
The Debate Pyramid v3 Simple
The Pyramid Of Debate v3 Detailed TT Norms Medium Text Outline Grey BG PNG
The Pyramid Of Debate v3 Detailed
The second revision is a redesign and the third revision adds a bottom level to Paul Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement, a chart quantifying levels of discourse.[10][11][12][13][14] All revised images by User:JasonCarswell are in the SaidIt Debate Pyramid gallery.

Naturally, in this free speech forum, any topic, no matter how taboo, may be critically analysed and civilly discussed. The Debate Pyramid, a disagreement hierarchy chart, quantifies, qualifies, and regulates the civil discourse.[10][11][12][13][14]

"The box that comes up when you click 'report' on something is now relevant to the saidit rules and has a working link to the content rules for anyone to read. It now has an option to report "Dragging down discussion on the Pyramid of Debate". It just flags things for the mods and admins to look at, so don't hold back if you feel something doesn't fit in."[9]

In addition to the non-controversial non-censored conventional topics easily found anywhere else, (such as Reddit, Voat, Wikipedia, Facebook, etc), SaidIt bravely defies the corporatocracy and their mind controlled masses to discuss such things as the Alt-Right, SJWs, and the left-right Hegelian dialectic, 5G, 9/11, 1984, activism, Agenda 21/Agenda 2030, ag-gag, agorism, alternative food, alternative health, alternative medicine, alternative media, alternative solutions, alternative technologies, anarchism, artificial intelligence, assassinations, atheism, authority, banksters, Big Pharma, bioengineering, BIS, black-ops, bread and circuses, censorship, charity fraud, CIA, the climate change scam, the Clinton Foundation, conspiratainment, conspirophiles, conspirituality, conspiretards, corporate crime, the corporatocracy, corrupt rigged justice system, covert operations, cryptocurrencies, cultural engineering, "cultural Marxism", cyber war, debt slavery, decentralization, the deep state, directed-energy weapons (DEWs), division and distraction, DIY, economic fallacies, esotericism, eugenics, false flags, the Federal Reserve, financial crime, the Five Eyes, foreign relations, freedom myths, full spectrum dominance, genocides, geoengineering (chemtrails), globalism, GMOs, the Green Party, hierarchy, hoaxes, Holocausts, esoteric Hollywood propaganda, hypnosis, the Illuminati, illusionism, infiltration, In-Q-Tel, intelligence agencies, the Internet Party, Laurel Canyon, Libertarians and the Libertarian Party, limited hangouts, Ludditism, Machiavellianism, Marxism, The Matrix, missing trillions, Mossad, military industrial complex, mind control, minimalism, "national interests", Natural Law, the New World Order, NGOs, NSA, occupy, off-grid living, open source solutions, Operation Mockingbird, organized crime, the Overton window, Palestine, the peace movement (or lack of it), the pedophocracy, the Phoenix Program, piracy, the Pirate Party, police corruption, the police state, police violence, presidential puppet crime families, prison industrial complex, privacy, authentic progressivism, propaganda, protests legit or engineered, psy-ops, radiation, red pill, scientism, secret agencies, secret space programs, secret weapons, security, sharing economy, sheepdogs, shills, The Singularity, social engineering, special operations, spy craft, state crime, state oppression, state terrorism, surveillance state, sustainability, the technocracy, The_Donald, totalitarianism, transparency, Trivium method, Truthers, US Israel relations, the Vatican, voluntarism, voting is a rigged joke, wage slavery, Wall Street, war crimes, War is a Racket, the Washington Consensus, Western Empire, whistleblowers, worker cooperatives, world history, and Zionism.[34]

Banned from Reddit

As intentionally insane social engineering of manufactured Western culture includes thought policing and hyper-politically corrected content, censorship runs rampant across the entire corporate social media landscape. Many subsaidits have identical or similar community or topical titles to older subreddits, censored or not. Banned Reddit feeds and communities continues to mount up and migrated. Most of them are welcome to find refuge on SaidIt. Some even get banned from SaidIt for going too far. The ongoing lists of banishment are at, including:

  • Banned From Reddit, Not On SaidIt, Yet
  • Banned From Reddit, Now On SaidIt
  • Banned From Reddit AND SaidIt
  • Banned From SaidIt

This list is not even close to covering all the censorship on Reddit nor accurate regarding mirrored feeds. But it's a start of some kind of history to log some of the events for quick and easy reference.


Aaron Swartz in 2012 protesting against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

Reddit features a dual up/down-vote inspired by the Slashdot voting system. Partly in tribute to Aaron Swartz,[11][35] SaidIt's co-admins, "d3rr" and "magnora7", modified the open source Reddit-fork code[18] to offer two positive voting options, "insightful" and/or "funny", to promote civil positivity over negativity.[22]

"An insightful vote gives 2 karma points, and a funny vote gives 1 point, so it's now possible to give a comment or OP 3 points in total, which will affect its "hot" ranking on /s/all."

Nine months later these were modified to "interesting" and/or "fun".[36]

By default the "front page" of SaidIt lands on "hot", the first category of posts beside "new", "insightful", "funny", "top", and a special one just for new "comments". The "insightful" and "funny" and "top" categories are ranked according to their vote points and also have sorting parameters to view posts from:

  • past hour
  • past 24 hours
  • past week
  • past month
  • past year

The "hot" category is determined by a special algorithm, custom modified for SaidIt to be 4x less sensitive than the default Reddit code.[37] While the open source code is public and you may look at the "hot" algorithm directly, [4][38] this article explains "How Reddit ranking algorithms work".[39]

Unlocked threads

Saidit threads never automatically lock.

After 6 months Reddit threads automatically lock preventing further votes or comments. "Saidit threads never automatically lock, regardless of how old they are."[40]

Opt-out subs

The opt-in sub subscription policy of Reddit has been rejected by SaidIt for a default all-in opt-out sub subscription policy for new users.[11]

"New users are auto-subscribed to all existing subs when the account is created because we have an opt-out subscription system, rather than Reddit's opt-in system."[40]

This is in part new thinking and because initially SaidIt had so few users that it was a convenience.[citation needed] For some reason they wish to soon abolish this all-in opt-out default in favour of a default admin-recommended list of selections (arrived at by a community discussion vote with all the limitations that may entail), further encouraging the chaotic centralized pooling in "popular" subs.[citation needed] If anything, the young SaidIt site has a perfect opportunity to embrace and expand upon their new approach to sub organization, despite the change to new users accustomed to Reddit's limitations.

