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SaidIt icon
Type Private
Founded October 11, 2017; 15 months ago (2017-10-11),[1]
Area served Worldwide
Founder(s) magnora7
Key people magnora7 (founder, moderator, owner, funder)
d3rr (co-moderator, coder, co-funder)
Industry Internet
Employees 2 (as of 2018)[citation needed][2]
Written in Python
Alexa rank Increase 245,893 USA, (December 2018)[3]
Type of site non-partisan, social news and -media aggregation, leaning against corruption and abuses of power
Registration Optional (free registration to submit, comment, or vote)
Available in English
Current status Active

SaidIt is a Reddit-style American website started in 2017 that allows members to post news, articles, videos, images, and stories. Registered members may vote on these submissions. The most popular items are presented in a constantly updated list on the main page. Members who create "subs" or "subreddits" may moderate this topical category. Within the "subs" members may contribute titled "posts" with text or a link (to a webpage, image, video, etc). Every "post" has a "comment" section where members may post comments and discuss things at length.[citation needed]

SaidIt has a self-declared bias and lean for uncensored anti-corruption news and content. The SaidIt community depends upon the open transparency and forthrightness of the moderators and each other. Unlike the SJW dominated Reddit and the Alt-Right Voat with their issues of alleged censorship and shadowbanning, any such stain on SaidIt could be its death knell.[citation needed]


The seeds of discontent... "Reddit is fucked, I give up" :

Initially known as "Anti-Extremes" using the "" domain, SaidIt began as an open source fork on GitHub under Reddit-AE

The first official SaidIt post ( was on Wednesday 2017-10-11, at 09:43:20 UTC.[4] As the title indicates, "" began under a different name, as "", because... developed their own custom app.

Saidit's android app has an f-droid release: [] [1]



