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SaidIt branding gallery

These SaidIt galleries on InfoGalactic feature a history of development and utilized images on SaidIt:

SaidIt DecentralizeAllThings CSS Flair

While the CSS for SaidIt's DecentralizeAllThings may not necessarily be the prettiest - I, User:JasonCarswell, feel it may be a contender for the most practical. I've tried to maintain some aesthetics too, but my top priority is ergonomic practicality. Each functionally distinguishing colour is different enough to be perceptible peripherally with enough contrasts for maximum comfort and readability without glare or too much offensive colouring.[1] One handy trick I've used to check is with a monitor that has a terrible display from different angles - if it works there then it should work almost anywhere. ~ JasonCarswell (talk) 28 January 2019 (UTC)


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