RSS Feeds

The night mode dark theme icon.

SaidIt features 3 RSS feeds:[41][42]

Further still, specific content can be focused on. Examples:

It is possible to harvest a sort of SaidIt searchable archive, not in the classic Reddit-style format, but with these RSS threads on "New Posts" and "New Comments" to catch most of the content generated, though folks may edit and change their comments. The "Hot" thread also collects some voting and popularity statistics with the content. These feeds are searchable in online dedicated feed aggregators such as Feedly or Google News, Feeder (software) the RSS feed reader app for Android, a or in desktop apps like the dedicated RSSOwl or more diverse Thunderbird for email and feeds. Currently the SaidIt search function only applies to posted titles while the searches on DuckDuckGo and Google are abysmal. These RSS feeds may raise some privacy issues, but they are minor compared to concerns with decentralization.[citation needed]

Night mode

The night mode dark theme icon.

The administrators developed a night mode option,[43] made a little button,[44] then had a vote[citation needed] for an overwhelming response to make dark theme the default setting on SaidIt.

Mobile modes

SaidIt features 3 mobile page view formats for small & narrow screens:[11]

"Zen mode is in some apps [to] hide all the shit so you can concentrate."[46]

IRC chat

SaidIt features live IRC chat.

SaidIt features a live IRC chat box on the upper right of most pages that may also be viewed on a dedicated page via "chat in new tab" with additional chat features.[40][11] (Reddit adopted a chat around the same time.[47]) SaidIt uses an open source self-hosted IRC client, The Lounge (software).[48] Discord Chat avatar icon.

A " Discord Chat" was created and announced by User:JasonCarswell[49] with an open invite to join. Whether anyone actually uses it remains to be seen. There is potential that it may be bridged and linked to "The Lounge" IRC chat on SaidIt with something like MatterMost, but this may be a technical PITA (pain in the ass).

Gifting/sharing economy

"Saidit has no ads, but is supported entirely by user donations."[50] Read more at this page.[40]

" is paid for through the power of the community and crowdsourcing. We don't run advertisements, and the crowd is what drives the content, not the advertisers.

We've done our homework to make smart and economically sustainable choices for hosting and licensing, and currently as a result it only costs a lean $47/mo to run the site. ... A smart growth design will hopefully keep saidit up and running for years to come at minimal cost for the community.

If you'd like to help us with server costs for running, we are proud to accept the cryptocurrencies listed below. Please be careful to use the correct address for the correct coin, as a mistake may cause the coins to be lost.

If there's a particular cryptocurrency you wish we supported, let us know and we will try to add it. accepts the following cryptocurrencies:
Dontate ONLY with addresses from the source: SAIDIT.NET.
Do not rely on InfoGalactic's openly altered information.
Bitcoin logo.svg Bitcoin (BTC) for the donation address visit: SAIDIT.NET
Bitcoin Cash.png Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for the donation address visit: SAIDIT.NET
Dogecoin Logo.png Dogecoin (DOGE) for the donation address visit: SAIDIT.NET
Ethereum logo 2014.svg Ethereum (ETH) for the donation address visit: SAIDIT.NET
Ethereum Classic Logo.svg Ethereum Classic (ETC) for the donation address visit: SAIDIT.NET
6 Full Logo S-2.png Litecoin (LTC) for the donation address visit: SAIDIT.NET
Patreon wordmark.svg Patreon to donate visit:
ZRX 0x.png ZRX 0x for the donation address visit: SAIDIT.NET

On March 27, 2019, magnora7 announced:

"I'm happy to announce saidit is financially solvent for the first time since it began 16 months ago. The donations through patreon and cryptocurrencies are matching our total expenditures, so there is no more out-of-pocket loss for myself to run the site. It's actually community-funded, for real! This has been the dream since the beginning, and it's exciting to see it come to fruition like this. Thank you donors!"[9]


After months of working out the kinks,[51] SaidIt released their own custom polished Android app on December 19, 2018.[52] Saidit announced an F-Droid release of their Android app on January 9, 2019. Similar to the Google Play app store, F-droid hosts only open-source apps. "This gives Android users a different way to download SaidIt's app, and another way to verify they only get code that is open-source."[53] SaidIt .net's official app is a forked port of the open source client, QuantumBadger's RedReader.[54]

"Get it on F-Droid" badge.

The SaidIt Android app is available to download at F-Droid or GooglePlay, and the open-source code is available at RedReader on GitHub.

Features include:

  • Free and Open Source - no ads/tracking.
  • This app has the NonFreeNet Antifeature. "This Antifeature is applied to apps that promote or depend entirely on a non-Free network service."
  • Swipe posts and comments left and right to perform customizable actions.
  • Advanced cache management - automatically stores past versions of posts and comments.
  • Support for multiple accounts.
  • Two-column tablet mode.
  • Image precaching (optional).
  • Built in image viewer, and GIF player.
  • Support for imgur albums and gifv files.
  • Compression.
  • Night mode (i.e. a dark theme).
  • Translations for some languages.

The SaidIt Android app only displays the points. An interesting/insightful vote earns 2 points, a fun/funny vote earns 1 point, and both votes earns 3 points.[1]


Find all the active wikis on the SaidIt General Information page with a Master Wiki List.

"Every sub has a wiki, and now editing it is easier than before."[9]

Listed on the the main central SaidIt General Information and Welcome page, along with a new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), is the MASTER WIKI LIST, growing as new content is added. (For example the outdated features wish lists of ideas below is now developed on the SaidIt open wiki pages.)

The wiki is not powerfully loaded with tools like MediaWiki has, but the simple Markdown code used throughout the rest of the site and seamlessly integrated interface is more than adequate for most basic hyperlinked documents.

Media formats and expandos

Image expandos may be infinitely resized in posts and comments.[27]


SaidIt has a functional email server, recently enabled. Registering with an email address is not required but is handy for password retrieval should SaidIt passwords be forgotten.[9]

Future plans

iOS (formerly iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware.