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Category colour key
-category- celebrity crime economics energy health history ideology internet media politics regional SaidIt self-help sports technology
All SaidIt Subs (as of 2019-01-01)
Posts Category Sub Title
016 media 11MRadio
020+ politics 911truth
009 media ads
000 regional Afghanistan
007 regional Africa
016 history AlternativeHistory
001 technology analog
000 -category- Anarkikomunismolando
000 regional Angola
000 media AnimatedShorts
004 media Anime
008 celebrity AnthonyBourdain
020+ -category- AntiExtremes
004 -category- antinatalism
012 health Antipsychiatry
002 politics Antiwar
001 technology Apple
004 history Archeology
017 media Art
000 history askhistorians
011 SaidIt AskSaidIt
011 ideology atheism
020+ technology Automotive
002 media Aww
000 technology ballistics
000 regional baltimore
000 regional Bangladesh
020+ economics BasicIncome
000 regional Belarus
000 -category- beta
006 economics Billionaires
007 economics bitcoin
000 regional Bolivia
007 media Bollywood
020+ media books
002 media BritishComedy
012 media BritishTV
020+ economics business
020+ history C_S_T (Critical "Shower" Thoughts)
001 regional Cambodia
000 regional Cameroon
016 regional canada
020+ media censorship
000 -category- ChattyKathys
000 regional Chile
003 regional China
020+ ideology Christianity
007 -category- collapse
020+ crime Collusion
004 crime CollusionHypothesis
020+ media comedy
007 media Comics
001 ideology Communism
020+ ideology communismwatch
020+ crime conspiracy
020+ crime ConspiracyHeadlines
020+ crime ConspiracyPhilosophy
007 crime ConspiracyTheory
020+ crime conspiracyundone
020+ crime corruption
003 media Covers
020+ economics cryptocurrency
000 -category- ddddddddddddddddgee
000 -category- DDLC
001 economics DeadMalls
007 internet DecentralizeAllThings
007 self-help DIY
020+ media Documentaries
001 economics dogecoin
010 technology DownTheMemoryHole
002 health dreams
019 economics economics
002 economics EconomicsTheory
000 regional Egypt
020+ -category- EldersOfTheUniverse
011 media Entertainment
020+ health environment
000 -category- esperanto
000 regional Ethiopia
020+ regional Europe
000 -category- EvolveFishGame
002 media FakeNews
020+ economics finance
001 media FishEvolutionGame
017 health Fitness
009 health Food
020+ politics Freedom
010 -category- fringe
005 -category- frontpage
003 -category- FuckedBrain
020+ media funny
016 technology Futurology
Posts Category Sub Title
020+ media Gaming
003 health gardening
020+ politics Geopolitics
002 health GetMotivated
013 media gifs
000 -category- gonewild
020+ politics greatawakening
000 media guitar
020+ media hardcorepunk
020+ health Health
007 -category- help
020+ history history
007 history HistoryVideos
000 -category- Homeless
001 regional Honduras
020+ energy Hydrogen
003 media images
007 regional India
003 internet InfoGalactic
020+ technology Internet
000 regional Iran
012 regional Iraq
009 regional Israel
000 regional Italy
010 regional Japan
003 media JapaneseTelevision
015 ideology Jesuits
005 ideology Jews
016 celebrity JordanPeterson
020+ -category- JunkFoodReviewer
001 sports Kayaking
004 music Klezmer
002 health kratom
004 politics LaborRights
004 technology languagelearning
000 regional Laos
013 politics LateStageCapitalism
002 ideology LeftHandPath
002 politics Libertarian
002 regional Libya
020+ technology Linux
000 health Lyme
001 technology MachineLearning
008 media magnora7
000 regional Mali
020 regional maps
010 health Marijuana
020+ media MeanwhileOnReddit
009 media MeanwhileOnVoat
013 media MediaAnalysis
009 health Meditation
004 media memes
000 regional metacanada
000 regional Mexico
010 ideology MGTOW
005 regional Micronations
002 media Minecraft
020 media Movies
020+ media music
020+ media MusicVideos
009 sports NBA
020+ media news
003 -category- newSubreddit
001 regional Nigeria
019 media NotTheOnion
000 regional NYC
005 -category- OldAccount29
000 regional Oman
000 politics onguardforthee
001 health onions
000 health opiates
Posts Category Sub Title
002 media PCGaming
020+ crime pedogate
000 regional Peru
000 regional Philippines
009 ideology Philosophy
000 -category- PhysicalRemoval
020+ media pics
020+ crime pizzagate
020+ media podcasts
020+ crime PoliceMisconduct
020+ politics politics
020+ health Preppers
020+ politics privacy
020+ technology programming
002 -category- ProjectMayhem2
020+ media propaganda
020+ health Psychology
020+ health Psychonaut
009 economics PublicPolicy
001 technology python
020+ media quotes
006 health realfood
001 health Relationships
000 politics Republican
005 health ResearchChemicals
020+ economics Rothschilds
007 technology RTLSDR (Software Defined Radio)
000 -category- sacredgeometry
020+ SaidIt SaidIt
003 SaidIt SaidItCanary
001 SaidIt SaidItSurveys
007 health SanctionedSuicide
001 politics SandersForPresident
020+ technology science
002 media ScienceFiction
013 regional Scotland
009 politics Security
003 -category- SierraKiloBravo
007 ideology Socialism
016 energy Solar
020+ -category- Soulnexus
--- regional South Africa
000 regional SouthKorea
000 regional SouthSudan
020+ technology space
000 regional Sudan
020+ -category- SundogsPlace
000 regional Swaziland
005 regional Syria
015 technology SYSADMIN
000 -category- takedowns
020+ technology technology
006 media Television
003 sports Tennis
000 -category- test
012 politics The_Donald
000 regional TheGambia
003 -category- thegreatawakening
001 -category- TheRedPill
010 -category- TIL
004 -category- TodayILearned
000 regional Togo
003 health trees
005 -category- TrutherTop20s
003 -category- truthleaks
000 regional Turkey
002 media TVepisodes
000 regional Ukraine
006 -category- Undoublespeak
001 -category- UniversalConsensus
000 -category- vandwellers
000 regional VictoriaBC
020+ media videos
020+ media Vlogs
000 ideology Voluntarism
020+ politics WarWatch
001 health Water
020+ politics WayOfTheBern
020+ -category- whatever
015 -category- whoadude
000 politics WhoOwnsTheWorld
002 media WikiLeaks
020+ media Wordplay
020+ media WorldNews
020+ politics WorldPolitics
020+ media Writing
002 regional Yemen
020+ -category- YoungerDryas
000 regional Zimbabwe

