Salima Machamba

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Salima Machamba
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Queen (Sultan) of Mohéli (Mwali)
Reign 1888–1909
Predecessor Marjani bin Abudu Shekhe
Successor French colonialism
Born 1 November 1874
Fomboni, Mohéli
Died 7 August 1964(1964-08-07) (aged 89)
Pesmes, Haute-Saône, France
Burial 10 August 1964
L'église Saint-Hilaire, Pesmes
Spouse Camille Paule (1867–1946)
Issue 1. Henriette Camille Ursule Louise (1902−1989)
2. Louis Camille (1907−1983)
3. Camille Fernand (1917−2007)
House Dynasty of Merina
Father Emile Fleuriot de Langle (Emile Fleuriot de l'Angle du Curri) (1837–1881)
Mother Jumbe Fatima bint Abderremane, Sultan of Mohéli (1836/37–1878)
Religion Roman Catholicism

Salima Machamba (Fomboni, 1 November 1874 – Pesmes, Haute-Saône, France, 7 August 1964) was sultan of Mohéli (Mwali) (1888–1909). Her official paternal name was Salima Machamba bint Saidi Hamadi Makadara. And her Christian name was Ursule. She was a relative of Ranavalona I, Queen of Madagascar.


She was born out of wedlock as the daughter of Jumbe Fatima bint Abderremane, Queen (Sultan) of Mohéli (Mwali) and Emile Fleuriot de Langle (relative of Paul Antoine Fleuriot de Langle) on 1 November 1874 in Fomboni, but officially she bore the name of her mother's husband and was recognised as Salima Machamba bint Saidi Hamadi Makadara.[1] She was chosen as puppet queen of Mohéli by the French who made Comoros a French protectorate. She fell in love with and on 28 August 1901 married a French gendarme, Camille Paule, in Saint Denis, Réunion. In 1909 she was deposed by the French government and Comoros was annexed by France. She was deported with her family to France. She gave birth to three children. The French government provided her a yearly allowance of 3,000 gold Francs. She lived as a simple farmer in Haute-Saône, and died in Pesmes on 7 August 1964. She was buried at L'église Saint-Hilaire, Pesmes on 10 August 1964.[2] Her granddaughter, Anne Etter represents the royal family of Mohéli in Comoros as the president of Association Développement des Iles Comores.[3]



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Salima Machamba
Born: November 1874 Died: August 1964
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Marjani bin Abudu Shekhe
Queen (Sultan) of Mohéli (Mwali)
Succeeded by
French colonialism