Currently in development: A SaidIt iPhone app variant of Beam for Reddit on iOS.[55][56][9]

See also:

"A little sneak peek at our development roadmap in the short-term"[9]:

  1. Add a user preference option to set the user's home page to /s/subscribed instead of /home (10x more requested than all other features)
  2. Add a copy of "unsubscribe from all" button from user preferences, to the top of the sub management list /subs/mine
  3. RedReader: try to use not if requests using the subdomain, for more complete/unified traffic stats on alexa, etc. (currently saidit app traffic is not counted by Alexa, and it makes up about half of saidit's traffic)
  4. Image resize in expando: allow expanding off page to view images very zoomed in
  5. Backend Operating System upgrade for longevity
  6. Make it so IRC chat allows for external connections

Features wish lists

SaidIt is perpetually improving it's functionality and ergonomics for better user experiences and a better tomorrow. The to-do wishlist of features that may potentially be developed are recorded on, otherwise lost in time.

  SaidIt features wish lists (discontinued)  

These lists are no longer updated but remain archived here as they were on 2019-03-03 when copy/pasted to to continue development.

  SaidIt wish list  


  • improved search to include comments
  • metatags and better classification of subs, posts, and comments
  • opt-in expanded notifications, beyond default-responses-only
    • notify for all comments/responses in threads I've participated in
    • notify for all comments/responses in post I've participated in
    • notify for all posts in my subs
    • notify for all posts in selected subs
  • better page sorting options
    • (ie. hierarchy branch, newest comments, oldest comments, etc)
  • better history viewing beside just "next"
    • (ie. "previous | next | pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ..., last | view 50 | view 100 | view ###)
  • ability for a poster to edit/rename/move a post (with a permanent redirecting link left behind)
  • ability for a poster to categorize a single post under multiple subs
    • ability for another to request the poster to categorize a single post under other subs
SaidIt DecentralizeAllThings CSS Flair 2019-01-27.


  • improved site-wide dark theme CSS
    • customizable themes, and sub themes
    • universal site-wide flair
    • universal site-wide flair would be overwritten by sub flair
    • theme and flair templates collected and saved on a wiki for quick easy common access and editing
    • make all flair link to a common list of all items with that flair
    • make multiple flair tags possible - like metatags or categories
    • make all flair searchable - like metatags or categories
  • SVG and GIF images in addition to JPG and PNG
  • user only CSS themes
    • applies to user overviews, messages, etc
    • option for user to override all sub themes or only subs with universal default theme
  • banner images randomized from a selection gallery
    • with the acceptance of the new SaidIt logo, anyone can make their own images with it
    • with the new SaidIt logo, or without it, folks might submit their banner designs for voting and/or approval
    • InfoGalactic may be a place to submit images to potentially be adopted into the SaidIt selected banner gallery


  • a secondary image or link source would be great so that you can specifically illustrate better than the default link could


  • Saidit, what if we showed who voted on everything? (2019-02-01+)
  • to fix : when you vote for your own comment as funny, the funny number goes down
  • more than just two emoticon-voting classification options (Insightful/Interesting & Funny/Fun)
  • a "viewed/unviewed" or "read/unread" neutral non-vote marker so a person can keep tabs of what they've seen before or not

Voting algorithm:

  • It ranks "hot" & "top" feeds & sorts subsaidits. Is this algorithm public?
  • Can less hot feeds be calculated, perhaps weekly, monthly, and/or interactively, rather than just "Hot Today"?
  • [5] "The SaidIt voting algorithm ranks "hot" & "top" feeds & sorts subsaidits. Is this algorithm public? Can less hot feeds be calculated, perhaps weekly, monthly, and/or interactively, rather than just "Hot Today"? I miss many good posts, have trouble keeping up, & find some bloom later. Comments?" (2019-02-10)


  • sub modes
    • default all-in opt-out
    • admin-recommended selections
    • reset to none
    • custom
    • new sub auto-subscribe : on/off (default on)
    • new sub notification/message : on/off
  • more subs per week (current max = 1)
    • an increase from 1 to 2 or more
    • or an increase every X amount of time, perhaps to a reasonable maximum
    • or an increase every X points earned, perhaps to a reasonable maximum
  • multi-sub-cross-posting would be nice
    • one post that could be shared (ie. be listed under "collusion", "conspiracy", "crime", and "USGovernment")
  • synonymous subs would be nice
    • (ie. a post in "America" or "US" would automatically be relocated to the "USA" sub)
    • this would require permissions when one mod wants to redirect to another mod's sub
  • user overview - optional auto-expand "Moderator Of" section

Sub lists:

(ie. My Subs, New Subs, Popular Subs)
  • right margin list of "Your Front Page Subs" features some icons (ie. my subs, not approved, 18+, etc.) and this may be a great place to add more icons and/or classifications such as:
    • 0 posts (grey)
    • 1-10 posts (brown)
    • 11-20 posts (orange)
    • 21+ posts (yellow
    • ##do = days old (green)
    • ##mo = months old (blue)
    • ##yo = years old (purple)
    • non-English flags for language
    • categories (from SaidIt Subs Ending 2018):
      • celebrity, crime, economics, energy, health, history, ideology, internet, media, politics, regional, SaidIt, self-help, sports, technology
  • below the list of subscribed subs could be a list of unsubscribed subs making it far easier to see and find much older subs without having to scroll through the countless pages, even if there were better navigation tools (lacking)


  • to email
  • better history viewing beside just "next"
    • (ie. "previous | next | pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ..., last | view 50 | view 100 | view ###)


  • stronger personalization and community functionality
    • personal avatars
    • personal user profile homepages (wiki?)
    • personal galleries + media
    • collective galleries + media
    • collective wikis


  • comment images (common on other forums)
    • embed emoticons, thumbnails, media
  • ability to use animated GIFs in CSS themes for banner, icons, etc

GUI Graphic User Interface:

