Salim Kallas

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Salim Kallas
Slim Kallas in August 2010.
Born Salim Kallas
(1936-11-13)13 November 1936
Damascus, Syria
Died 2 December 2013(2013-12-02) (aged 77)
Damascus, Syria
Occupation Actor, politician
Years active 1970–2013

Salim Kallas (Arabic: العربية‎‎; 13 November 1936 − 2 December 2013) was a Syrian actor and politician.[1][2]

A Damascus-native, Kallas worked at the national theater and at Syrian TV. He began his career in 1970[3] by participating in plays with university students, and then he worked at the national theater and later at the Syrian TV one year after it was established, where he made his television debut in a television film called "Asha'a al-Wada'a" (Farewell Dinner).

Salim Kallas started his career in theatre while at university, then later entering major theatre productions. Later when television started, Salim began his career as a television star in numerous shows and later on to films. Salim Kallas has five daughters and one son named Mohammed Kallas. His daughters currently live in Lebanon, Lina Kallas, Rania Kallas, Lotus Kallas, Shireen Kallas, and except for one who has moved to America Dima Kallas.

Kallas's acting career expanded on the stage, TV, cinema and radio. On the stage, he performed in Merchant of Venice and Macbeth, while on the radio he was a recurring performer in the popular radio series "Hokm al-Adala" (Rule of Justice).

While appearing in only in four cinematic movies, Kallas's TV career was expansive, which began with the long-running comedy series "Maraya" (Mirrors) in which he performed from its first season up to the most recent one, leading to a long career spanning all genres of Syrian TV shows and making him a mainstay of the medium and a popular figure. [4]

Kallas died following a long illness on 2 December 2013, aged 77, in Damascus. He left behind his wife, a son and five daughters. His burial took place on the following day, 3 December.[5]


  • Jawaher
  • Maraya
  • Harat Al Qasr
  • Abjad Hawwaz
  • Al bina'a 22
  • Jedar Al Zaman
  • Harb Al Sanawat Al Arba'a
  • Had Al Saif
  • Al-Khawali
  • Layali Al-Salihiya


  • Venice Merchant
  • Macbeth
  • False confessions (Al E'atarafat Al Kathebah)


  • Lail Al Rejal
  • Naji Al Ali
  • Short We Fanilla We Cap
  • Wilad Al Amm


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