Size and trends

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Content and presentation

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magnora7 is the seventh alias of a longtime Reddit user who's been censored and banned 6 times...

Podcast appearances

  • (2017-07-08) The Higherside Chats "Magnora7 | The Rothschild World Order & The Ownership of Everything"[magnora7 3][magnora7 4]
  • (2018-01-11) Sam Tripoli "Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli #60: The Rothschild with Magnora7"[magnora7 5]
  • (2018-08-27) Sam Tripoli "Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli #119 The Return of Magnora 7"[magnora7 6]
  • (2018-08-31) The Higherside Chats "Magnora7 | Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, & The Suicide String Conspiracy"[magnora7 7]


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SaidIt Projects

SaidIt Subs

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SaidIt Subs Yet To Be Created (Wishlist)
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AltMedia AlexJones, AlternativeMedia, Blackstone Intelligence Network, DemocracyAtWork (Richard Wolff), EmpireFiles (Abby Martin), InfoWars, KnowMoreNews (Adam Green), OurInterestingTimes (Tim Kelly), Piracy, PiracyCons, PiracyPros, PoliticalAnalysis, Powers&Principalities, RecommendHighly (A++), RecommendUltraHighly (A+++), Sharing, The Corbett Report (James Corbett), The Jimmy Dore Show, The Last American Vagabond (Ryan Cristian), TinFoilHat (Sam Tripoli), YouTube, YouTubeChannels YouTubeRecommendations, YouTubers, YouTubeTruthers, YouTubeVideos, ZoonPolitikon (Holly Seeliger)
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SaidIt Mascot

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  • Brain with thought or word bubble, perhaps flip-top skull or head
  • Herecles fighting Hydra
  • Multifaced multiarmed Kid Beyond type robot blocking full spectrum dominance
  • Owl is wisdom + Illuminati, pyramid can reflect 'A' in SaidIt,
  • -

SaidIt Technical Ideas

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SaidIt Decentralization Developments

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SaidIt and Trutherism 101

Image from the "Learn English with Matt" channel on YouTube, the 2014-11-28 "Truther meaning and pronunciation" video.

SaidIt and Truther Top 20s

SaidIt and How To Gently Red Pill Newbie Truthers


For the handfuls that have come across SaidIt, the reactions have been primarily positive with best wishes.[citation needed] With around 80-100 users and about as many guests (as of 2019-01-01) the forum is off to a moderate start after a year and a couple months. The marketing is limited with magnora7 appearances on alternative media podcasts and promoting SaidIt on other censored forums.[citation needed]

The RogueWays YouTube channel hosts video chats among woke friends to review, breakdown, and discuss other truther channels and shows, including the magnora7 episode, "Chattin' Higherside S01E16: Magnora7" (2018-08-03).[magnora7 8]


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Short version: none so far.[citation needed]

SaidIt is about uncensored content with a self-declared bias and lean for anti-corruption content. The SaidIt community depends upon the open transparency and forthrightness of the moderators. Unlike Reddit and Voat with their issues of alleged censorship and shadowbanning, any such stain on SaidIt could be its death knell. Despite building trust over time and in words and deeds, the skeptics of SaidIt will critically assess any accusations or allegations against SaidIt, the community, its members, and/or its management, on a case by case basis. Thus far there are no criticisms nor controversies to speak of.[citation needed]

SaidIt Gallery

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magnora7 in media

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