  • Thumbnail size adjustments in preferences
    • Make the size adjustable in sub CSS stylesheet
  • Add this InfoGalactic SaidIt article to the footer menu
  • new data-group in top right corner over header/banner image
    • links to announcements
    • micro-banner badge-button for super important announcements
    • opt-in preference options
      • date and time (with display options)
      • local weather (with display options, requires users desired region)
      • donate button (in another better more prominent place)
      • SaidIt Network (see future Wish list)
  • Posts with links that distinguish between articles, images, audio, video, or other.
  • In the comment's "formatting help" Markdown table can you add a few more rows?
    • First new row left box (maybe after quoted text):
      paragraph 1
      paragraph 2
      paragraph 3
      paragraph 4
    • First new row right box shows how just a "-" will skip a line:
      paragraph 1
      paragraph 2
      paragraph 3
      paragraph 4
    • Second new row left box:
    • Second new row right box shows a division line:
    • Third new row left box:
    • Second new row right box:


  • open transparent statistics
  • registered user numbers, traffic, etc
  SaidIt IRC Chat wish list  
  • thumbnails
    • large image thumbnails
    • large link thumbnails
    • large video thumbnails
    • embedded videos
  • personal avatars
  • a single unified chat crossover chat app compatible to many sources, like Pigeon (software)
    • (ie. one chat app rather than several: SaidIt, Discord, Orbit, etc)
  SaidIt future wish list  
  • SaidIt on the Fediverse via Mastodon (software), etc.
  • a SaidIt version of MediaWiki, perhaps as a Wikipedia mirror/fork or as an additional filter/overlay
  • a SaidIt vault (possibly in a wiki), an archive to web-scrape and store all linked content, should they go stale
    • articles
    • media (images, books, audio, video, etc)
    • as a decentralized (shared) permanent web archive
  • "I had an idea for yet ANOTHER project today. If the folks on SaidIt could crowdsource draft weekly scripts of a high enough caliber about the news, etc. And if someone could provide a good voice and perhaps sound engineering - I could animate an old-style newsman at a desk with a screen over his shoulder with sourced imagery. "SAIDIT WEEKLY UPDATE" After a few episodes all the kinks should be worked out, including some automation, and with submissions with footage it should be pretty easy to smash out." [57]
  • SaidIt Network (see future Wish list) [58]
    • decentralization options
    • SaidIt's
      • SaidIt could start a channel, and regardless where or how the video is hosted, it would always be embedded on SaidIt. Naturally the various video hosting platforms would have crossover supportive communities too.
  • In The Lounge Chat, Vigte suggested, "What about a saidit podcast - every month or whatever, D3rr and Magnora interview someone from the community to shoot the shit. Even if it's like 15 minutes lol."[59]


Mastodon (software) is one way to join the Fediverse, an interconnected and decentralized network of independently operated servers.

SaidIt intends to embrace decentralization permanent web alternative solutions[citation needed] to increase resistance to authoritarian censorship from the corporatocracy and increase the power to the people with free and open access to information and counter-propaganda media.[citation needed] The topic is much discussed, often buried deep within conversations in the currently unsearchable comments.

See also:

Alternative solution options may include or reference these articles:

  Decentralization & distributed social networks  
  Rewards, currencies, sustainability, & growth  
  Alt-media to support & social crossover potential  
  Distribution, storage, & hardware  


The original version of The Debate Pyramid, Paul Graham's "disagreement hierarchy" in a chart quantifying levels of discourse.[10][11][12][13][14]
This earlier version posted in 2018 is among the variety in many languages on Wikimedia Commons in the "Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement" category.

SaidIt's core value, and basis for administration when necessary, is based on the Debate Pyramid, a disagreement hierarchy chart quantifying levels of discourse from civilized to asshattery.[10][11][12][13][14] Free speech rights and all ideas, no matter how absurd or objectionable to the status quo, are maintained under this simple etiquette guide. Shitposting is frowned upon and will be addressed.[60]

To further keep it classy all pornography is forbidden. With ample online porn options it is unnecessary. This lessens the administration burden of verifying legal ages while discouraging anyone trying to sneak anything on the site to discredit it.[citation needed]

While any topic may be handled with care, sales of weapons, guns, drugs, and stolen goods or services are also forbidden on the SaidIt social media forum.[citation needed]


The Higherside Chats - Join The Club.jpg Tin Foil Hat Podcast avatars-000507820206-dvjmsw-original.jpg
The Higherside Chats with Greg Carlwood has a website. Tin Foil Hat Podcast with Sam Tripoli has a website.
The Higherside Chats
"Magnora7 - The Rothschild World Order & The Ownership of Everything"
Sam Tripoli
"Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli #60: The Rothschild with Magnora7"
Sam Tripoli
"Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli #119 The Return of Magnora 7"
The Higherside Chats
"Magnora7 - Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, & The Suicide String Conspiracy"

magnora7, living in the Dallas area of Texas,[61] is the seventh alias of a longtime Reddit user who's been censored and banned 6 times...[citation needed]

Podcast appearances

magnora7 has made numerous appearances (voice only) on a variety of podcasts and is keen to do more (contact him on SaidIt).

  • 2017-07-08 - The Higherside Chats "Magnora7 | The Rothschild World Order & The Ownership of Everything"[magnora7 3][magnora7 4]
  • 2018-01-11 - Sam Tripoli "Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli #60: The Rothschild with Magnora7"[magnora7 5]
  • 2018-08-27 - Sam Tripoli "Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli #119 The Return of Magnora 7"[magnora7 6]
  • 2018-08-31 - The Higherside Chats "Magnora7 | Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, & The Suicide String Conspiracy"[magnora7 7]


d3rr, living in Northern California[citation needed], is the alias of longtime Reddit user d3rr. d3rr is co-administrator of SaidIt but prefers to be magnora7's sidekick and follow his lead. d3rr applies his tech savvy skills to the open-source based SaidIt site, and forked the open-source SaidIt apps.

DDoS Attack

On June 1, 2019, around 11:17 EDT, SaidIt came back online after being down for about 7 hours. In the chat magnora7 and d3rr explained that, "Our DDoS software needed some tweaking but I think we might have it under control now finally," and "They're still attacking us at this very moment." "We knew it'd come someday, we were 95% prepared for it but just had to iron out the details now that it actually finally happened for real." Among the recently Banned from Reddit groups was the /s/OpieAndAnthony subsaidit formerly the /r/ona subreddit. "I think [the DDoS attack]'s from a group that doesn't like the Opie And Anthony people that migrated here - so they decided to DDoS all of SaidIt." More specifically, the far left individual or group "harass OnA because they accuse the OnA people of being too far right," meanwhile they're just apolitical, and the most annoying of the Opie And Anthony comedy fans are just a small handful of asstrolls who aren't funny themselves. "We were mostly ready for it, just didn't quite know how to do it. It went mostly well, TBH. Down longer than I wanted it to be, but at least it got resolved."[62][63] now has a new IP.[64]


SaidIt is moving from the USA to a new server in Switzerland. "This will give our data even more security than it currently has, as there is no US or EU regulations in Switzerland, only Swiss ones, which are generally more protective. Which is why so many banks and data centers host their content in Switzerland."[65]

SaidIt projects

SaidIt-related subsaidits

SaidIt and InfoGalactic

In an effort to cross-pollinate and cross-promote uncensored media platforms, on December 19, 2018, a SaidIt sub ( was created and dedicated to all things pertaining to InfoGalactic.[66] Likewise, this encyclopedic article has been drafted on InfoGalactic, and the Infogalactic:Galactic_boardroom has been notified about SaidIt. Whether anyone actually bothers to cross pollinate is up to them.[30]

SaidIt and The Web Of Slime

SaidIt and WikiSpooks

SaidIt galleries

The SaidIt logo, screen captured, in use until 2019.
The new SaidIt logo designed by User:JasonCarswell with feedback from magnora7 and d3rr,[67] added to the header site-wide on April 25, 2019, as well as in self-post thumbnails.[27]

The SaidIt galleries here on InfoGalactic feature a history of development and utilized images on SaidIt.

 main article: SaidIt gallery 
 main article: SaidIt banner gallery 
 main article: SaidIt branding gallery 
 main article: SaidIt Debate Pyramid gallery 

SaidIt IRC Chat live community events Meme "Don't visit, it's too awesome."[68]

The SaidIt IRC Chat live community event ideas were initially proposed and documented here but this discontinued list was and copied/relocated for further development at

  SaidIt IRC Chat live community events (discontinued)  

These lists are no longer updated but remain archived here as they were on 2019-04-01 when copy/pasted to to continue development.

Proposed ideas:

  • Sub of the day, Post of the week [69]
  • group conspiracy research [70]
  • wiki documented research[71]
  • How about a said it live web event to start small? A Said it AMA or something. I like it - start with something that doesn't cost hours of time in post-production and pre-production lol[72]
  • Scheduled live event idea: Daily DIY Decentralization Demystification (live installation help & tech advice) - Mastodon Mondays, Tube Tuesdays, Wiki Wednesdays, Holochain Hursdays, Fediverse Fridays, IPFSaturdays, Uncensored Undays [73]
  • Versaries
    • Anniversaries, Monthaversaries, Debates Verses Debaters, Verses And Rhymes Of Writers And Posters
    • 3rd of every month = d3rrrd Day [74]
    • 7th of every month = magnora7 Day or M7 Day [74]
    • 11th of every month = monthaversary [74]
    • The first official SaidIt post = Wednesday 2017-10-11, at 09:43:20 UTC SaidIt's birthday. [19]
    • Celebrate 09:43:20 UTC every day!
  • Truth Bombs [75]
    • 1+ action per day / week / month
    • collective online swarming activism
    • defending issues or people, upvoting campaigns, etc
    • downvoting mobs
    • organized campaigns for activist communities
    • subscribe lists


SaidIt mascot

Free Speech Fresh Peach
Peaches at Applecrest Farm Orchards - 20301051291 Cropped.jpg Autumn Red peaches.jpg PeachBlossoms2.jpg
White peach and cross section edit.jpg

Sometimes free speech is a peach.
Sometimes it's the pits.
Sometimes it's just the pits in the middle.
You can't get fresher than prunus persica or peachy blossoming waking minds. More peach blossoms at: Media Commons.
Downside - crass pejorative humour: Peach emoticon symbol.pngDash emoticon symbol.png.

A new mascot idea was proposed [6] but not followed up.

More mascot ideas, circa Nov-Dec 2018:[30]

  • A brain with a speech bubble or thought bubble, perhaps with flip-top skull or head
  • Hercules fighting Hydra
  • A multi-faced multi-armed Kid Beyond-like robot blocking the full spectrum dominance
  • An owl represents wisdom and the Illuminati (with a spider), a pyramid can reflect 'A' in SaidIt
  • A fresh peach - like a "free speech" typo. (Conceived in SaidIt IRC Chat mid Jan., 2018 by User:JasonCarswell.)
  • alt: freezepeach (it turns out, allegedly, this is commonly used among the alt-right)

SaidIt subsaidits wishlist

This wishlist table was created by User:JasonCarswell to keep track of the abundant absence of subs/topics/classifications and the restrictive limit that users are only permitted to create only one new sub per week.[30] On April 30, 2019, this open list was copy/pasted to for future use and is no longer updated here.

  SaidIt Subs Yet To Be Created (Wishlist) (discontinued)  

These lists are no longer updated but remain archived here as they were on 2019-04-30 when copy/pasted to to continue development.

My (User:JasonCarswell) Top Choices For Next Sub:
My Top Choices After Top Choices Media Top Choices


My Top Choices, I've wanted to use:

  1. Animals
  2. HolisticDoctorMurders
  3. HolocaustSkepticism
  4. Justice - and Injustice, rigged systems, prisons, military justice, other forms of justice, war crimes, equality, inequality, solutions
  5. Military
    or MilitaryIndustrialComplx
    with a 24 character maximum ?
  6. MindControl
  7. Prisons
    or PrisonIndustrialComplex
  8. RacialDivisionIsEliteTool - needs a better name, ie. RacialDivisionAsRulingClassTool - needs to be 24 char max
  9. RiggedSystems
    or AllTheRiggedSystems
    or EverythingIsRigged
    or RiggedSystemMatrix
    or Voting
    or VotingIsAJoke
    or Inequality
  10. Scientism
  11. Solutions
    BasicIncome (UniversalBasicIncome)
  12. VideoEssays
  13. WindowsToLinux

My Top Choices that are kinda redundant:

  1. ClassWar
  2. Corporatocracy
  3. DeepState
  4. NewWorldOrder
  5. SocialEngineering
  6. Wahhabism
  7. WorldHistory
  8. Zionism

My Top Choices, I hope to use:

  1. AlternativeHomes
  2. ArtificialIntelligence
  3. Banksters
  4. Buddhism
  5. Fulfillment_WellBeing
  6. GreenParty
  7. Independents
  8. LibertarianParty
  9. Opennesss
  10. Progressivism
  11. SaidItMonthly
  12. SaidItWeekly
  13. SharingEconomy
  14. SmileyFaceKillers
  15. Trutherism101
  16. UNAgendas
  17. Zen



  1. Asia
  2. Brazil
  3. CentralAmerica
  4. Colombia
  5. EuropeanUnion EU
  6. Hollywood
  7. Mexico
  8. MiddleEast
  9. Russia
  10. SaudiArabia
  11. SouthAmerica
  12. Vietnam
  13. WallStreet
  14. WashingtonDC

More Choices:

  1. Activism
  2. ActivistArt
  3. AlternativeJournalism
  4. AlternativeSolutions
  5. Classifieds
  6. Confessional
  7. Cults (Process Church, The Family, Satanism, Luciferianism, Bohemian Grove, Scientology, Mormons)
  8. DeadHolisticDoctors
  9. DeepState
  10. Democracy
  11. Fairness
  12. FalseFlags
  13. Filmmaking_Screenwriting
  14. Gadgets
  15. Gift Economy
  16. InfiltrationWatch
  17. Kindnesses
  18. Libertarianism
  19. LimitedHangouts
  20. Ludditism
  21. MicroAggressions
  22. Minimalism
  23. MovieAnalysis
  24. MovieReviews
  25. MovieTrailers
  26. NGOs
  27. Occupy
  28. OffGrid
  29. OverpopulationSkepticism
  30. Poverty
  31. Protests
  32. RecommendUltraHighly (A+++)
  33. RecommendHighly (A++)
  34. Recommend (A+)
  35. SaidItUserWikis
  36. Singularity
  37. SystemFails
  38. TheSmileyFaceKillers
  39. UniversalBasicIncome_Welfare
  40. Vehicles
  41. VoteManipulation
  42. WagePeace
  43. WhistleBlowers
  44. ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government)



  1. BlackPilled
  2. BlackstoneIntelligenceNetwork
  3. BryanLunduke
  4. CorbettReport (James Corbett)
  5. DemocracyAtWork (Richard Wolff)
  6. EdOpperman
  7. EmpireFiles (Abby Martin)
  8. Geopolitics&Empire
  9. InfoWars (Alex Jones)
  10. JayMyersDocumentaries
  11. KnowMoreNews (Adam Green)
  12. MythOfThe20thCentury
  13. NonMirageTruthVision
  14. OurInterestingTimes (Tim Kelly + Powers&Principalities)
  15. ReallyGraceful
  16. TheAntedote
  17. TheJimmyDoreShow
  18. TLAV The Last American Vagabond (Ryan Cristian)
  19. TruthStreamMedia


  1. BitChuteChannels
  2. D-TubeChannels
  3. PeerTubeChannels
  4. VimeoChannels
  5. YouTubeChannels

Genres (better as playlists on PeerTube?):

  1. Music_Baroque_Classical
  2. Music_Brostep_GlitchHop
  3. Music_Chill
  4. Music_For_Pirates
  5. Music_Groove_DownTempo
  6. Music_Medieval_Renaissance
  7. Music_OldWestGhostTown
  8. Music_Strum
  9. Music_Wistful

Every Missing Sub That Comes To Mind
Category Subjects Subscriptions Subreddits Subs
  1. ActivistArt
  2. AlexJones
  3. BlackstoneIntelligenceNetwork
  4. CorbettReport (James Corbett)
  5. DemocracyAtWork (Richard Wolff)
  6. EdOpperman
  7. EmpireFiles (Abby Martin)
  8. InfoWars
  9. JimmyDore
  10. KnowMoreNews (Adam Green)
  11. OurInterestingTimes (Tim Kelly)
  12. piracy
  13. PoliticalAnalysis
  14. Powers&Principalities
  15. RecommendHighly (A++)
  16. RecommendUltraHighly (A+++)
  17. TLAV The Last American Vagabond (Ryan Cristian)
  18. TinFoilHat (Sam Tripoli)
  19. YouTube
  20. YouTubeChannels
  21. YouTubeRecommendations
  22. YouTubers
  23. YouTubeTruthers
  24. YouTubeVideos
  25. ZoonPolitikon (Holly Seeliger)
  1. BushCrimeFamily
  2. CharityScams
  3. ClassWar
  4. ClintonCrimeFamily
  5. ClintonFoundation
  6. Collusion
  7. CorporateCrime
  8. Corruption
  9. DeadHolisticDoctors
  10. HumanitarianCrime
  11. LoneTerrorists_SerialKillers
  12. OrganizedCrime (Mafia)
  13. Pedogate
  14. Pedophocracy
  15. Pedowood
  16. Pizzagate
  17. Poverty
  18. Russiagate
  19. TheSmileyFaceKillers
  20. TrueCrime
  21. StateCrime
  22. WarCrime
  1. AltRight
  2. AuthenticProgressivism
  3. Buddhism
  4. GreenParty
  5. Hinduism
  6. Idiocracy
  7. Independents
  8. Islam
  9. Kakistocracy
  10. LimitedHangouts
  11. Muslim
  12. Normies
  13. OvertonWindow
  14. Progressivism
  15. Scientism
  16. Shamanism
  17. Sheepdogs
  18. Sheeple
  19. Trutherism
  20. Trutherism101
  21. Truthers
  22. Wahhabism
  23. Zen
  24. Zionism
  1. Bayer_Monsanto
  2. BlackWater
  3. CocaCola
  4. FederalExpress
  5. FederalReserve
  6. McDonalds
  7. Walmart
  1. AuthenticDemocracy
  2. AuthenticProgressivism
  3. casualChildAbuse
  4. Childfree
  5. Democracy
  6. Fairness
  7. HumanRights
  8. Justice
  9. MGTOW
  10. Pedogate
  11. Race
  12. RacialHostility
  13. Racism
  14. Relationships
  15. Rights
  16. Sex - is about all sex issues: procreation, education, recreation, genders, sexuality, expression, dating, intimacy tips, kinks, sins, sex workers, laws, fairness, Women's Rights, Men's Rights, LGBTQXYZ Rights, Children's Rights, Family Rights, etc. And about porn but no porn.
  17. Transparency
  18. VoteManipulation
  1. Authority
  2. BnaiBrith
  3. CIA
  4. CovertOps
  5. CyberWars
  6. DARPA
  7. DeepState
  8. FBI
  9. FiveEyes
  10. GhostGovernment
  11. InQTel
  12. Intelligence
  13. IntelligenceAgencies
  14. IsraeliIntelligence
  15. Mossad
  16. NSA
  17. PoliceState
  18. SecretAgencies
  19. ShadowGovernment
  20. Technocracy
  21. UKIntelligence
  22. UNAgendas
  23. USIntelligence
  24. WhiteHouse
  1. ActivistArt
  2. AnimatedShorts
  3. AnimatedMusicVideos
  4. CopyrightActivism
  5. Creepy
  6. EarthPorn
  7. InternetActivism
  8. InternetIsBeautiful
  9. Jokes
  10. ListenToThis
  11. MediaAnalysis
  12. MildlyInteresting
  13. MovieAnalysis
  14. MovieReviews
  15. MovieTrailers
  16. NSFW_News
  17. NoSleep
  18. OldSchoolCool
  19. PhotoshopBattles
  20. ShowerThoughts
  21. SocialMedia
  22. TIFU
  23. UpliftingNews
  1. Brainwashing
  2. CulturalEngineering
  3. Division
  4. FalseFlags
  5. Hypnosis
  6. Illusionism
  7. ManufacturedConsent
  8. MindControl
  9. MKUltra
  10. PredictiveProgramming
  11. Propaganda
  12. PsyOps
  13. SocialEngineering
  1. Music_1940s
  2. Music_1950s
  3. Music_1960s
  4. Music_1970s
  5. Music_1980s
  6. Music_1990s
  7. Music_1990sAlternative
  8. Music_Activist
  9. Music_Baroque_Classical
  10. Music_Breaks
  11. Music_Brostep
  12. Music_Chill
  13. Music_ClassicRock
  14. Music_DJSets
  15. Music_FunkyHouse
  16. Music_GlitchHop
  17. Music_Groove
  18. Music_LoveFalling
  19. Music_LoveSongs
  20. Music_LoveLost
  21. Music_MashUps
  22. Music_Medieval_Renaissance
  23. Music_Mixes
  24. Music_NewWave
  25. Music_OldWest
  26. Music_PirateSongs
  27. Music_ProgRock
  28. Music_PsyTrance
  29. Music_Remixes
  30. Music_Strum
  31. Music_Trance
  32. Music_Wacky
  33. Music_Weird
  34. Music_Wistful
  35. Music_World
  1. AtlanticCouncil
  2. BIS
  3. CarlisleGroup
  4. CouncilForNationalPolicy
  5. CouncilOnForeignRelations
  6. FordFoundation
  7. IMF
  8. ProjectForANewAmericanCentury
  9. Tavistock
  10. TrilateralCommission
  11. WorldBank
  12. WTO
  1. AmericanHistory
  2. AncientHistory
  3. Asia
  4. Australia
  5. Brazil
  6. California
  7. Canada
  8. CentralAmerica
  9. ElectionsUSA2020
  10. EuropeanHistory
  11. EuropeanUnion EU
  12. Iran
  13. Iraq
  14. Israel
  15. MiddleEast
  16. Mexico
  17. NewZealand
  18. NYC
  19. Russia
  20. SaudiArabia
  21. Scotland
  22. SouthAmerica
  23. Syria
  24. Texas
  25. ukpolitics (UK UnitedKingdom)
  26. USAmerica
  27. USIsrael
  28. Venezuela
  29. Vietnam
  30. WorldHistory
  31. Yemen
  1. Banksters
  2. Billionaires
  3. CityOfLondonInc
  4. Congress
  5. Corporatocracy
  6. Elites
  7. FascismWatch
  8. Geopolitics
  9. Globalism
  10. Hegemony
  11. Hillary
  12. Hollywood
  13. Illuminati
  14. Israel
  15. Kakistocracy
  16. LeftHandPath
  17. magnora7
  18. Mecca
  19. Monopolies
  20. NeoCons (Neo-Conservatives/Neo-Liberals)
  21. NewWorldOrder
  22. Obama
  23. Oligarchs
  24. Osama
  25. Parliament
  26. pedogate
  27. Pedophocracy
  28. pizzagate
  29. PoliceMisconduct
  30. PoliticalPuppets
  31. politics
  32. Presidents
  33. PrimeMinisters
  34. Putin
  35. Rockefellers
  36. Rothschilds
  37. Royals
  38. RulingClass
  39. Senate
  40. TechCompanies
  41. Technocracy
  42. The_Donald
  43. Totalitarianism
  44. Trudeau
  45. Trump
  46. Trust Fund Babies
  47. Vatican
  48. WallStreet
  49. WarWatch
  50. WashingtonConsensus
  51. WashingtonDC
  52. WhoOwnsTheWorld
  53. WorldPolitics
  54. Ziocons
  1. DIY
  2. Food
  3. GetMotivated
  4. LifeProTips
  5. PersonalFinance
  6. Philosophy
  7. SelfHelp
  8. WritingPrompts
  1. Activism
  2. AlternativeHistory
  3. AlternativeJournalism
  4. AlternativeMedia
  5. AlternativeSolutions
  6. AskScience
  7. Education
  8. ExplainLikeImFive
  9. FascismWatch
  10. Gift
  11. Gift Economy
  12. Impactreduction
  13. InfiltrationWatch
  14. LaborAction
  15. LaborRights
  16. Minimalism
  17. Occupy
  18. Protests
  19. Recycling
  20. Relationships
  21. Repurposing
  22. Sharing
  23. Sharing Economy
  24. Upcycling
  25. WagePeace
  26. WarWatch
  27. WhistleBlowers
  28. WorkerCooperatives
  1. Architecture
  2. AlternativeHomes
  3. Automotive
  4. DataIsBeautiful
  5. Earthships
  6. electronic_cigarettes
  7. Energy (Carbon Power ; Nuclear Power ; Nuclear Warfare )
  8. Gadgets
  9. GeoEngineering (Chemtrails)
  10. GMOs
  11. InternetOfThings (IOT)
  12. Ludditism
  13. OffGrid
  14. OpenSource
  15. Preppers
  16. Radiation (5G ; Nuclear Power ; Nuclear Warfare)
  17. Software
  18. TinyHouses
  19. Transhumanism
  20. VaccineSkepticism
  21. Vehicles
  1. InconvenientFacts
  2. InconvenientTruths
  3. TrutherAnimation
  4. TrutherArt
  5. ActivistArt
  6. TrutherDocumentaries
  7. TrutherHumour
  8. TruthMedia / TrutherMedia
  9. TrutherPlaylists
  10. ActivistPlaylists
  11. TrutherPodcasts
  12. TrutherShortDocumentaries
  13. TrutherShorts
  14. TrutherMusic
  15. TrutherMusicVideos
  16. TrutherWebSites
  1. SprayedIt (all things hose, mist, Chemtrails, GeoEngineering, etc)
  2. RaidIt (all things crusades, fridges, panties, and FreeNAS archival storage)
  3. SeedIt (all things gardening, torrenting, teaching, crystals, sperm)
  4. SewedIt (all things fashion or fabric)
  5. SwedeIt (all things Sweden)
  6. DreadIt (Dystopian Rage Bait Doom Porn)

SaidIt "truther" projects

Image from the "Learn English with Matt" channel on YouTube, the 2014-11-28 "Truther meaning and pronunciation" video.

The SaidIt "truther projects" do not reflect the views of SaidIt, InfoGalactic, nor anyone, other than anyone who may express them along with their creator and main proponent, User:JasonCarswell. (SaidIt founder, magnora7, does not favour the "truther" term,[33] as it's been weaponized into a pejorative by the deep state and corporate media.) The projects are:


  WikiNotate (discontinued)  

User:wizzwizz4 and User:JasonCarswell discussed ways to do a decentralized Wikipedia overlay to share notes, extend the wiki functionality, represent other views beyond the limited mainstream corporate media propaganda, and to promote freedom of speech and ideas without censorship. wizzwizz4 started the open source WikiNotate project:[1]

This project seems to be abandoned because:

  • On March 15, 2019 they learned about Comment-Freely opensource software allowing commenting anywhere on the Internet, politically neutral, free to use by anyone in the same way WordPress blogging software can be used by anyone to create a diverse range of websites and services, via BitChute or completely independently of BitChute.[76]
  • On March 16, 2019 they learned about Gab Dissenter, the Comment Section of the Internet - By the creators of - It is both a web application and an open source browser extension. Dissenter organizes conversations around individual URL's and creates a public square on them where anyone can leave a comment.[77]


For the handfuls that have come across SaidIt, the reactions have been primarily positive with best wishes.[citation needed] With around 80-100 users and about as many guests (as of 2019-01-01) the IRC chat is off to a moderate start after a year and a couple months. The marketing is limited with magnora7 appearances on alternative media podcasts and promoting SaidIt on other censored forums.[citation needed]

The RogueWays YouTube channel hosts video chats among woke friends to review, breakdown, and discuss other truther channels and shows, including the magnora7 episode, "Chattin' Higherside S01E16: Magnora7" (2018-08-03).[magnora7 8]


SaidIt has inherited many of the systemic flaws that Reddit, Steemit, and countless other forums suffer from in regards to timely voting and exposure. Additional sub, post, and comment threads may certainly benefit from more than default responses-only notifications and/or more than just two emoticon-voting options, but these can't fix all of these issues.[30]

SaidIt has a reasonable two week delay before new users may create a sub, and there after users may only create one sub per week.[11] Whether this is a default setting or a policy reflecting old Reddit opt-in habits, as of January 2019 this is very problematic considering the limited options of subs to post under (there isn't even a "USA" or "American" sub) and the overwhelming number of undisciplined unorganized posts crowding common subs while others remain empty without expiry. Further complicating access to specific information the limited search engine can only search the titles of the posts relegating all content comments lost to time and vague recollections. Further still, SaidIt has no metatags nor multi-sub-cross-posting abilities (ie. symbolic links), though it does allow just one flair per post for descriptive but unsearchable purposes. Setting up CSS flairs is obscenely difficult and notoriously finicky.[30]

One may wonder how Reddit ever become popular with all this chaos, yet former Reddit users seem accustomed to the Reddit-like opt-in policy of only following a dozen subs - yet SaidIt is all-in opt-out by default due to new thinking as initially SaidIt had fewer users. For some reason they wish to soon abolish this all-in opt-out default in favour of a default admin-recommended list of selections (arrived at by a community discussion vote with all the limitations that may entail), further encouraging the chaotic centralized pooling in "popular" subs. If anything, the young SaidIt site has a perfect opportunity to to embrace and expand upon their new approach to sub organization, despite the change to new users accustomed to Reddit's limitations. The administrators fears of rampant sub mayhem may have some foundations in logic, yet there is already unorganized mayhem in the popular subs, and this fear seems unfounded. I suspect they also fear alienating new users familiar with Reddit and "how it may look" (like a ghost town) if there are an abundance of nearly empty subs, as if that's any measure for quality. They generally prefer a hands-off approach and let the auto restrictions dictate how subs are relegated rather than find a more moderated medium, or even expiry dates on empty subs to use them or lose them. But the admins aren't even interested in tidying up the subs (ie. removing old empty subs or fixing capitalization on proper nouns). Perhaps they're lazy/busy, trapped in a Reddit mindset, or the code is an insurmountable obstacle.[30]

SaidIt does not embed emoticons, thumbnails, media, nor images in the comments, but links are common. Depending on the sub moderator settings, very simplistic "wiki"s may exist, but really it's more akin to a shared comment text document in simple markdown code, without the voting stuff. There are no user profile pages.[30]


Short version: None so far.[citation needed]

Long version: SaidIt has a self-declared bias and lean for uncensored anti-corruption news and content aggregated socially. The SaidIt community depends upon the open transparency and forthrightness of the moderators and each other. Unlike the snowflake SJW dominated Reddit and the racist Alt-Right Voat and their issues of alleged censorship and shadowbanning, any such stain on SaidIt could be its death knell. Despite building trust over time and in words and deeds, the skeptics of SaidIt will critically assess any accusations or allegations against SaidIt, the community, its members, and/or its management, on a case by case basis. Thus far there are no criticisms nor controversies to speak of.[citation needed]

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